The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife - Chapter 95 - The Master of Paramount IV

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Chapter 95: The Master of Paramount IV

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On a ship not far away.

Feng Ruqing saw a man casually leaning against a chair just as she entered the place.

The man seemed lazy and wicked. He put his hand on the armrest. His deep golden eyes were evil. He smiled slightly at the girl who had just walked in.

The sound of a guzheng 1 could be heard on the ship. A beautiful young girl was playing the guzheng behind a veil.

“Did you want to meet me because of the herbal dish?” Feng Ruqing crossed her arms, raised her eyebrows and smiled at the man.

The man did not answer Feng Ruqing’s question. He said lazily, “Come and sit beside me.”

Feng Ruqing looked around the man. There was no chair. Her face had darkened. “Do you want me to sit down on the floor or sit on your lap?”

“It’s a blessing for you to sit beside me. So, it’s not a big deal to sit on the floor.”

Feng Ruqing said nothing.

She was wrong. She wanted to retrieve the admiration she had for him.

“Don’t tell me you want to sit on my lap.” The man smiled slightly. “I’m afraid that I’ll be crushed under your weight. You can just sit on the floor.”


She wanted to hit him until he died. But how?

Feng Ruqing took a deep breath slowly. “Excuse me. I’ll leave now.”

She turned. A ghost-like shadow appeared in front of her just as she was about to step out of the ship.

The man smiled his best smile.

It was only because she could not beat him…

“Get lost!” She roared.

Jiu Ming’s eyes narrowed. There was a flash of menace in his eyes. “Angry? What about this, I’ll just let you sit on my lap though I’m reluctant to do so. In fact, I can let you sit on my lap since you touched my face before.”

Feng Ruqing was shocked.

She was just slapping him then. It was a slap! After all, the only person she was willing to touch in this world was the state preceptor. Who could be compared to the state preceptor?

“You can either talk business or get lost!” Feng Ruqing sneered.

Jiu Ming smiled. His smile was very charming. Feng Ruqing could not help but admit that. Jiu Ming was not even ugly even though only half of his face was visible.

She just did not know why Jiu Ming covered half of his face. Was there any scar on the other half of his face? Could he not show it to other people?

Feng Ruqing looked at Jiu Ming with sympathy when she thought of this.

She could just forgive him this once because of the scar on his face.

“Feng Ruqing, I’ve known about your wicked doings all these years. I just cannot believe how you amaze me this time. It is no wonder that you’re the daughter of Empress Nalan.” Jiu Ming walked toward Feng Ruqing. “So, I want to work together with you this time.”

“Work together?”

“Yes, that’s right. Just like you said. It’s because of your herbal dish. If you sell those herbal dishes to me, I’ll give you all the benefits you can imagine.”

Feng Ruqing asked excitedly, “What kind of benefits?”

“There’s a spirit herbs shop in Paramount. Generally, we won’t sell spirit herbs which are above Grade-3 level. Grade-3 spirits herbs are sold in low quantities too. Even if we do sell them, they’re sold quickly when they’re on sale. But, I will give you a token of Paramount. You can use that token to buy any kind of precious spirit herbs in the shop.”

Jiu Ming smiled slightly. “I’ll sell you anything if you’re able to pay for the price and that it’s available in the spirit herbs shop.”

Feng Ruqing’s interest soon disappeared. She thought Jiu Ming would give her some kind of benefits. But, it was just spirit herbs.

Now, Grade-3 spirit herbs were useless to her. They were also very expensive and could only be used as food for Fu Chen and Qing Han. She did not need that. She had better use her time to improve her strength and grow Grade-3 spirit herbs one day.

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