The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife - Chapter 32 - I, Heavenly Mountain’s Snow Wolf, Would Rather Starve to Death I

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Chapter 32: I, Heavenly Mountain’s Snow Wolf, Would Rather Starve to Death I

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There was a hill at the back of the princess’s manor.

On top of the hill were splendidly clear blue sky and a small bridge over a flowing stream which formed a panoramic scenery.

Next to this small stream was an herb farm. However, this farm seemed like it was not plowed properly as it showed the inexperience of two amateurs who never did hard work.

Feng Ruqing face-palmed. “Fine, just bear with this temporarily. Wait until I manage to tame the spirit beasts, then I will let them take over the work.”

Although the spirit beasts had been tamed once, they were only tamed by the people at the beast court. If she wanted the spirit beasts to be loyal to her, she needed to tame them again.

Feng Ruqing took out the herbal seeds.

On the mulberry bark paper, which was used to wrap the herbal seeds, the names of each herb were clearly written.

In normal circumferences, an herb took a long time to be fully grown. However, the herbs that Feng Ruqing grew were not the common ones but spirit herbs.

“These are indeed low-grade herbs, so they will not take too long to grow, maybe just one to three months’ time.”

The growth of spirit herbs had different levels.

Feng Ruqing’s current ability was too low, only equivalent to Beginner Warrior tier, so she was only able to grow Grade-1 spirit herbs with her current strength.

In fact, these Grade-1 spirit herbs required less spiritual qi and the process would not take a long time.

Feng Ruqing held the seeds in her hand, light spiritual qi surrounded the seeds, whirled and turned into traces of gas, then penetrated the seeds. If observed carefully, the color of the seeds seemed to have undergone a small change, making them different from before.

After she followed Fu Chen’s method to immerse all the seeds in the spiritual qi, she planted them one by one in the herbal field.

However, most of the seeds had unexpectedly begun to bud despite being planted into the soil just a moment ago.

This startled Feng Ruqing. She frowned and thought deeply. “Based on the book, the germination of Grade-1 herbs require a few days. Why did they germinate even though I have just planted them?”

Ordinary herbs took ages to grow, not to mention spirit herbs. Of course, it happened with scarce spiritual qi, but it was enough to speed up the growing process of the spirit herbs just with the help of Fu Chen’s method.

So, it only required a few days for germination to occur, but what Fu Chen did not tell her was that these seeds germinated at such a fast rate.

“Looks like I need to set an invisible spell around this herbal farm or else, once this news is out to the public, Liu Yun Kingdom would not remain peaceful anymore.”

The truth was that Feng Ruqing was aware that Feng Tianyu had sent some people to protect her secretly. Just that those people were too self-conscious to not spy on her once she entered the princess manor. They would only follow her when she left the manor.

This was also the reason why Feng Ruqing did not intentionally hide her movements.

Nevertheless, before she succeeded in setting up the spell, she would not let anyone step foot on the hill.

“Looks like the growing of spirit herbs is exhausting. I have just planted ten seeds just now and it has almost used up my spiritual qi. Luckily I have foreseen it and scammed the beast taming spell of Fu Chen. Otherwise, the spirit herbs that I grow would not even be enough to be Fu Chen and Qing Han’s dessert.”

Feng Ruqing wiped the sweat off her forehead. She was not sure if it was her plump body that had caused her to be a little out of breath and exhausted.

Surprisingly, Feng Ruqing realized that among the seeds that she had planted just now, one of them had grown rather quickly, as it bloomed and bore fruit.

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