The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy - Chapter 2749: Chapter 2749: kill him

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Chapter 2749: Chapter 2749: kill him

“Shut up!”Yu Jiangqing said in a low voice, not wanting him to continue.

Ding Ning wanted to retreat, but there were circles of green snakes behind her, carrying a lethal poison.

Yu shaoqing chuckled, “Are you afraid? Perhaps her choice is the same as her choice back then.”As Yu Shaoqing spoke, he threw out a dagger from his sleeve, landing right beside Ding Ning’s feet.

Ding Ning’s gaze landed on the dagger, and her hand that was standing by her side unconsciously tightened.

Yu Jiangqing turned back to look at Ding Ning, wanting to reach out and grab her arm.

“Because the young man isn’t human. He is just a monster that was transformed from a mutated cell soaked in the virus.”As Yu Shaoqing spoke, he slowly approached them.

Poison countered poison, so no poison dared to approach Yu Shaoqing. Instead, they made way for him.

“Then do you know where that cell came from?”

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“Shut up, don’t say anymore.”Yu Jiangqing’s eyes were red, and even his voice was low.

“I’m a monster. I’ll only die if I kill him.”Yu Shaoqing looked at Ding Ning as if he was trying to entice her, “You also think that a creature like me violates the laws of nature, right? No one can accept the existence of a creature like me, right?”

As Yu Shaoqing spoke, he suddenly reached out and grabbed Ding Ning’s hand. Ding Ning instinctively raised her head, and the action of swallowing her saliva indicated that she was indeed frightened by this matter.

Yu Jiangqing raised his hand and grabbed Yu Shaoqing’s wrist, warning in his eyes.

Yu Shaoqing was unmoved, and he continued to look at Ding Ning, “But my existence is because of him. As long as you pick up the dagger on the ground and kill him, I can disappear. In this world, there will no longer be a monster like me.”

“So, you studied biological viruses in order to find a virus that is compatible with your body?”Ding Ning regained some of her senses. Looking at Yu Shaoqing’s pale face, it was a sickly expression.

Yu Shaoqing was stunned by Ding Ning’s words, as if he did not expect her to care about this problem.

Shouldn’t she be afraid?

Shouldn’t she feel that this poisonous creature was a very terrifying and disgusting existence?

Shouldn’t she be thinking of killing him?

After all, that person had stabbed his dagger into his chest.

He had come here because he wanted Ding Ning to withdraw, but seeing Ding Ning’s trust in Yu Jiangqing, he suddenly changed his mind.

He wanted to see, or rather, he wanted to prove, that everyone in this world was afraid of him, ostracized him, and wanted to kill him at all costs.

Yu Shaoqing suddenly pressed a hand on Ding Ning’s shoulder. “You should have killed him. Only a monster like me can die if he’s dead. You should have killed him.”

Yu Shaoqing’s crazy behavior showed how excited he was. He bent down and picked up the dagger, then stuffed it into Ding Ning’s hand. “Kill him, kill him. Only you can kill him.”

The hilt of the dagger landed in his palm, and the chill was bone-piercing.

Ding Ning looked at Yu Jiangqing, and Yu Jiangqing looked back at her.

If the person who wanted to kill him was Ding Ning, he thought, he would have nothing to say.

Ding Ning held the dagger tightly in her hand. If she killed him, the clone would also die.

“If there is reincarnation –“Ding Ning said as she slowly raised the dagger in her hand. She said this to Yu Shaoqing because he had asked her that question before, “You asked me if I would choose to entrust myself to this person if there was reincarnation.”

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