The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife - Chapter 73 - The First Visit to the Old General I

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Chapter 73: The First Visit to the Old General I

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In the general’s manor.

Nalan Zhangqian was carefully reading a book in his hand in the study room. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

“Come in,” he frowned slightly and replied in a deep voice.

The imperial guard pushed the door open and walked inside. He was clearly anxious. He tried but failed to suppress the tremor in his voice as he said to Nalan Zhangqian, “General, the princess… she is here.”

The book in Nalan Zhangqian’s hand fell onto the table with a thud. He clenched his fists tightly and closed his eyes. He was having trouble breathing.

After a short while, he opened his eyes and he smiled sardonically.

“Why did she come again?”

He could forgive what Feng Ruqing had done to General Manor. He could even forgive how she had brought shame to Liu Yun Kingdom.

But, he could not forgive her for making him sick on the day when he was preparing to go into war. He could not even forgive her for giving up all his sister’s efforts to Noble Consort Rong.

The imperial guard looked at Nalan Zhangqian carefully. “She said… she wanted to pay a visit to the old general.”

Nalan Zhangqian scoffed and said, “Does she think that the damage she had done to my father was not enough? Does she really want to make him angry him again? You go and tell Feng Ruqing that my father is not in the manor.”

His heart was gentle once. He had forgiven her for so many times that even when she had burnt down General Manor, he could still forgive her.

He pitied her for she had no mother since she was born. He wanted to give her more love and care.

But, she had hurt him so much now that his heart had hardened when it came to her. He would never forgive her.

“Yes, General.”

The imperial guard sighed. If the princess was allowed to go near the old general, she might infuriate the old general again.

The imperial guard turned to walk out of the study room and close the door behind him.

He could see Feng Ruqing who was waiting at the entrance from afar. Suddenly, a shadow appeared from the side as he was about to convey to her the general’s message. The shadow was running toward Feng Ruqing.


The two imperial guards were frightened to death.

Feng Ruqing had always bullied Nalan Dai’er for the past few years. Now that Feng Ruqing had appeared in front of Nalan Dai’er, they did not know what kind of damage would be done to her again.

However, they were soon relieved when they saw a young man following closely behind Dai’er.

Feng Ruqing could not bully Dai’er now that their young master was accompanying Dai’er.


Nalan Dai’er had missed Feng Ruqing so much these past few days but Feng Ruqing had not come to visit her. Her eagerness had turned into disappointment.

Now, Dai’er could not help but rush out to meet Feng Ruqing since she was just right in front of her. Dai’er threw herself into Feng Ruqing’s arms.

Feng Ruqing’s heart softened while hugging her soft and gentle cousin. Feng Ruqing looked upon Dai’er with tender eyes.

Nalan Jing was stunned. His eyes did not leave that plump body which belonged to Feng Ruqing even for awhile. Doubt filled his eyes momentarily.

Feng Ruqing could be this gentle too.

“Cousin… You did not come to meet me.” Dai’er clearly felt sad. “Cousin, you promised.”

Feng Ruqing smiled and stroked Dai’er’s head. “I promised that I’ll come and visit you. I certainly will fulfill that promise. I was just too busy these past few days. Now, I’ve come. Haven’t I?”

“Yes.” Dai’er seemed so obedient and her smile was so sweet. “Dai’er likes Cousin now.”

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