The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss - Chapter 2444: Wrongfully Accused (3)

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Chapter 2444: Wrongfully Accused (3)

Translator : MoonWhisperer, BlackieMeow Editor : Brook, skyrise


Mo Ze insisted on following Su Luo. He was like her tail and couldn’t be shaken off.

And because of Mo Ze and Yan Wenqing's relationship, the rest of the students also naturally gathered to their location.

Consequently, Su Luo’s once small team gradually accumulated into a throng of several dozen people.

Su Luo glanced at Mo Ze: "Are you so sure that I can find the way?"

Mo Ze sneered: "Miss Su, don't try to hide it. I just saw you use the Communication Amulet."

"So what if I used the Communication Amulet? Don't you use one as well? Or is there a rule here that no one is allowed to use it?" Su Luo lightly curled her lips.

"Hmph, people don't talk in secret if there is nothing to hide. Miss Su, we all know very well what you used the communication tablet for just a moment ago."

Su Luo smiled: "Then tell me, what did I use the Communication Amulet for?"

Mo Ze squinted and stared at Su Luo before saying quietly in her ear, "Although this kind of thing is not explicitly prohibited, you will lose points if this comes to light. Miss Su, if you are willing to tell me who that was, perhaps I can…"

"Are you threatening me?" Su Luo grinned coldly.

"So what if I’m threatening…" Mo Ze couldn’t even complete his sentence before Su Luo punched his abdomen.

"Ouch—" Mo Ze’s whole body curled up in pain like a cooked shrimp.

Su Luo's punch was so powerful that it almost knocked Mo Ze out.

"You still dare threaten me?" Su Luo laughed.

Mo Ze became really angry. He pointed his finger at Su Luo and growled, "You…"

"If you dare to say one more word, I assure you that you will be thrown outside the tower within the next second," Su Luo said solemnly, successfully shutting Mo Ze up.

Mo Ze believed that Su Luo would really do it.

He had a complicated impression of Su Luo. At first, he thought she was just an insignificant and naive little girl. Gradually, that naive little girl exposed more of her great potential, and he grew shocked and jealous.

Although Mo Ze kept silent, the others in the team didn’t.

"Hey, are you guys able to do it? Don't lead us the wrong way."

"Why do we have to follow Su Luo? Is she really capable?"

"If you guys are not sure of the way, just say it so that we don't waste our time walking in vain!"

Many of them didn't trust Su Luo, who was participating in the test for the first time. Thus, they spoke out of turn one by one.

Then the long queue suddenly stopped.

This was because Su Luo, the leader, had halted.

She turned around. Her hard gaze swept over the faces of these people like a cold stream. The chatter of doubt and complaints, as well as the surrounding environment, suddenly fell silent.

Su Luo addressed them all flatly, “Firstly, I'm not actually sure of the right way. Secondly, I didn't force or even ask you to follow me. I would be happier if you left. Thirdly, I'm going to take the northeast direction."

The crowd could only reply, "Huh?"

Su Luo summarized, "Therefore, those who want to follow, shut your mouths. Those who do not, hurry up and get the hell out of my way!"

The crowd: "……" Su Luo was so fierce.

Su Luo’s outburst of fury had a significant effect.

Those who had been grumbling no longer complained as bystanders would now interject the moment they did so.

"If you don’t trust Su Luo, then hurry along and get lost."

Anyone with complaints from then on was blocked off, flushing their face and ears red with shame.

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