The Days of Being in a Fake Marriage with the CEO - Chapter 98 - Meow…

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Chapter 98: Meow…

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Bao Junyan: “…”

Then came another image of the beautiful girl — with cat ears and in a cute pose.

The caption was: “Hubby, please forgive me, meow…”

Bao Junyan: “…”

Not one response did Mu Huan get from him for the three pictures she sent.

And so, she sent another image of a withered flower.

In the captions, she wrote: “Hubby, please respond to your cute wife. Otherwise, your cute wife, who is as tender as a flower, is gonna wither like this flower!”

Bao Junyan: “…”

A few seconds later, he sent a reply saying, “I’m in a meeting.”

Her response came fast. “Oh, then I shall not disturb my hubby any longer. It’s been tough on you. I shall wait for you to come home tonight! Muacks!”

The man stared at that little yellow face, which was blowing out hearts on the screen.

Just when he was about to reply, “Okay,” he noticed a new message from his wife.

Mu Huan: “Oh, right. I’ve thought about it, Hubby, I think we should give that jade Buddha to Grandma instead.”

She was secretly inquiring whether or not the man remembered tomorrow’s birthday feast and whether or not he would be attending it with her.

Bao Junyan could tell what his little wife was after.

The “Okay” he wanted to reply changed to “I’m busy tonight, so I’ll not be going home.”

Mu Huan fell silent for a good while after reading that message. She then sent several other images and messages to him, but he no longer replied.

When she called him the next day, all she received for an answer was that he was busy.

It was not until that afternoon that he returned the call and asked her to go to the Mus first while he would head straight there later from the company.

There was nothing she could do but to attend the birthday banquet alone first.

The moment she stepped into the house, she was greeted by her father.

“Xiao Huan, why are you here alone? Where’s Junyan?”

“He said that he’s busy at work, so he’ll be coming here directly later.”

“You must make sure that he comes! Otherwise, your grandma will surely blow a fuse! I don’t want to see you get beaten again!” cried Mu Dongsheng.

Mu Huan: “…”

Despite her eagerness for her husband’s attendance, there was nothing she could do if he did not show up, though.

“Oh, yeah. Have you mentioned anything about that five million to Bao Junyan?” This was the only thing in her father’s mind when he welcomed her so eagerly.

“No. I won’t ask him for that money on your behalf, so you can forget about it!” Her eyes turned cold at the thought of her father having some other motives whenever he showered her with concern.

“Why, child. You were so cute and obedient when you were young. You even said that you love me the best and want to be my little princess forever. How can you not lend me a helping hand when I’m in trouble now?!” grumbled the older man grudgingly.

No longer wanting to say anything more to her father since it would just hurt her, she simply walked past him and left.

He hurriedly followed after her. “Xiao Huan, I’m not joking. I might very well die this time! You must help me! You can’t just leave me in the lurch!”

When Bai Xuexian saw this scene from upstairs, the corners of her lips hooked up into a cold, sinister smile.

Bao Junyan not showing up means that even God is on my side!

She retracted her gaze, then turned around and surveyed the woman sitting on the sofa.

“If you handle things well tonight, not only will you not have to fret over your tuition fees, but I’ll also arrange a good job for you after your graduation!”

Lin Qingya let her eyes droop. “Don’t worry, Madam. I’ll do a good job.”

In fact, I’ll do an excellent job here!

Looking at this young woman who was calm, manipulative, and ambitious in wanting to climb up in status, the older woman could not help wishing for her daughter to be at least half as conniving as her.

“I know you’re very fond of Gu Chenyi and want to be with him, but you must never be swayed because of your feelings. Rest assured that I’ll matchmake you two together once this matter is settled!”

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