The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy - Chapter 2042 - Deliberately Implicated

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Chapter 2042: Deliberately Implicated

“It’ll be fine,” Ding Junqi said, dropping a kiss on Le Tian’s forehead. “After this woman comes in, you need to get out of here and go to Xin Ya’s room.”


Ding Junqi did not explain to Le Tian. Instead, he reached out and opened the door. The woman was wearing the hotel uniform and pushing a cleaning cart in. Ding Junqi sat in front of the woman.

Just as the woman entered, le Tian quickly ran out. The moment Le Tian ran out, the woman rammed into Ding Junqi with the cart.

Ding Junqi dodged out of her way. The woman pulled out a dagger from under the cart and shouted angrily, “Evil businessman, you killed my father! Die!”

Ding Junqi dodged the woman’s attack. Due to her flailing hands, Ding Junqi was unable to get close to her, so he could only dodge.

Le Tian ran to Xin Ya’s room. She was so frantic she forgot the existence of the doorbell. She pounded on the door. “Xin Ya, Xin Ya—”

The force was so strong that it could have shattered the door.

Inside, Xin Ya was shocked and hurriedly opened the door. “Sis Le Tian, what—”

Perhaps it was because the woman was shouting too loudly in the other room, a figure ran out of Xin Ya’s room before Le Tian could even speak.

Le Tian, “…”

What did she just see?

Xin Ya, “…”

Why did that man run out?

Ye Cong ran to Ding Junqi’s room, snatched the pair of slippers, and threw them over. Then, he quickly went over to restraint the woman and pinned her to the ground with one leg.

Ding Junqi was already forced onto the sofa. If Ye Cong had come a little later, he might have really gotten injured.

“Ding Junqi, Ding Junqi—” Le Tian hurriedly ran in and looked Ding Junqi up and down.

“Black-hearted businessmen you all are! Everyone from Ding Enterprise is evil! All of you are black-hearted merchants who deserve to die horrible deaths. You killed my father, you murderers!” the woman screamed shrilly while getting pinned onto the ground under Ye Cong’s leg.

“Ding Haobei is the one who killed your father. Go find Ding Haobei!” Le Tian shouted angrily at the woman on the ground.

“Everyone from the Ding family is evil—”

Ding Junqi looked at the angry Le Tian and instantly felt much better. He reached out to hold Le Tian’s hand. Then, he got up and looked at the disheveled woman lying face down on the ground. “I’m very sorry about your father, but regarding this matter, I think the media has already made it very clear. My uncle has already been arrested, so I can let this matter slide. You can leave.”

After Ding Junqi finished speaking, Ye Cong let go of his foot. “How generous. You’re completely different from that witch. Are you really that witch’s elder brother?”

Ding Junqi, “…”

“Feifei asked you to come?”

“I’ve returned the favor that I owed that witch,” Ye Cong said and turned to leave.

The security lifted the woman who was on the ground.

Yu Dong ran over and looked at Ding Junqi. He was so shocked that he did not know what else he could say.

“What’s going on?” Yu Dong asked when he saw the woman as she got taken away.

“Someone who wants to kill me,” Ding Junqi said calmly. “It’s an aftermath of Ding Enterprise’s poisoning incident.”

“No, what does that have to do with—”

“I’m the young master of the Ding family,” Ding Junqi reminded him.

Yu Dong paused for a moment. He had almost forgotten that Ding Junqi was the young master of the Ding family.

He was not the only one who had forgotten. Many people had probably forgotten the existence of such a young master in the Ding family.

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