The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife - Chapter 82 - She Just Could Not Be Left Alone III

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Chapter 82: She Just Could Not Be Left Alone III

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“But, Feng Ruqing had disappointed us so many times that her behavior today made me feel insincere. Dad, I still cannot trust her completely. I’m afraid that what happened today was a trap. It might be her trick to give us something sweet before making us feel all bitter again at the end.”

Master Nalan could understand Nalan Zhangqian’s feelings. He himself was afraid too. But, Master Nalan was still willing to give Feng Ruqing a chance even if the condition was such.

No family member was ever was angry with Feng Ruqing. They were just angry that Feng Ruqing could not change for the better.

“Zhangqian, I hope that the General Manor could treat Feng Ruqing nicely when she has done no harm to the General Manor. We should understand that this child was as she was because she has lost her mother at a very young age and she was tricked by Noble Consort Rong. But, I do believe that people who are from the Nalan family are naturally kind.”

“Dad, I understand.” Nalan Zhangqian sighed. “I’ll not treat her badly. But, I’ll never forgive her for the rest of my life no matter what you say if she does anything that disappoints me again this time.”

This was the last chance. There was only one chance.


At the entrance of the General Manor.

The two imperial guards were left staring on blankly. They could not believe who the girl was. She was leaving the General Manor with Nalan Jing.

The general was in a hurry just now when he went over to where the princess was. But, he had ordered the young master to escort the princess out instead of immediately dismissing the princess.

“Feng Ruqing.”

Suddenly, a youth beside Feng Ruqing spoke. She stopped walking.

Feng Ruqing turned around and looked at Nalan Jing who was standing behind her. Feng Ruqing blinked and asked, “Cousin, is there anything else?”

“I saw the announcement on the wall the other day.” The youth’s eyes were clear. He gazed at Feng Ruqing. “Have you really divorced him?”

Feng Ruqing nodded slightly. She smiled. “Yes. I have given him freedom and set myself free. Liu Yuchen and I will never be together again in this life.”

“It’s good.” Nalan Jing was relieved. His eyes were filled with confusion but he still continued asking. “I also heard that you have knocked out some youth the other day and brought him back to your manor? Was it because you fell for the youth?”

“… ”

Feng Ruqing was shocked that her eyes nearly popped out of her eye sockets. After a while, she recovered herself and found her voice again. “Cousin, I’ll never do this kind of thing. I’ll never be a villain that kidnaps youngsters.”

Nalan Jing looked at Feng Ruqing but he kept silent. His facial expression hinted that Feng Ruqing was indeed that kind of person.

“That’s a rumor spread by the people.” Feng Ruqing was fearful that Nalan Jing would not believe her. She pressed upon Nalan Jing’s shoulders and said sincerely, “I’m a kind person. I brought him back because I saw him unconscious on the ground.”

Nalan Jing bit his lip. He could not relate Feng Ruqing with the word ‘kindness’.

“Feng Ruqing, you must believe that there will be a man who will love you in this world. You will not be happy if you force someone to love you. I don’t want you to harm yourself again no matter who the man is. I don’t care if he is Liu Yuchen or that youth.”


It was as if Feng Ruqing possessed some man forcefully again.

Was this what other people thought of her?

“Cousin, Liu Yuchen and I were not what you think. Moreover, I’ll totally sleep with a man like the state preceptor if I really want to choose a man.”

“…” Nalan Jing was stunned. He hesitated and asked, “The state preceptor? Why the state preceptor?”

“It’s because the state preceptor is very handsome and he seems so pure and innocent. Won’t you think that it’ll be interesting to sleep with that kind of man?” Feng Ruqing smiled. She really missed the state preceptor now when they talked about the state preceptor.

Feng Ruqing did not know when the state preceptor would return.

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