The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife - Chapter 64 - The Determination of the Iron-Blooded Troop III

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Chapter 64: The Determination of the Iron-Blooded Troop III

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The old Feng Ruqing had insisted on giving the Iron-Blooded Token to Noble Consort Rong.

On that day, the whole Iron-Blooded Troop kneeled at her door. They listed out the challenges faced by the Empress and even described to her about the hardship in forming the Iron-Blooded Troop in hopes of convincing her to get the Iron-Blooded Token back.

However, what Feng Ruqing said had completely broken every troop member’s heart into pieces.

She said, she was the owner of the troop while they were just her servants. Since they were the people her imperial mother had given to her, she had the right to give them to anyone she liked. Nobody could question or stop her. To her, these people were not any different from the spirit beasts which could be tossed around.

Since then, the troop members had never begged her for anything again. Their broken hearts simply could not feel warmth anymore.

Tang Zi tightened her fists. On that fateful day, no matter how they pleaded with her, she had just ignored their request to get the Iron-Blooded Token back. Why did she choose to get it back now? Could it be due to their cold treatment toward Noble Consort Rong, so she asked Feng Ruqing to be the middleperson?

Nevertheless, the Iron-Blooded Troop was different from other military troops. The Imperial City’s military troop was affiliated with the whole kingdom. So they had to obey the military order given by anyone who had the military token in hand.

However, these women chose to follow their instincts and as they were pampered by His Majesty, had never failed to give a long face to Noble Consort Rong.

Up until today, Noble Consort Rong still could not forcefully confront them as she feared the troop’s power!

“Did Noble Consort Rong request you to come here?” Tang Zi mocked her and laughed bitterly. “Besides Noble Consort Rong, who dares or is able to command you, the princess? Even if you have given her the Iron-Blooded Token, we will never obey her commands. Ask her to give it up!”

Feng Ruqing sighed. How serious was the trauma caused by the previous owner (Feng Ruqing)? Even though she was genuine and sincere, nobody was willing to trust her!

“I understand that it’s impossible for you to trust me fully, but please don’t worry, I will prove myself to you and all of you will submit to me willingly based on my own ability. I will never depend on my father’s power.”

If Feng Ruqing really wanted something, she could just tell Feng Tianyu about it. They would still somehow obey his command.

However, they did not fully trust her. If they were forced to submit to her, they might not assist her wholeheartedly.

What she really needed was their loyalty!

“This time, I did not bring any gifts for you except for some fruits. Unfortunately there are not many of them, so I have used my spiritual force to turn them into juice.”

However, this juice had been diluted by her.

There were too many troop members that the juice would not be enough if she did not dilute it. Even though she had diluted the juice, she predicted that each person could only drink a mouthful of it.

Luckily, Divine-Spirit Fruit she had planted contained high spiritual qi. So even though it was diluted, it could still help in relieving fatigue. Except for the fact that the effect was not as fast and as effective as eating the whole fruit.

Tang Zi and fellow women stared at Feng Ruqing who had put down the two teapots. They did not utter a single word.

Everyone was puzzled at the real intention behind the princess’s behavior today. How could she be so kind as to bring over some fruit juice for them?

“I better not disturb your training. Do ask the rest of the troop members to come here. I have purposely bought it from the spirit herbs shop.”

Although the Grade-1 Divine-Spirit Fruit was the easiest to grow among the Grade-1 spirit herbs, it was becoming rarer due to the spirit beasts. That was why, it was quite difficult to get them in this land or General Nalan would not have been thrilled by it before this.

The other spirit herbs were quite easy to get from the spirit herbs shop.

Of course, Feng Ruqing did not tell them these stories. Even though the number of the Divine-Spirit Fruits was lower now, it was still available. Thus, it should not be a problem when she had claimed that the fruits were from the spirit herbs shop.

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