The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife - Chapter 34 - I, the Heavenly Mountain’s Snow Wolf, Would Rather Starve to Death III

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Chapter 34: I, the Heavenly Mountain’s Snow Wolf, Would Rather Starve to Death III

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Both spirit degu and spirit rabbit moved forward, cupped their hands together as though begging and stared longingly at the Divine-Spirit Fruits.


Exploding with an uncontrollable rage, the snow wolf’s eyes reddened and slammed at the cage violently.

‘You bastard! Leave some for this king!’

“I know you all understand human language. If you work properly, you will have everything you want. If you help me to take care of this manor, I will provide you with the Divine-Spirit Fruits every day.” Feng Ruqing stroked the spirit rabbit’s head, and her gaze swept past the snow wolf.

Although the Divine-Spirit Fruit was just a Grade-1 spirit herb, it was really rare in this realm. Even the snow wolf could hardly find it in the Heavenly Mountain. Hence, it was extremely tempting to spirit beasts.

Guarding the manor was the dog’s responsibility, not a wolf! The snow wolf’s face darkened a few shades as it squinted at the Divine-Spirit Fruits that Feng Ruqing threw at the spirit degu.

‘Well, there’s nothing wrong with guarding the manor. The dog and wolf share a common ancestor after all.’ The snow wolf could no longer restrain the temptation of the Divine-Spirit Fruits.

Qing Ling and Liu Li rushed over hastily after hearing the loud bang. They sighed in relief as soon as they found out that Feng Ruqing was still safe and sound.

“Your Highness, what happened?” Liu Li walked toward Feng Ruqing and asked anxiously.

“Nothing. Open up the cage. Let the snow wolf out,” Feng Ruqing said nonchalantly.

Hearing this, color drained from Qing Ling’s face. The snow wolf was a third tier spirit beast that was equivalent to True Warrior tier. The princess really wanted to release it from the cage?

“Let it out.” Feng Ruqing squinted at the snow wolf again, as she said coolly.

Feng Ruqing knew that the emperor had sent some people over to protect her. Even if they were not staying at the princess manor, they would quickly come to the princess’s rescue if they sensed any danger. Hence, Feng Ruqing was not the least bit afraid of the snow wolf.

Qing Ling stood motionless, her face was ghastly pale and she was nearly bursting into tears.

In the end, it was Liu Li who walked near the cage with her arms outstretched and unlocked the cage. Only after the cage opened did she quickly retracted her arms. She stared at the snow wolf, which was crawling out of the cage, with her eyes wide open.

The snow wolf merely snorted and disregarded the both of them. Standing dazed, Qing Ling was rendered speechless. They were actually condemned by a wolf?

Although the snow wolf had been kept in a cage for a long time, it crawled out of the cage with a gracious and elegant pace without missing a bit of pride and loftiness of the wolf clan.

It moved slowly toward Feng Ruqing and stared scornfully at her as if telling her to serve him the Divine-Spirit Fruit.

“Wag your tail if you want to eat.” Feng Ruqing’s gaze swept past the snow wolf as she said coolly.

Hearing this, the snow wolf was burning with rage. This human had actually asked a wolf to wag its tail like a dog?

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