The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife - Chapter 48 - First Confrontation with Noble Consort Rong III

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Chapter 48: First Confrontation with Noble Consort Rong III

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“Qing’er, if you want the Iron-Blooded Token, I will just return it to you. Why do you have to suspect my true feelings?” Liu Rong collected herself and once again looked at Feng Ruqing disappointedly. “You will regret in future and you will also understand that other than us, nobody else will be nice to you.”

Those ministers that were loyal to Empress Nalan had already given up on Feng Ruqing. Even the general’s family did not plan to meet her. If Feng Ruqing were to lose them again, there would only be Feng Tianyu left in her world.

Those people would never forgive her.

Liu Rong laughed coldly to herself. ‘Let’s wait until Feng Ruqing cries and comes back to me. When that happens, I’ll definitely teach her a good lesson.’

In reality, since Liu Rong had gotten her hands on the Iron-Blooded Token, she had also wanted to command the Iron-Blooded army. However, those idiots in the Iron-Blooded army refused to listen to her orders and therefore the Iron-Blooded Token was just a piece of scrap metal in her hands.

Even so, she was still unwilling to let it go but now the time is not ripe yet and she dared not face Feng Ruqing head on. So she had to reluctantly give the Iron-Blooded Token back to Feng Ruqing.

Feng Ruqing’s heart began to beat uncontrollably the moment she got her hands on the Iron-Blooded token once again. She held it tightly with determination in her eyes.

Perhaps her journey ahead was still long, but now, at least she got the Iron-Blooded Token back and was now able to explain.

“Qing’er, there’s one more thing.” Liu Rong’s eyes looked a bit upset. “I heard not long ago that you went to Southern Bamboo Grove?”

Perhaps Feng Ruqing was in a good mood because she had gotten back the Iron-Blooded Token, she answered with a smile, “Regarding this, I still have to confront Noble Consort Rong. Last time you lied to me saying that the state preceptor was a cruel man and that had made me so afraid to even look at him. However, I did not know that he was handsome. If I had known it earlier, why would I want Liu Yuchen?”

Liu Rong’s face fell. In the end, this girl still took an interest in the state preceptor.

‘No! The state preceptor can only belong to Shuang’er. Any other woman is only Shuang’er’s replacement.’

“Qing’er, you’ve misunderstood me again,” Liu Rong smiled weakly while speaking. “You have no idea how much the state preceptor likes Shuang’er. In his eyes, there is only one person for him and that is Shuang’er. I was afraid that you would like the state preceptor and get hurt. So, I lied.”

Feng Ruqing’s smile became wider. Then she mocked, “Then why did I hear that when Feng Rushuang went to look for the state preceptor, she got bitten by his pet the azure snake and was even thrown out?”

Liu Rong’s face changed and became a little sour, her smile was almost gone. However, she had a strong heart and was able to recover quickly.

“I don’t know who is the one spreading the rumors. Shuang’er was playing with the azure snake and had accidentally gotten hurt. In regards to being thrown out, there wasn’t any proof! At that time, the state preceptor insisted on carrying Shuang’er out of Southern Bamboo Grove. But Shuang’er was shy and was unwilling to let others know the relationship between her and the state preceptor and therefore she had gone out to seek for help.”

She looked at Feng Ruqing and continued speaking sincerely, “Qing’er, I am telling you all these only because I treat you like my own daughter. The state preceptor really likes Shuang’er. If you keep pestering the state preceptor, I’m afraid he won’t be too happy about it. He isn’t Liu Yuchen and won’t marry you just because of your status.”

With Feng Ruqing’s appearance and level of cultivation, there was no way the state preceptor would have any contact with her. It must be because this girl had not listened to her words and had not looked away while passing by the state preceptor. She must have looked at him and saw how handsome he was and decided to go to Southern Bamboo Grove to pester him.

And perhaps, unexpectedly, the state preceptor was not at Southern Bamboo Grove and therefore, she was not thrown out by the state preceptor.

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