The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy - Chapter 2041 - Housekeeping

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Chapter 2041: Housekeeping

Ding Junqi was concerned about Le Tian’s safety. Yet, all Le Tian could think of was how he was implicating her?

Oh, his precious little heart…

It shattered…

Ding Junqi lay flat on his stomach on the bed. His expression said nothing but ‘the mighty Best Actor is now angry’.

Le Tian merely frowned at him, indicating that she still refused to talk to him.

Therefore, between the both of them, one lay flat on his stomach while the other remained standing. The room lapsed into an awkward silence.

Ding Junqi was furious. Could this woman say something nice to him once in a while?

In the next second, Ding Junqi pulled Le Tian into bed and pinned her underneath him.

“Le Tian, someone is trying to kill me right now. Aren’t you worried?” Ding Junqi growled. Was this woman’s heart made of stone?

Le Tian blinked. After thinking for a while, she announced in an innocent severity, “I’m afraid I’ll get implicated.”

Ding Junqi was so amused by Le Tian’s reaction that he burst out laughing. Very good, that was a wonderful reaction. “Then, you must remember that no matter what happens in the future, you must always run first.”

Ding Junqi spoke very sternly, making Le Tian lose all intentions of pulling his leg.

Ding Junqi reached out to stroke Le Tian’s face. “If Nalan Chunbo’s right, the car accident that caused us to enter a parallel space back then was directed at me. Now, what they want is still my life because the magnetic field on my body has affected their purpose.”

Le Tian gently bit her lower lip. It was impossible to say she was not worrying.

“Ding Junqi—” Le Tian suddenly said.

Ding Junqi was still looking at her. The hand that was on Le Tian’s face stopped. He merely gave her a gentle grunt in acknowledgment.

“They won’t kill you. Since they didn’t succeed back then, they won’t succeed now,” Le Tian said gravely. Every fleeting expression on her face was grave.

Ding Junqi broke into a smile. Was this the first time Le Tian truly cared about him?

“Have you remembered anything recently?” Ding Junqi asked. Looking at Le Tian’s red lips, he lowered his head and kissed her.

Le Tian turned her face to the side slightly so that his lips landed on her cheek instead.

Ding Junqi paused for a moment, but he did not immediately raise his head. Instead, he pressed his lips against her now slightly cold face.

Ever since her headache erupted, she had not recalled anything else.

Ding Junqi slowly raised his head and reached out to hold Le Tian’s chin with a hand. Then, he kissed her without any space for rejection.

Le Tian’s eyes widened to their greatest extent only to be covered by Ding Junqi’s other hand.

After the kiss, their breathing became shallow and rapid.

Le Tian’s face was flushed, and Ding Junqi was smiling corner to corner of his eyes. “Le Tian, you can’t deny that your body welcomes me.”


Ding dong! Ding dong!

When she heard the doorbell ring, Le Tian could not help but tense up. Ding Junqi reached out to cover her lips, signaling her to stop talking. “Who is it?”

“I’m here for housekeeping.” The woman’s voice came from outside.

Ding Junqi stood up and pulled Le Tian up with him. Le Tian reached out and grabbed his wrist. Ding Junqi patted her wrist and said, “I didn’t call for room service.”

“Sir, Miss Le from next door called housekeeping for you,” the woman outside said again.

Le Tian, “…”

After they managed to identify the person outside the door, Ding Junqi brought Le Tian out from the bedroom and asked Le Tian to stand behind the door. After the door was opened, she could run out and call for help immediately.

Le Tian pursed her lips tightly and tightened her grip on Ding Junqi’s wrist. Ding Junqi took the slippers placed on the shelf by the door and handed them over to Le Tian. He told her to hang it on the door as she left so that the door would not get locked


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