The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife - Chapter 88 - Neglected Feng Rushuang I

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Chapter 88: Neglected Feng Rushuang I

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Qin Huai Riverside, Paramount

There were many talented young people already seated. Noise poured from the restaurant, sometimes it was mixed with the giggling sounds of the young ladies.

At this moment, a youth spotted Feng Rushuang standing at the door. He quickly stood up and greeted her happily.

“Princess, you are finally out.”

The laughter ceased abruptly. Everyone diverted their eyes to Feng Rushuang. A glimpse of surprise flashed through their eyes. They did not expect to see her at this meeting.

Feng Rushuang smiled faintly. “Some time ago, I had annoyed His Majesty because of Sister. That was why Father had locked me up in the Forbidden Mountain. Fortunately, Father had finally found out the truth and released me from that place.”

The hidden meaning in her words hinted that she was locked in the Forbidden Mountain because Feng Ruqing had purposely accused her of something she did not do in front of Feng Tianyu. And now that Feng Tianyu had found out that he had blamed her wrongly, she was released.

In the past, many would have voiced their support to Feng Rushuang after she had said something like this. However this time, the whole of Paramount was dead silent.

Everyone looked so awkward and did not know how to react to Feng Rushuang’s words.

“What’s wrong?” Feng Rushuang frowned in confusion.

She was locked up for half a month, why… she felt that something had happened during her absence.

“Second Princess, you’re locked up because of the Princess Royal?” Zhao Yang uttered his question after a moment of silence.

Feng Rushuang was not like Feng Ruqing. She usually had a good temper, so even though he had questioned her in this way, she would not get irritated.

That was why he had dared to say something like this.

Feng Rushuang smiled bitterly while shaking her head. “Let’s not talk about this matter anymore. As long as all of you know she is my older sister, that’s enough. She lost her mother since she was young, so my Concubine-mother treats her with more compassion. I respect and love her too. No matter what she has done, I will always forgive her.”

Her eyes were shining brightly. Her lips curved into a mesmerizing smile that could capture everyone’s heart.

“However…” Feng Rushuang lowered her gaze and sighed. ” Although I can forgive whatever she has done to me, I cannot forgive her for what she has done to Dai’er. In fact, she had purposely accused me and caused me to be locked up at the Forbidden Mountain to stop me from researching for a cure for Dai’er’s scar!”

Paramount fell into a pin drop silence.


Suddenly, a melodious voice like a flowing stream came from the entrance.

“Seems like I came at the wrong time?”

This voice was a nightmare to Feng Rushuang.

Her body slightly stiffened. She clenched her fists tightly and tried to control her emotions from within while remain smiling.

Once she turned around, she gave a bright and mischievous sweet smile.

“Sister, how come you are here?”

This woman, Feng Ruqing… didn’t she know that these royal young masters and mistresses loathed her to the bone? How could she still appear in front of them?

When Feng Rushuang saw the silhouette at the door, her smile froze instantly. Her eyes widened in disbelief.

Last time, whenever she saw Feng Ruqing, she would have put on some weight. She had not seen her for nearly one month and somehow she felt that… this woman had lost some weight.

Although her current body size was still considered fat, what Feng Rushuang could not stand was the fact that she had slimmed down!

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