The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife - Chapter 78 - The Astonishing Effect of Spirit Wine III

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Chapter 78: The Astonishing Effect of Spirit Wine III

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Why did Jing’er and Master Nalan trust her so much? They were ready to give the 100-year-old ginseng up now?

He had put in a few days and nights to deceive the second prince of Ye Luo Kingdom to gain the ginseng. Now, they wanted to give it up?

“Jing’er, you don’t have to bother about your father. Just go on and use that water to water the spirit herbs.” Master Nalan gave a signal to Jing’er.

Nalan Zhangqian’s eyes nearly popped out from their sockets. They had given up his ginseng… just to water the spirit herbs?

Although the dying herbs were spirit herbs, he knew that human force could not recover spirit herbs. It was like a waste.

Master Nalan was always so full of wisdom. Why was he so silly now? Nalan Zhangqian’s ginseng had gone to waste now.


Nalan Jing listened to Master Nalan’s order obediently by disregarding Nalan Zhangqian’s sad eyes. Jing’er walked toward the spirit herbs slowly and poured the ginseng water onto the spirit herbs.

Ginseng water was good and easily absorbable. It was soon absorbed by the spirit herbs.

There was a wilting petal on the Peacebloom. But, the petal rose slowly when the ginseng water was poured onto it.

Nalan Zhangqian rubbed at his eyes in disbelief.

In fact, the Peacebloom which was on the verge of death was soon coming back to life again.

This opportunity at recovering was not high but it was clearly a good step.

“This… this…” Nalan Zhangqian pointed at the Peacebloom, unable to utter the words.

Master Nalan was all excited. His hand stroked the Peacebloom gently and his heart fluttered.

It lived. It really lived!

“Grandpa, just keep on watering the Peacebloom with the remaining ginseng water every day from now on until the Peacebloom is fully recovered.” Feng Ruqing sighed in relief.

In fact, she doubted the effectiveness of the method given by Fu Chen before. Her uncle would surely kill her if it failed.

Thankfully it worked!

“All is right.” There was a long-lost smile on Master’s Nalan face. Master Nalan looked at Nalan Zhangqian triumphantly. “Kid, now you see that? A 100-year-old ginseng has saved a Grade-3 spirit herb. You still think that the ginseng was wasted?”

Nalan Zhangqian quickly shook his head and said, “No, it’s not a waste. This is indeed a big gain. You are so wise.”

“Do you still want to hit Jing’er?”

“No, I’ll not hit him again.”

“How about Qing’er?” Master Nalan asked with a snort.

Nalan Zhangqian’s lips twisted into a scowl. Who knew Feng Ruqing was really helping General Manor? He was wronged by Feng Ruqing so much before that he could not find himself believing in her again.

“Princess.” He kept quiet for a while then turned to Feng Ruqing.

Feng Ruqing was not angry. She smiled and said, “Uncle, I told you just now. You don’t have to treat me differently. You can call me Qing’er like my grandpa.”


Nalan Zhangqian laughed bitterly. How long had he not used this endearment? He was scolded for so long a few years back when he accidentally called Feng Ruqing that. If he was the general, he might be punished by his niece at that time.

How could he be so daring as to do that again?

“Uncle, I was insensible before. I met my mother when I fainted not long ago. She taught me a lot of things. I’ve come today just to apologize.” Feng Ruqing handed Master Nalan the wine jar in her hands. “Grandpa, this is a gift for you. I hope you’ll accept it.”

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