The Cursed Prince - Chapter 673 - Visiting Ellena In Prison

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Chapter 673 - Visiting Ellena In Prison

Seeing Kira was interested to see Ellena in prison, Gewen decided he wanted to come too. So, the four of them went to the prison cell where Ellena was held for almost one year.

On their way to prison, Kira heard from Emmelyn how Ellena could frame her and in the end Emmelyn had to fake her death and flee Draec. It was all because her uncle slash father, Duke Preston, was a very powerful duke. He was also the prime minister of Draec back then when Ellena managed to blame Emmelyn for everything.

Now, Duke Preston was no longer a prime minister. He claimed to have severe health issues after the incident where Ellena stabbed the former king, Jared Strongmoor, during the last royal ball.

He and his wife threw Ellena under the bus and said they had nothing to do with her and they were just as shocked and disappointed in Ellena as everybody else.

Since there was no evidence of the duke's involvement with Ellena's crimes, Mars couldn't do anything to punish Duke Preston. It's not that he didn't work hard to collect evidence, but the duke was slick as a snake.

Finally, Mars could only bite his disappointment and accepted the fact that perhaps some crimes wouldn't be met with punishment.

He thought if Duke Preston stayed away from the capital and the royal affairs, Mars had to let him be. Very well.. as long as Ellena could be punished, he would take it. He just wanted to make Ellena pay for the crimes she did to Emmelyn.

Mars hoped someday he could also find a way to punish Duke Preston, but until then, punishing Ellena would have to do.

"So... that wench's family could get away just because there is not enough evidence?" Kira asked in displeasure. "I think you need to up your game in torture methods, Your Majesty. I can make Ellena testify and drag Duke Preston and his wife to the mud."

Mars felt chilling cold on his back when he heard Kira's words. She talked about torture as if discussing what to eat for dinner.

The king didn't doubt her for a second, that Kira must have known enough torture methods to make people talk. However, he knew that relying on tortures to make Ellena talk was not an effective way.

Ellena actually didn't hesitate to name Duke Preston as her accomplice or the person who enabled her to do all her crimes. She did use Duke Preston's wealth and power for her benefit. She also wanted to get her own punishment reduced if she could name other people responsible for the crimes.

However, the problem was... Duke Preston already denied everything. It became a case of he said she said. Mars couldn't punish the duke and his wife based on the testimony of the crime's main suspect.

Duke Preston would use his network of supporters to protest and accuse Mars of being unjust and only trying to get rid of the poor old duke from power because he was an evil king.

"That's not the problem," Mars finally told Kira. "We need evidence, not just testimony from Ellena."

Kira clicked her tongue. "You righteous people are a lot of hassle. You know they are guilty but you cannot punish the bad people. Our life as pirates is simpler. If we know someone deserves to be punished, they WILL get punished."

"That's because we are different from you, Miss Kira." Mars sighed. "We have laws here. We are not barbarians."

The king immediately regretted his words as soon as he said that.

Gosh... what did he say just now? Would Kira feel offended, thinking that Mars considered her a barbarian?

The pirate princess narrowed her eyes dangerously and looked at Mars with a displeased expression. She scoffed. "If Emmelyn didn't love you, you would know what I do to people who insult me. Watch your mouth."

Gewen was stunned when he saw Kira bravely scold Mars Strongmoor, the king of this country. She really couldn't care less that Mars was a royalty. Kira made it clear that she only spared the king because her good friend, Emmelyn loved the man, her husband.

That was so hot... Gewen thought to himself. Kira is so, so hot. He actually felt his penis throb at the sight of Kira scolding the king just now.

Mars didn't want to have an argument with Kira for the same reason Kira spared him her anger. Emmelyn was friends with Kira and she liked the pirate princess. So, Mars wanted to be on his wife's good side.

Also, Kira had helped Emmelyn a lot during their journey together. Mars was not an ungrateful man. He smiled haltingly and waved his hand to apologize.

He said politely, "I didn't mean to call you a barbarian, Miss Kira. I should have used a different word. But yeah... basically, we have to do things according to the law here. I wish we didn't have to."

Kira snorted. "Fine. I will forget your insulting word today. But I won't be so understanding next time."

"I understand," Mars smiled at her. Emmelyn let out a sigh of relief.

They continued their walk, along the prison corridor. Nobody said another word. Emmelyn was happy to see both Kira and Mars could manage their emotions well and stay cordial with each other. she didn't want to think about what would happen otherwise.

Emmelyn still remembered those men in the tavern in Glasswell who lost their hands by Kira's swords, just because they offended her.

"We are here..." Mars announced when their steps stopped and they reached a cell at the end of the corridor.

This was where Ellena was locked up for almost one year while waiting for trial after Emmelyn returned to Draec. Emmelyn took a deep breath.

This was it. She would finally meet Ellena, the woman who had contributed a lot to her sufferings and made her separated from her baby, Harlow for a long time.

She couldn't wait to confront Ellena and see her punished.

Emmelyn took a deep breath and then stepped forward.

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