The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife - Chapter 2229 - The Past Life 154

Chapter 2229: The Past Life 154

The woman seemed to want to say something, but her figure had begun to disappear gradually.

She stretched out her hand, wanting to grab the Ninth Emperor, with sadness and reluctance in her gaze.

However, she no longer had the chance to grab her and could not even utter a single word.

But, looking at the woman who was about to disappear, the Ninth Emperor panicked. She reached out her hand to grab her…

Naively, the woman in front of her disappeared too quickly. She did not have time to wait for her again and disappeared…


Inside the room…

The Ninth Emperor opened her eyes abruptly and bounced up from the bed. Her forehead was covered in a cold sweat, and her face was pale.

She turned to the table, but she saw that the portrait on the table just now had disappeared, leaving only a burst of ash that had dissipated with the wind.

“Ninth Emperor!”

The room’s door was suddenly pushed open, and Nan Changfeng’s figure was like the wind, instantly reaching out to the Ninth Emperor, embracing her tightly.

He pulled her into his arms, trembling.

The Ninth Emperor gradually calmed down, lowering her gaze to look at the man who was hugging him. Her eyes softened.

“Why are you here…”

Nan Changfeng lowered his gaze and looked at the girl in his arms. “I just had a dream…

“I dreamed that you wanted to leave this place.”

She wanted to leave him…

That feeling was too real. So real that his heart was now beating faster, and only when he touched her did his restless heart gradually calm.

The Ninth Emperor did not speak, allowing Nan Changfeng to hold her body.

The breeze came in through the window, brushing her hair.

At that moment, the Ninth Emperor’s hands and feet were a bit cold, and Nan Changfeng hurriedly covered her hands, but no matter how he warmed her, he still could not warm her cold hands.

“Changfeng…” The Ninth Emperor’s voice was calm. “Let’s go home.”

Nan Changfeng froze. “You’re not looking for her anymore?”


The Ninth Emperor lowered her gaze and smiled.

“As she said, we’ll meet again in the future.”

All along, it was just self-deception. If she was still in this world, why did she not come to her after so many years?

How could she bear to leave her alone?

She did not believe that she had disappeared, so she had to find her.

Now her heart was dead, and she had finally accepted this fact…


Nan Changfeng did not ask her why. Perhaps this had become a habit.

As long as she was willing to tell him, he would listen. If she were unwilling, then he would not ask more.

Everyone had their secrets that they were not willing to tell, right?

He believed that one day, the Ninth Emperor would tell him everything…

He could wait for that day.

“Before I leave, I want to see Di Ming. There are still many things I want to ask him.”

She had not asked much before because she had a lot of uncertainties. She did not know if her mother’s disappearance back then was related to him and what kind of role Di Ming had in it.

She had so many questions that she kept from him.

Today, it did not matter anymore…

After all, her mother was no longer there. If she asked more, it would not have much impact.

“I’ll accompany you.”

“No need. I’m going to ask him personally. If there are too many people, Di Ming won’t be willing to talk.”

The Ninth Emperor sneered. “That guy has always been like that, and his temper isn’t good.”