The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife - Chapter 85 - Ordinary Flowers and Plants II

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Chapter 85: Ordinary Flowers and Plants II

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“I see.”

Feng Ruqing’s eyes narrowed. She should be able to guess that Fu Chen was behind all of this.

Fu Chen could influence the world outside, even in this medium. How strong was he before?

This son was adopted for good.

“That youth…” Fu Chen was silent for a while and said, “He is special. But, you won’t understand what I say now. You just train him nicely, and one day, he will become your strong combat companion.”

Feng Ruqing raised her eyes and pondered for a while. Suddenly, she raised her head and looked up at the clear blue sky.

It seemed that she could see through the blue sky and right at the youth’s smile.

“I really don’t care whether he’s a genius or a disabled. I’ll protect him for the rest of his life. I will help him and let him stay. It’s not because of his specialty. It’s because he looks so much like Che’er.”

She would not care even if he was disabled. She could still protect him and take care of him in this life.

The reason that she saved him was never because of his specialty, and it never was for the sake of training him to become her combat companion.

It was because Chen’er and Che’er looked so much alike.

Fu Chen was stunned. He looked at Feng Ruqing blankly without a word.

This demon… There were also times when she would not ask for anything in return.

Why did she treat them differently?

“Fu Chen, Qing Han.” Feng Ruqing lowered her eyes, stroked their heads, and said, “That Grade-3 spirit herb belongs to my grandpa. I cannot give that to you. But you must trust me. You’ll not be hungry for long.”

Feng Ruqing would work hard to improve her strength even if it was for Fu Chen and Qing Han’s sake. She could only grow Grade-3 spirit herbs when she had had enough strength.

“I trust you.” Qing Han smiled rather shyly. “I never get in touch with human beings. But, I do know that humans’ guardians won’t lie to their sons. You are our guardian. You won’t lie to us.”

Feng Ruqing was surprised. She solemnly squeezed Qing Han’s shoulders with her hands. “Qing Han, you must remember that you’re a girl. You’re not a son. You’re a daughter.”


Qing Han was confused. She looked at Feng Ruqing blankly.

“But, Fu Chen brother is your son. I’m the same species as Fu Chen. Why is it different?”

Feng Ruqing was nervous now. “Fu Chen, what have you been teaching her all this while? She is not young anymore. There should be a difference in gender and she’s a normal girl. Why did you let her treat herself like a boy? How is she the same species as you?”

Fu Chen’s face darkened. He pulled Qing Han aside. “Qing Han, let me tell you. Don’t ever use the word ‘species’ to describe both of us again. The word ‘species’ is used to describe ordinary flowers and plants. How could these things be compared to us?”

“Alright.” Qing Han nodded without fully understanding what she had just heard.

Fu Chen continued solemnly, “Moreover, have you forgotten how this wicked woman has just tricked our last possession from us? Why would you say that she would not lie to us? Are you stupid?”

“That… was not a trick. Brother Fu Chen willingly gave it to her.”

Feng Ruqing’s eyes narrowed as she listened to their child-like voice.

It looked like she had received some horrible news.

“You can just continue your discussions. I’ll go back and train.” Feng Ruqing composed herself. She smiled and waved goodbye to Fu Chen and Qing Han.

Now, Fu Chen was reluctant to tell Qing Han about her true identity. But, one day, Qing Han would completely possess Fu Chen.


Feng Ruqing lay down on her bed after returning from the medium. She stretched her arms and got up from her bed.

“There’s still half a month left before the state preceptor returns. I need to train harder.”

She did not let her guard down just for the sake of sleeping with the state preceptor.

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