The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss - Chapter 2445: Wrongfully Accused (4)

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Chapter 2445: Wrongfully Accused (4)

Translator : MoonWhisperer, BlackieMeow Editor : Pluto, skyrise


The previously noisy group became calm at that moment. Everyone flew northeast with all their strength.

Of course, not everyone trusted Su Luo. About seven or eight people decided to trust in their own judgment and leave the group.

On the other hand, Fairy Wuyou had long since given Mo Ze the correct route. The gloom in his eyes grew more and more intense as he watched Su Luo fly through the correct route.


There had to be a traitor!

Otherwise, how could Su Luo have known the exact route so conveniently?

Sure enough, Su Luo stopped in front of a well.

Mo Ze secretly avoided Su Luo's line of sight and walked to a secluded place. He took out the Communication Amulet from within his sleeves and reported to Fairy Wuyou on the spot: "Sure enough, someone really tipped off Su Luo!"

"Oh?" Fairy Wuyou swept a glance at Lin Banli as she stretched out every syllable of her sentence, "Tell us about her performance."

"After Su Luo entered the third level, she didn't fumble around like the others. She took out her communication tablet and spoke a few words. Then she immediately identified the exact direction and correctly followed the route till the end." Mo Ze's voice carried a hint of eagerness. It was hard to hide his excitement.

Fairy Wuyou had always favored Lin Banli, so Mo Ze always felt suffocated with him around. Only after kicking Lin Banli out would Mo Ze shine brightly.

When Fairy Wuyou heard Mo Ze's words, she raised her brows and forgot about Lin Banli.

Because her situation was not stable at the moment, Fairy Wuyou only said to Mo Ze, "Got it."

Then she snapped the Communication Amulet shut and hung up. As for how she would follow up with this matter, Fairy Wuyou did not explain.

Although Fairy Wuyou hung up without saying anything, Mo Ze felt very excited. He knew Li Banli would be dead once his betrayal was confirmed.

Fairy Wuyou hated those who betrayed her the most.

At this moment, Su Luo was standing by the well. She said to Li Manman, "This is the entrance to the fourth level."

Before Li Manman managed to reply, someone sneered eerily, "Jumping into the well? Su Luo actually wants us to jump into the well? Simply ridiculous."

Other people followed suit and started to make a lot of noise.

"I've never even heard of placing an entrance within a well. She's deliberately setting us up, isn't she?"

"Anyway, I'm not going to jump. You guys can go ahead if you want to."

Everyone was furious. They had patiently flown with Su Luo for such a long time, only for her to bring them to a well and ask them to jump.

Su Luo’s cold gaze swept over their faces while she said: "You're not going to jump, right? Very well. Remember your words. You'd be slapping your own faces if you end up jumping in."

After that, Su Luo pulled Li Manman and instantly jumped into the deep bottomless well.

The well’s mouth was very foggy, making it impossible to see the scene inside.

Even after a long time, nobody heard the sound of heavy objects hitting the ground.

Was it because the well was too deep…? Or because this was indeed the entrance?

No one could decide.

Senior Brother Luo Qing gave them a mocking glance: "You guys had better not jump, okay? It'll definitely kill you."

Then, the people with him jumped into the deep well one by one, and their figures were instantly swallowed up.

Everyone: "……"

Who would have thought that this place really was the entrance?

At this time, Mo Ze's mouth formed a bizarre sneer. He casually commented, "This is probably the entrance, but I'm kinda surprised. How was Su Luo so certain of it?"

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