The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad - Chapter 984 - Sat up and Took Notice

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Chapter 984 Sat up and Took Notice

At this moment, the atmosphere in the whole field seemed to come to a standstill. It was not until Fang Qiong’er turned around and went off the arena that everyone came to their senses.

“He is such a loser. He is really incompetent. He actually lost to the Tortoise Academy…”

“What happened? He even lost to the Tortoise Academy! What else can he do?”

“So disappointing. So angry…”

The referee recovered from his anger and disappointment. Facing the result of this round, there was nothing he could do. He couldn’t be partial even if he wanted to be. He had to announce that the Tortoise Academy had won the first round.

Liu Zhaoji said discontentedly, “What happened? This is the first round of the opener. As the host, we actually lost the first round!”

Liu Hong said, “Father, don’t be angry. It was a complete accident. Who would have thought that there would be a master at the middle stage of the Combination Realm in the Tortoise Academy?

“The cultivation of the person from the Tortoise Academy is obviously one level higher than that of Liu Baigang, so it is quite normal for her to win.”

Liu Xiaofu had a sullen expression and said, “Although we lost one round, the victory will still belong to us in the end. The Tortoise Academy can only have one student at the middle stage of the Combination Realm. It is impossible for them to have another student at this level.”

Only then did Liu Zhaoji’s expression ease and relax. He said to Liu Xiaofu, “Tell our teammates. No matter what, they can’t lose the second round.”

Liu Xiaofu said, “Don’t worry, Your Majesty. Chen Xuanshuang must have been careless. She underestimated the Tortoise Academy and sent a student who was weak.

“In the second round, we will send a student at the middle stage of the Combination Realm to compete. We will definitely win.”

After that, she walked down from the stand and made a gesture to Chen Xuanshuang to tell her to go all out.

Chen Xuanshuang looked extremely gloomy. Losing the first round was equivalent to a slap in the face for the Rosefinch Kingdom.

Moreover, the winner was the weakest among the competitors of Tortoise Kingdom. It was too much for her to accept.

“Feng Tianbao, it’s your turn to compete. We must regain our dignity.”

The Rosefinch Academy had a total of three students at the middle stage of the Combination Realm. Feng Tianbao was one of them.

“Leader, don’t worry. Leave it to me.”

The Rosefinch Academy had just lost one round. As a student of the Rosefinch Academy, Feng Tianbao also felt ashamed. He swore in his heart that he had to teach the Tortoise Academy a lesson.

Qin Haodong didn’t want to give the other party any chance to fight back. He didn’t even want them to have any hope. He directly sent Luo Hongying, the Little Witch, to compete in the second round.

“A woman again. Why does the Tortoise Academy have so many women? What’s more, she is so beautiful.”

“We will not lose this round again. After all, the strength of the Tortoise Academy is obvious. They only had one master just now…”

“This is our chance for revenge. Don’t show any mercy just because the other party is a woman. Victory. We must win…”

Amidst the clamor, the referee declared the start of the round.

Going according to Qin Haodong’s instructions, Luo Hongying opened the Gate of Life without any hesitation.

Amongst all the teammates, there were not many summoners.

Seeing that she used the summoning skill as soon as she came up, everyone’s eyes were focused on the simple and unsophisticated gate. They did not know what kind of demonic beast would be summoned by her.


Following an earth-shaking roar, a huge leopard charged out. The leopard’s body constantly flashed with streaks of lightning. It was the seventh-level demonic beast, Thunder Leopard.

Thunder Leopard was the peak among the seventh-level demonic beasts, equivalent to a master at the final stage of the Combination Realm! Previously, Li Mengyao had relied on one Thunder Leopard to increase her strength several times.

Seeing that the other party summoned one Thunder Leopard, Feng Tianbao was stunned. He didn’t expect to meet such a powerful opponent.

But to his surprise, the Gate of Life didn’t stop. Three Thunder Leopards jumped out from the gate again.

This was the advantage of her Holy Spirit Body. The mental force of an ordinary summoner wouldn’t be able to maintain the merging with the four demonic beasts.

The Little Witch was different. She could summon demonic beasts at will and didn’t have to worry about her mental force.

Poor Feng Tianbao, who was full of momentum and confidence just now, suddenly felt like peeing in his pants as soon as he saw the four Thunder Leopards covetously surrounding him, their blood-red eyes full of ferocity.

He couldn’t even handle one Thunder Leopard. However, there were four Thunder Leopards next to him. How could he compete?

Sitting in the stand, Liu Zhaoji’s eyes widened in an instant. “A seventh-level summoner who can summon four demonic beasts at a time! The Tortoise Academy is so amazing!”

Disappointment flashed in Liu Xiaofu’s eyes. “Looks like we’re going to lose this round again.”

Seeing that the four Thunder Leopards were about to attack, Feng Tianbao quickly shouted to the referee next to him, “Admit defeat! I admit defeat!”

This was just a competition. There was no point in trying. Even if he wanted to try, there was no hope for him. Otherwise, he would become the excrement of these Thunder Leopards.

The referee was also afraid that something might happen to his own teammate. He quickly said, “The Tortoise Academy wins this round!”

“Really useless! I still haven’t had my fill!”

The Little Witch pursed her lips in dissatisfaction. She beckoned to the four Thunder Leopards and sent them back into the Gate of Life. Then, she turned around and jumped off the arena.

Seeing the results, everyone’s eyes widened in disbelief.

As soon as the competition began, the Tortoise Academy had already won two rounds in a row and had an absolute advantage. What kind of situation was this?

According to the rules of the competition, it was a three out of five win-system. If the Rosefinch Academy lost another round, they would have no chance at all.

Seeing that her team was now in a precarious position, Chen Xuanshuang did not send any other teammate but went up to the arena herself.

They could no longer afford to lose. If they lost in the third round and the score was 0:3, the consequence would be unimaginable.

Tu Jiaojiao said, “Haodong, let me compete in the third round.”

“No. Since their leader decided to compete in the third round, I, as the leader, shall be the one to compete with her!”

Tu Jiaojiao’s strength was almost the same as that of Chen Xuanshuang, even a little weaker. Even if Tu Jiaojiao won, it would be a hard battle.

This was obviously inconsistent with Qin Haodong’s original intention. Not only did he want to win this round, but he also wanted to win smoothly and crush the opponent’s confidence.

Therefore, he also went up to the arena.

The referee announced the start of the round. Chen Xuanshuang said to Qin Haodong, “Let me tell you. It’s impossible for the Tortoise Academy to be so lucky again. The Rosefinch Academy must win this round.”

Qin Haodong sneered and said, “Do you think our victory is due to luck?”

Chen Xuanshuang said arrogantly, “Isn’t it? Don’t you know the strength of your Tortoise Academy? You even think you can defeat our Rosefinch Academy?”

Qin Haodong smiled playfully. “If you think we are lucky, you will soon find out that we are lucky enough to win again.”

“You are dreaming! I’ll let you see the true strength of our Rosefinch Academy right now,” Chen Xuanshuang said and her expression changed.

She opened her arms wide and used the skill of “a phoenix dancing in the nine heavens” that had been used before by Liu Baigang.

It was the same move, but hers was even more amazing.

Her phoenix, which was twice as big as Liu Baigang’s, appeared in the air. With an earth-shattering cry, it suddenly pounced on Qin Haodong.

“She deserves to be the Rosefinch Academy’s leader. Her ‘a phoenix dancing in the nine heavens’ is too good…”

“Leader Xuanshuang is the goddess in my heart. My goddess will definitely win…”

“Our leader has gone all out. That boy from the Tortoise Academy is a goner for sure…”

Sitting in the stand, Liu Xiaofu let out a sigh of relief. They could win finally win this round. If they lost three rounds in a row, the Rosefinch Academy would be embarrassed to death.

Just when everyone thought that Chen Xuanshuang was assured of a win, Qin Haodong made his move. His move was exactly the same as that of Fang Qiong’er in the first round. He also struck out with his palm.

“A phoenix dancing in the nine heavens” was just a skill. The fierce phoenix was completely condensed by his Genuine Vitality. If he wanted to break it, he had to have enough strength.

However, Qin Haodong happened to have this kind of strength. With the characteristics of his cultivation, he was completely invincible in the same realm. When he struck out with his palm, the powerful momentum of his palm quickly disintegrated the phoenix.


Chen Xuanshuang was shocked. She did not expect such a thing to happen.

However, the speed of her reaction was much faster than Liu Baigang’s. In the face of Qin Haodong’s palm strike, she also hit out with her palm.

With a dull bang, the two palms collided.

Chen Xuanshuang’s strength was not as good as Qin Haodong’s. In addition, she had fought back hastily. Therefore, she flew backward for dozens of meters.

The Genuine Qi in her body seemed about to collapse at any time. She could no longer exert any strength and fell out of the arena with a plop.

A victorious move again. The Tortoise Academy won three rounds in a row, and they only used one move in each round.

This kind of crushing defeat due to absolute strength stupefied everyone. The Tortoise Academy wasn’t weak like before!

Sitting in the stand, Liu Zhaoji held a grape in his hand and did not put it into his mouth for a long time. This result was greatly beyond his expectation. How could his team have lost so miserably?

Was the Tortoise Academy too strong, or was the Rosefinch Academy too weak?

The referee in the arena was dumbfounded. He didn’t expect the Rosefinch Kingdom to be defeated. The Rosefinch Academy really lost. Moreover, it lost to the Tortoise Academy.

Qin Haodong tugged on his sleeve and said, “Referee, isn’t it time to announce our victory?”


Although the referee was unwilling to do that, the result was obvious. He could only say, “In this round, the Tortoise Academy has won. According to the rules, three out of five, the Tortoise Academy has won the final victory.”


The entire field fell silent. Only the teammates from the Tortoise Academy’s team let out cheers of victory.

Luo Dongqing rushed to the arena and lifted Qin Haodong up high. He almost went mad with excitement.

For so many years, the Tortoise Academy had always been laughed at by others. Today, they had a beautiful turnaround. Not only did they win, but they also won so smoothly, without any tension whatsoever!

Tu Jiaojiao and Murong Jinghong, who had participated in the last competition, were also in tears now.

In the past, every round for the Tortoise Academy was extremely humiliating. However, with this man here today, everything became different. Their victory was so easy.

Song Tian and the others from the Tiger Academy were also stunned. Before the competition, no one had ever considered the Tortoise Academy as an opponent.

But now, the situation changed. The powerful Rosefinch Academy was utterly defeated. They couldn’t even fight back effectively. That situation forced them to take a fresh look at the rapidly rising opponent.

Li Mengyao’s expression was grave. Her plot didn’t go smoothly.

Even if her Dragon Academy could defeat the Tiger Academy and the Rosefinch Academy, they might miss out on the first place.

The strength showed by the Tortoise Academy made everyone sit up and take notice.

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