The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife - Chapter 69 - A Youth Named Qin Chen II

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Chapter 69: A Youth Named Qin Chen II

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Those bright eyes were like rays of light, unknowingly shining into the youth’s heart.

“If you like it…” The youth’s innocent eyes fell on Feng Ruqing again. “Then, I’ll be like this from now on.”

Feng Ruqing was stunned. There was a flash of doubt in her eyes. It seemed that she had returned to her previous life where there were only Che’er and herself, relying solely on each other.

In fact, Che’er had this innocent smile but had forced himself into being a cruel and powerful businessman just for her sake.

But, he would still be like a child around her.

He said, “I can be whoever you want me to be.”

Moreover, Che’er had built that nursing home just for her.

But, she still left him behind. How could he survive in a world without her? How lonely would he be?

Feng Ruqing lowered her eyes and smiled, “Chen’er, my imperial-mother did not leave me with any siblings. In fact, I’m also lonely. After meeting you, I feel that… maybe we were siblings in our previous lives.”

“From now on…” Feng Ruqing’s voice broke. She raised her hand and patted Qin Chen’s shoulders. “You’ll be my younger brother, the younger brother of Feng Ruqing. If you have nowhere else to go, my princess’s manor will always be your home.”

There was a sudden flutter in Qin Chen’s heart.


This word… How long since he last heard of this word?

The people whom he had met all these years always had bad intentions toward him. Only she made him feel warm.

Qin Chen lowered his eyes. He did not understand why this girl treated him so well given that they had just met the day before.

Was there any hidden plot?

Qin Chen laughed at himself when he thought of this. How could he be the target of anybody given what he had now? Maybe they were indeed siblings in their previous lives and she just wanted to treat him well.

“Do you know how to cook?” Feng Ruqing rubbed her hungry stomach.

She was hungry now even if it was still early in the morning.

Qin Chen nodded his head slightly. “I know how to cook just a bit. It may not suit your tastes.”

“It’s okay. Just go and make some light breakfast.”


Qin Chen replied obediently. He turned and walked toward the kitchen.


Feng Ruqing was already there waiting for Qin Chen in the kitchen. Soon, a youth in white appeared from the door where the sunlight flooded in.

He was holding a bowl of hot porridge in his hands and there was even an aroma of sweet olives.

Feng Ruqing froze at this familiar scent. She kept her hands tightly by her side as she breathed hard.

She recovered her composure slowly only when the sweet olive porridge was placed in front of her. She took up a small mouthful of the porridge, tasting it.

“Chen Er, have you heard of Hua Xia before?” Feng Ruqing raised her head and looked at Qin Chen directly.

There was an uncertainty in Qin Chen’s eyes. “Hua Xia? Is that a sect?”

Feng Ruqing lowered her head in a somewhat disappointed manner.

Maybe it was only a coincidence…

There was once when she was hungry when they were young. Che’er stole a handful of rice and wanted to cook porridge for her. But, he was afraid that it was too light a meal. It was the season when sweet olives were in bloom. So, he picked some sweet olives and cooked it together with the porridge.

Later when she was in the nursing home, Che’er still cooked her some sweet olive porridge every day even though he was busy.

But, he was not Che’er. This was only a coincidence.

“Never mind.” Feng Ruqing shook her head and smiled gently. “From now on, you can cook me a bowl of sweet olive porridge every day. Is that okay?”

Qin Chen nodded. “Alright.”

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