The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy - Chapter 2040 - A Stab In The Heart

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Chapter 2040: A Stab In The Heart

Le Tian looked up, completely at a loss as to why she was the target of Ding Junqi’s insults at this moment.

The director looked a little embarrassed. He simply ordered a bowl of soup. Why must it cause such a huge commotion? “I’ll drink it. I’ll drink it. I’ve been really tired these past few days too.”

As the director spoke, he picked up the bowl of soup.

Ding Junqi’s gaze was glued to the bowl of soup. He spun the lazy Susan on the table inconspicuously but successfully overturning the water bottle on the director’s side.


The glass of water toppled onto the table, and the director instinctively retreated. The bowl in his hand tilted slightly and some of the soup spilled out, landing on the back of his hand. Due to the heat, the director could not help but throw the bowl on the floor.

This emergency made everyone stand up.

“Director—” The third male lead was the closest to the director, so he quickly took a tissue to wipe the water off the director’s body and his injured hand.

“Waiter, bring a towel over,” Ding Junqi said loudly without peeling his gaze away from the director.

There was no way for them to continue having this meal. The director waved his hand and told them that he was fine. He only felt a slight pain in his hand.

Yu Dong glanced at Ding Junqi. He was not aware that Ding Junqi did not eat fish. Did he not eat fish in the past?

However, Yu Dong would not expose Ding Junqi at this time. He just stood up and went with the crowd to see if there was anything wrong with the director.

Le Tian looked at Ding Junqi curiously. Ding Junqi approached Le Tian and whispered in her ear, “Someone added something into the soup.”

Le Tian’s eyes widened.

Ding Junqi held onto her wrist, reminding her not to speak. Just then, Ding Junqi’s phone on the table rang. Ding Junqi reached out to answer the phone.

“Which hotel are you staying in now? We found out that the victim’s daughter is in your city.” Qian Yikun’s anxious voice came from the other end of the phone. It was obvious that he just discovered this.

“Oh, they’ve already made their move,” Ding Junqi said calmly.

Qian Yikun fell silent at the other side of the line. After a while, Qian Yikun said, “Good luck.”

After the call ended, Ding Junqi slammed his phone on the table. He was filled with disdain for his brother-in-law’s action of letting him fend for himself.

Le Tian remained curious, though she asked nothing more.

After everyone returned to their rooms, Ding Junqi brought Le Tian directly into his room.

Yu Dong, “…”

They were not even legally married yet. He was getting ahead of himself.

“What?” Le Tian shoved Ding Junqi.

Ding Junqi let her go and looked around the room. “You should stay with me tonight. Otherwise, I won’t be able to explain myself when I get back if anything happens to you.”

“What do you mean?” Le Tian was creeped out by his words, especially since what happened during dinner just now.

“The daughter of the victim from Ding Enterprise’s poisoning incident works at this hotel,” Ding Junqi said. After making sure that the room was safe, he sat down on the edge of the bed. “It seems like the person thought of this when he started clawing away at Ding Enterprise.”

The media had been blowing the matter involving Ding Enterprise out of proportion for a day now, and there had been a drastic change of media direction. Furthermore, it was unlikely to destroy Ding Junqi using Ding Enterprise.

However, that did not exclude the fact that the mastermind could manipulate someone else into achieving what he wanted.

Now, Ding Junqi’s interest in the mastermind was now piqued.

Le Tian, “…”

“Is she trying to kill you?” Le Tian swallowed hard. “Then, why did you bring me along?”

Ding Junqi was stunned for a moment. He felt a stab in his heart at Le Tian’s raw reaction. Was this truly the mother of his son?

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