The Atypical Young Lady Has Returned - Chapter 573 - Extremely Courageous

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Chapter 573: Extremely Courageous

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Yin Jiujin was still sitting where he was.

It was Lin Zimu who had taken a step forward and pointed the gun at Zhuo Qingqing’s head.

The other two girls were so frightened that they almost screamed. They didn’t dare to, and their screams were forcefully stifled.

They huddled up together.

For the first time in her 20 years of life, Zhuo Qingqing felt like she was on the brink of death. Endless fear spread from the bottom of her heart, “M-Master Nine…”

“Boss Zhuo, you do know the rules very well!” Lin Zimu said coldly.

“Could it be that our boss rarely moves in Water City and people in Water City don’t know our boss’s style?”

He did not speak rashly earlier because he saw that the boss was in a daze and ignored the three women.

Of course, he knew his boss very well. How could his boss like these three women?

It was impossible before Miss Yu, and even more impossible after Miss Yu.

He did not speak rashly because he did not dare to disturb his boss when he was deep in thought.

Only then did the three women successfully enter the private room.

“I’m indeed interested in the project in your hand. I appeared here to give Jiang Zhao face and also because I’m interested in this project. I originally planned to invest,” Yin Jiujin said indifferently.

Zhuo Fu was surprised when he heard that.

However, in the next second, Yin Jiujin continued, “However, I will continue to invest, but the project will be handed to the Jiang Family.”

Zhuo Fu’s body swayed and only one word echoed in his mind: It’s over.

He was finished!

The Zhuo Family was finished!

It was all over!

“No, no, Master Nine, please give me another chance. I didn’t do it on purpose. I really didn’t… Young Master Jiang, help me explain. Please help me explain. Have you forgotten what I told you previously…”

“What did you tell me?”

Jiang Zhao slowly put down the wine glass in his hand and leaned against the sofa with his legs crossed. He looked at him disdainfully, “Zhuo Fu, before you used my younger brother’s weakness to threaten me, have you investigated what kind of person my brother is? Do you think his weakness is so easy to catch?”

Zhuo Fu was stunned.

What kind of person was he? Wasn’t he just a spoiled rich second-generation heir?

Why did he go to university to learn jewelry design and not do his family business!

It was best to catch this kind of rich second-generation heir’s weakness.

Even if his reputation in school seemed to be good, if he didn’t choose to do a proper job, he didn’t do his duty. Wasn’t it simple to catch his handle?

It was said that the eldest son of the Jiang Family doted on his younger brother a lot. He also found out that Young Master Jiang and Master Nine had a relationship, so he wanted to use this weakness to threaten Jiang Zhao for help.

Jiang Zhao was clearly threatened by him too, so why…

“My brother doesn’t like the family business. He has always had the dream of being a designer, but that doesn’t mean that he’s stupid and incompetent and has handles everywhere for others to catch.”

“B-But you clearly agreed to help me because of this and let me see Master Nine…” As Zhuo Fu spoke, he suddenly thought of something and his eyes widened. “You did it on purpose! Jiang Zhao, you did it on purpose!”

“These words are unpleasant to hear. What do you mean by on purpose? I promised to help you ask Second Young Master Yin out. Look, isn’t he here? I’ve done what I promised you. I still did it even though I knew that your so-called handle didn’t exist because I didn’t allow my brother to be harmed at all.” These words were true.

The handle was fake, but if Zhuo Fu wanted to drag someone down with him even if he died, his brother would also be affected if something went wrong. Even if it was easily resolved and the influence would quickly become a thing of the past, he would never allow it.

Jiang Zhao shrugged. “You ruined it yourself.”

“Actually, I’m not important enough for Second Young Master Yin to come to see you personally from the capital. Second Young Master Yin is really interested in the project in your hand. Do you know why?”

“Alright, actually, I don’t know either. However, according to my guess, it’s probably related to Second Young Master Yin’s fiancée.”

At this point, Jiang Zhao looked at Yin Jiujin.

Yin Jiujin still had no expression, but Jiang Zhao knew that he had guessed correctly.

He smiled at Zhuo Fu, who looked like he was in disbelief. “That’s right. Perhaps it’s not because your project has a big future and is very profitable. Second Young Master’s interested just because the project might be related to his fiancée.”

“You know Second Young Master Yin’s rules and you know how much he values his fiancée, but you still called your daughter over. Zhuo Fu, with your brain, it’s no wonder you have offended Huo Xuan and forced yourself into a corner.”

Yin Jiujin looked over and Jiang Zhao smiled. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t help but say everything you wanted to say.”

“On the other hand, do you think it’s a little inappropriate for the Jiang Family to do this project? The Jiang Family’s business doesn’t involve tourism and development.”

Yin Jiujin sneered, “Do you think I did it for you?”

“Of course, I won’t be narcissistic and think that you did it for me. That’s why I’m worried. I’m worried that I’ll fall into your trap. After all, I know my limits in business. I know that I’m far from being your match.”

“What’s there for me to scheme against you?”

“…That’s too much.” Jiang Zhao said. The Jiang Family’s business was indeed not very excellent, but it was not bad either.

Indeed, people who could have a relationship with Yin Jiujin weren’t simple.

A person who Yin Jiujin was willing to give face to, was even more extraordinary.

However, Yin Jiujin suddenly said, “However, I’ve changed my mind now. This project is indeed not suitable for your Jiang Family.”

Jiang Zhao was stunned.

“No, Second Young Master Yin, Master Nine, what do you mean by that? Why do you want the Jiang Family to do it one moment and not allow it the next? Isn’t your speed of changing your mind too fast? Alright, it’s fine if you change your mind quickly. It’s not strange since Master Nine is temperamental and does whatever he wants, but you have to tell me the reason why you suddenly change your mind, right?”

The reason was simple.

He was interested in this project because of his girl’s phone call. She felt that the scenery of her classmate’s hometown was good and suitable for developing the tourist industry.

He wanted the Jiang Family to do it because he found out from the young lady that the second son of the Jiang Family might have feelings for her friend. This way, the young lady who was used to thinking for her friend might be even happier if he cooperated with the Jiang Family.

But now, he had changed his mind.

Why should he share the market that the young lady had discovered for him? At most, he would just give the young lady’s friends more care and concern.

However, there was another reason why he suggested letting the Jiang Family do this project. It was to resolve the matter that the young lady would worry about in the future in advance.

The young lady had few friends and she valued her friends very much.

If that friend of hers really got together with the second son of the Jiang Family in the future, she would definitely be prejudiced against by his family. The second son of the Jiang Family was not like him, whom no one could influence his decision.

At that time, the young lady would definitely be worried.

This cooperation could let the Jiang Family interact with the young lady’s friend’s family in advance and understand the other party so that they wouldn’t have such preconceptions.

This way, his girl would be less worried in the future.

He changed his mind because he saw someone.

He suddenly felt that he did not want others to get involved in their common cause.

If the young lady’s friend really had any trouble in the future and the young lady was worried, he would just do something to help.

Anyway, the young lady was quite capable. If she really wanted to help someone, it didn’t seem to be to the extent of her getting too worried…

Jiang Zhao waited for him to reply, but Yin Jiujin didn’t say anything for a long time. He simply stared in the direction of the private room door, Jiang Zhao looked over too.

The door of the private room was open and someone was standing outside.

She was wearing a pink t-shirt, light blue jeans, and a pair of white canvas shoes. She had a white cap on her head and her long hair hung down to her waist. Although the cap covered most of her face, it was not difficult to tell that this tall and slender person was a beauty.

Her attire was clearly very pure and not suitable for such a clubhouse. However, her attire gave people the feeling that it was very suitable for any occasion.

How should he put it?

His first impression was that she was pure and yet seductive?

Putting that aside for now, there was only one woman in the world who Yin Jiujin would stare at.

He had never seen her before. He could not even attend their engagement because he was handling work overseas. However, he could guess her identity with just one look.

No wonder Yin Jiujin was interested in her.

Her presence was so strong even though he couldn’t see her face.

Glancing at the three women in the private room, Jiang Zhao went back to watching the show again.

Tsk, this scene.

If Lin Zimu kept his gun, it would be a scene of adultery.

Of course, Jiang Zhao only thought that because he was watching the show. He actually knew very well that even if Lin Zimu hadn’t made a move, Zhuo Qingqing wouldn’t have been able to get close to Yin Jiujin.

Lin Zimu also sensed the commotion and looked over.

At this moment, the others in the private room also saw the person standing at the door.

Zhuo Fu was already frightened out of his wits. Seeing a woman appear at the door of the private room, he was afraid that the angry Yin Jiujin would be even angrier and there would be no room for negotiation. He hurriedly asked angrily, “Who are you?!”

He realized that the door of the private room was actually open!

He didn’t know if Zhuo Qingqing was too excited or too afraid when she came in with the two women just now, but the door of the private room was left open by them.

The service staff didn’t dare to disturb them, so the door of the private room had been open since Zhuo Qingqing and the other two came in.

“Why are you here?” Yin Jiujin’s tone was calm, but the hand that was holding the phone and the smile on his lips betrayed his inner thoughts.

Other than Jiang Zhao and Lin Zimu, who recognized Yan Jinyu, everyone else was shocked when Yin Jiujin spoke.

She was someone Master Nine knew?

And it was a woman?

Master Nine’s tone was actually so gentle when he spoke to this woman who suddenly appeared!

Yan Jinyu removed her cap and revealed her beautiful face.

She smiled brightly. “To catch you in the act. Are you surprised?”

Even though he knew that she wouldn’t suspect him, Yin Jiujin still couldn’t help but feel nervous when he saw her smile so brightly and say such words.

“I have nothing for you to catch, but I have a surprise when I see you.”

He put down his phone and opened his arms without getting up.

Yan Jinyu looked at him and her smile became even brighter. In the next second, she ran towards him and easily jumped over the glass table in front of him. Then, she pounced into his arms.

Lin Zimu was so frightened that he trembled. He quickly retracted his gun as he was afraid that he would accidentally misfire.

“You still dare to make me take the initiative to throw myself into your arms with a beauty by your side. Brother Nine, you’re very capable!” She had already wrapped her arms around his neck and bit his lips.

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