The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife - Chapter 99 - Shameless Qin Feiyang I

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Chapter 99: Shameless Qin Feiyang I

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Master Nalan sighed and cursed Nalan Zhangqian in his heart a hundred times. All of the old men were seated, and they were waiting for his good wine.

“Come! Go and bring my precious wine,” Master Nalan sneered and ordered. “Remember, you can only pour a small bowl of the wine and bring a few empty bowls. Do you understand? I’ll definitely kill anybody who dares to pour more of the wine than what I’ve ordered!”

The imperial guard who was ready to go and bring the wine was terrified. He felt that Master Nalan would really kill him if he brought even an extra drop of the wine.

“Master Nalan, when did you become so stingy?” Qin Feiyang snorted, his voice was filled with discontent. “There are so many of us. How come you are only serving us a bowl of your good wine? Are you underestimating us?”

Master Nalan was so furious that he did could not be bothered with these old men.

“You can scram now if you don’t want that small bowl of wine! I’ll keep it.”

“You…” Qin Feiyang was so angry that he pointed at Master Nalan and could not even utter a word.

Why was Master Nalan so stingy about a pot of good wine? If that was the case, Qin Feiyang would definitely stay and see what kind of wine was being served by Master Nalan.

After a while, the imperial guard brought the pot of good wine and walked toward them carefully.

The imperial guard held the bowl of wine carefully. He was afraid that Master Nalan would kill him if any drop of the wine was spilled accidentally.

Master Nalan scanned the wine. He smiled widely when he looked at the wine in the bowl.

“Master Nalan, what’s your meaning of this?” Qin Feiyang’s face darkened. He turned to Master Nalan angrily. “Do you want every one of us to take only a sip of the wine? How are we supposed to share among us this little wine?”

Master Nalan laughed at this. “In fact, even a drop of my good wine can be sold at a high price if you see it outside. If you really don’t want to take a sip of it, you can just get lost. I’ll keep it instead.”

Qin Feiyang sneered and laughed cynically. “I just don’t believe that your wine is as valuable as you described. Nobody in this whole wide world would spend that much money on a sip of wine.”

Just as he had finished talking, Qin Feiyang snatched the bowl of wine from the imperial guard.

The other old men were angry too. They did not respond even when they saw Qin Feiyang finishing the bowl of wine all by himself.

Only a sip of wine? Are you underestimating us? Did they really want that sip of wine so badly? They would not have come to General Manor if they were not in good relationships with Master Nalan.

Moreover, they had always informed Master Nalan when they had any good wine. Who was as stingy as Master Nalan? Master Nalan could only spare a sip of his wine for three people.


Qin Feiyang was stunned.

These three families had always gone into war with Master Nalan before. They had always had scars or injuries in their bodies, especially Qin Feiyang who was hurt a few years ago. It had rendered him unable to move forward from his current training stage.

But, Qin Feiyang felt that… there was a flow of spiritual qi rushing into his body when he drank the wine. It had made his spiritual qi… improve just a little.

Normal people would not have noticed the increase in spiritual qi.

But, Qin Feiyang had been unable to advance for a few years now. The spiritual qi in his dantian had not improved this much for so long.

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