The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife - Chapter 56 - Meeting I

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Chapter 56: Meeting I

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The four-armed ape pulled slightly at Feng Ruqing’s sleeve. It then pointed to the bathtub at the side as if indicating that it had prepared the bath water well.

The two spirit rabbits also jumped up and down, as if urging her to take a bath immediately.

Feng Ruqing looked at the grease coming out of her body and frowned in disgust. ” How much oily food did I eat before? Four-armed ape, go and fetch me more bathwater. Spirit rabbits, go and continue guarding the door and no one should be allowed in.”

The spirit rabbits nodded obediently and rushed to the door immediately. They were just like two gods guarding the door like statues.

There was so much grease on Feng Ruqing’s body. It could not be washed off with just a tub of bathwater. So, she took four baths before her body was finally cleaned.

Her skin was still shiny as jade, white and soft, perfect and flawless.

Standing in front of the mirror, Feng Ruqing was stunned. She squeezed the fat at her waist vigorously and surprise flashed in her bright eyes.

“Am I really… becoming slimmer?”

Her previous weight was 250 pounds and it made her the fattest person in Liu Yun Kingdom. This kind of weight was difficult to lose in a short while. Even with the aid of spirit herbs, it was still impossible for her to have beautiful body shape from having the fattest body in the kingdom.


Feng Ruqing clearly felt that her waist had slimmed down a lap without any sign of flabbiness.

“The effect of this herbal dish has turned out to be better than I thought.” Feng Ruqing rubbed her chin with a smile.

There should not be any problem slimming down successfully if she could take more of this herbal dish.

However, it might create a stir if she slimmed down too quickly. She did not want to raise too much attention from those people before she had grown up fully.

So, the task of slimming down should be done slowly.

She felt that the sunlight that day was wonderful when she opened the door of the room.

She was much closer to sleeping with the state preceptor now.

The princess’s manor.

The courtyard was covered in fallen leaves. Qing Ling was sweeping the fallen leaves vigorously while wiping the sweat off her forehead. She saw a teenage girl walking toward her when she looked up.

Qing Ling’s glance stopped for a while. She was aware that there was something different about the princess today.

She seemed to be… thinner?

“Princess.” Qing Ling frowned slightly and spoke with concern, “Is the food in the princess’s manor too bad lately? Do you want me to go and inform His Majesty so that His Majesty can hire a better imperial chef? Princess, you have become thinner because of hunger.”

The princess had always been a picky eater. It must be because of the kitchen maid’s poor cooking skills that the princess had become thinner as a result of hunger.

“There’s no need for that.” Feng Ruqing smiled happily. “I am undergoing training lately. This is the result of my training. Moreover, the meal in the princess’s manor should now be light and all the oily food and meat should be avoided.”

Luckily, she went running in the morning these few days and this could be used as an excuse for her weight loss. Otherwise, others might think that it’s a threat to Liu Yun Kingdom if they knew she was planting spirit herbs.


Qing Ling was dumbfounded. Was the princess really going through the process of slimming down?


The princess had never done so much before for Young Master Liu. Now, she was going to this extent for the state preceptor?

It seemed that the princess valued the state preceptor more than Young Master Liu in her heart.

“By the way, Liu Yuchen did not come for me recently, right?” As she was leaving, Feng Ruqing suddenly remembered something again. She turned around, looked at Qing Ling and asked her.

Qing Ling was shocked. When she regained her senses, she shook her head and said, “Young Master Liu has never appeared again since the day he was thrown out by the snow wolf that day.”

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