The End Of The World’s Poisonous Mom And Monster Baby - Chapter 181 - Volume 2 Chapter 75 Indifference

Chapter 181 Volume 2 Chapter 75 Indifference

Adhering to the fact that as long as the enemy is not having an easy time, I will live well. With this kind of mentality, Shao Qing walked over, prepared to see what would happen.

The two sides were facing each other. One side was a man of the mad mercenary group, while the other side was a man and a woman. The stall on the ground was selling bits and pieces.

Shao Qing knew without looking, there was an 80% chance this was related to protection fees and she crept closer to listen.

Between the two, the woman was in the midst of yelling: “How black is your heart? In one day, I only earn a few nuclei and you want to take half of it in one go, how do you want people to live??

The person from the Mad Demon squad responded: “Everyone is doing business. We take people’s money to eliminate disasters. You’re not the only one paying protection money, why are you complaining that it’s too much?”

The woman sneered and said, “We don’t need you to protect us, okay. I will not pay the protection fee.”

The head of the Mad Demon Mercenary Corps looked her up and down and said with a smile: “It does not matter if you do not pay with the nuclei. Pay with your body. Let our brothers come to you once, then this month’s protection fee will be waived.”

The woman snorted, guarded her chest alertly. She squeezed her mouth tightly. There were several orphans in her family she had to raise money for. On a good day, she can add some meat dishes for the children in the family.

But these people clearly saw they were easy to bully and wanted to take half of their profits by opening their mouths. If she handed those crystal nuclei over, the children would be hungry.

So the woman was not willing to compromise.

Upon seeing this, the man next to her quickly said: “Isn’t this just the protection fee? Let’s pay!” He gritted his teeth and said with a smile: “Women do not know anything. I hope these people won’t lower themselves to argue with her. I will pay it.”

He opened the bag and counted the earnings for half a day: ten crystal nuclei. Then he handed them to the mad demon squad. The woman’s eyes were red at that time. She grabbed the crystal nuclei and said aggrievedly: “We can’t give it to them. Don’t forget, Xiao Yang is still sick, so he is counting on today’s income to buy him some goods to help supplement his body… ”

“Juan, give me the crystal nucleus.” The man quickly urged her. She was holding the crystal and refused to hand it over. Seeing this, the mad demon squad leader smiled and said: “Since you won’t give the crystal nucleus, then you’ll be using your body!”

The man hurriedly said: “Here, give it right away.”

Then he argued with the woman. The man of the mad demon mercenary group waved his hand indifferently and then said: “Today I will tell you, whether you give it or not, we will play with this woman. ”

He clapped his hands: “Brothers, when we feast later, everyone gets a share!”

The several mad demon members around him began to chatter excitedly and began to slowly approach the two. The man’s face immediately changed and he protected the woman behind him, looking at them with vigilance.

Seeing that they were really prepared to do something bad to the woman, the man whispered to the woman: “Seeing the situation is not good, I will stop them. You run quickly.”

The woman grabbed the man’s sleeve and said through gritted teeth: “This is broad daylight. The patrol team in Jing Du will come, you still dare?!”

“I’ll let you see if we dare!” The captain of the mad demon squad stepped forward to push the man away and wanted to pull the woman into his arms.

The woman stepped back in shock. The man hurried forward to stop him and shouted, “Leave quick!”

At this time, the remaining members of the mad demon squad had gathered around and directly pressed the man on the ground, punching and kicking.

The captain of the team grabbed the woman and brought her to his arms. The woman tried to resist, but he easily grabbed her hands and was wanton and frivolous.

The woman’s eyes were red from the humiliation. She struggled continually, looking for help from the people around, but the people around were not only not helping, but were all watching the show. Some were even talking in a low voice.

The patrol of Jing Du walked by and after seeing the mad demon squad, left without a second to spare.

When those crazy people laughed wildly, the woman burst into tears. Shao Qing frowned. She did not expect that the mad demon people had reached such a level in Jing Du.

Furthermore, she did not expect that people’s hearts have been so indifferent to such a point that the mad demon is able to freely molest a woman in the face of so many people, without a single onlooker stepping up to help her.

Listening to their remarks, some people even said: “They told her to pay her protection fee early on. She was probably being frivolous, otherwise why would they take a fancy to her.”

The temperature in Shao Qing’s eyes dropped to freezing point. Then she stepped forward, waving vines in her hand quickly, she wrapped it around the woman’s waist and took the woman tightly into her arms.

When she brought her vines back, she hugged the woman into her arms blocking her torn neckline and then said lightly: “Doing this to a girl on the streets isn’t so nice?”

The mad demon person yelled: “Who dares to mess in this boss’s business?”

Then he looked up and saw Shao Qing. He had seen Shao Qing. He had also seen Shao Qing handling the top fighter in their group. The angry look on his face suddenly turned into a warm smile: “Who could it be? So, it turned out to be Captain Shao. What advice does Captain Shao have?”

Everyone who had been watching were gloating. They were waiting to see Shao Qing get into misfortune, thus their jaws dropped to the ground.

Shao Qing glanced at the man who was still being beaten and then said: “Let the person under your hand stop before we talk.”

The man smiled and then waved his hand: “Sure, I can give Captain Shao this face, stop.”

“When those people stopped, the man on the ground limped up. He wiped the corners of his mouth and stood a little sadly to Shao Qing’s side.

Shao Qing patted the back of the woman in her arms and then said lightly: “It’s just something small, why make it so big. It’s not good for appearance, so let’s end it here. My face should be big enough to say this.”

“Since Captain Shao has come forward, this matter is done. If Captain Shao has time, please come to our regiment. Our captain is still thinking about you.” The man laughed.

Shao Qing responded faintly: “I will go when I’m free.”

The man waved his hand and led the group away.

He was also a decisive person. Knowing that it was hard to beat Shao Qing, it is better to give Shao Qing some face, but Shao Qing was not going to give him any face. Shao Qing narrowed her eyes slightly and was already thinking about how to kill all these people.

After the mad demon squad left, Shao Qing glanced around coldly and then said: “They’re all gone, what shouldn’t be looked at should be avoided otherwise your eyes will run off.”

When they saw that the mad demon people weren’t even willing to offend Shao Qing, how could they dare offend so they all quickly disappeared.

Shao Qing took off her coat and put it on the woman: “It’s okay, it’s okay, go back.”

The woman cried while clinging onto Shao Qing’s shoulder. Shao Qing felt a little uncomfortable, however, she patted the woman’s back and comforted the woman. The woman wrapped herself with the coat and thanked her in a low voice.

She was really grateful to Shao Qing. If Shao Qing didn’t step up she would have been violated in public.

If that were the case, it would be better to let her die instead.

Shao Qing just patted her shoulder and said nothing. When it was time, the woman shoved those things from the stall to Shao Qing, but what would Shao Qing need it for?

She heard it very clearly earlier. The woman had a lot of orphans in her family. She was probably suffering, how can she take her things?

But the woman insisted and stuffed everything to Shao Qing. Shao Qing had no choice but to put a handful of crystal nuclei into the woman’s hand and then ran away while the woman didn’t pay attention.

She knew that the woman would definitely not accept it, so she ran away directly.

After she ran away with Er Dai, she put the things the woman gave her and the things she bought herself into the space, then she went into the city preparing to go look for the group of mad demons.

As a result, Shao Qing found that after the group of mad demons entered the city, they actually did not leave. Not only did they not leave, but they also hid in a corner with all the people scattered.

She originally wanted to find a place that no one could see and kill them. Unexpectedly, they had stopped. Shao Qing had to pull Er Dai and hide to see what they were up to.

Shao Qing and Er Dai stayed in the dark and waited for a while. Soon they saw a tidy woman and man come in from outside.

As she walked, she was thinking about buying something to give the children in her family to replenish their body. Before the apocalypse, she was a caregiver at an orphanage. During the end of the world, the children in the orphanage died, some went missing, and finally there were only six or seven remaining and were brought to Jing Du by her.

She and her brother were both very caring and responsible. They earn a little bit of nucleus every morning and evening to feed their children.

Fortunately, the children were also very obedient and well-behaved. Every time she went home, the children had cleaned up the house and were waiting for her to come home.

The two first went to the market and bought some meat and discounted vegetables. These dishes were not fresh, so they would be much cheaper. After they had finished shopping, they turned left and right, preparing to go home.

Because their place was in a relatively desolate area, the two of them had to turn into a small alley. The mad demon squad immediately followed and Shao Qing suddenly realized that they had not yet given up.

It’s okay, she was thinking about how to find a place anyways in which no one could see her to clean up all this trash!

The woman and man walked ahead with the mad demon squad walking behind. Shao Qing waited for them to make a move. The group continued walking and the further they walked, the more empty and desolate it became. Finally they walked into a deserted alley.

It was at this time that Shao Qing waited, when the group of mad demons threw themselves over and tried to drag the woman away quickly, Shao Qing and Er Dai stepped up.

Er Dai’s nails were sharp and he quickly jumped into the crowd. With one finger, he could cut the throat of a person. Shao Qing also carried a saber. Then the vines came out of the ground and tied up the people. Lifting up her saber, she slaughtered the people.

Not to mention the mad demon captain, even the woman and the man were stunned. Then they just watched as the heads fell to the ground.

The blood spewing from their necks suddenly dripped all over the ground, staining the ground red. Shao Qing slaughtered the group without giving them the opportunity to speak.

Seeing the bad situation, the captain of the mad demon squad wanted to run, but Shao Qing reached out a whip and shattered his head directly.

Shao Qing’s speed was particularly fast. The man and woman only saw some flashes, and within a few minutes, the ground was filled with dead corpses.

After all, with her current strength, killing a few trash was almost like cutting grass. If the grass leaves were sharper, they might even cut her fingers, but this group of people couldn’t even touch her clothes.

The woman was stunned. She probably didn’t expect that the mad demon squad would follow her, not to mention that Shao Qing had long focused onto this group of people.

She stuttered for a long time before saying: “We’re almost at the door of my house, do you want to come in and sit?”

Shao Qing was not prepared to enter, but looking at the woman’s expectant look, she considered it and nodded: “Okay.”

The two of them followed the woman into their home. They were pretty good. At least they were not poor enough to live in tents. They lived in bungalows, which were a bit narrow.

As soon as the woman returned home, the group of children gathered around and called to her. The women touched their heads one by one and then said, “These children are orphans. They are helpless with no one to care for them. It’s really sad, but now we are dependent on each other.”

She asked those children to call Shao Qing, Aunt, one by one. The group of children were very clever. Shao Qing touched the children’s head with great emotion. Looking at these children, she remembered her childhood.

Then the woman distributed some of the fruit she bought to the children. The fruits she bought were all artificially cultivated in the base.

They were all left overs, some were riddled with scars or already wilting. It was not easy to sell those anyway, so the stall owner who knew her, sympathized with her, and sold it to her cheaply.

Children at this age are usually short on vitamins and the like. It is good for their health to eat fruits, so she often bought some fruits when she returned home. Even if they were cheap products, the children would be very happy.

When the children got the fruit, they were not willing to eat it. They nibbled at it, then licked their teeth. One apple could be eaten for a long period of time.

The lead child looked slightly older than the other children. He had no expression. He stuffed the last apple into the woman’s hand and whispered: “I don’t like to eat this, you eat it.”

The woman didn’t eat it. She just wiped it and stuffed it back to him and spoke with red eyes: “Eat, I have eaten already.”

Shao Qing looked sad. She and her brother took care of this group of children. It must not be easy and they must have suffered a lot. Shao Qing looked in her space and found nothing useful, but found some sweets from Xiao Baozi. She took them out and distributed it to the children.

The eyes of the children showed joy and longing, but none of them reached out. They were very obedient.

Shao Qing had no choice but to say : “Have some food, don’t be shy.”

The children looked at the woman. The woman had just been saved by Shao Qing. In addition, it was more than once. She hasn’t even repaid her for saving her life, how could she take Shao Qing’s things?

What’s more, candy is a rare snack for children and is cherished.

She quickly refused: “We can’t take it. Benefactor you take it back and give it to other children.”

Shao Qing said lightly: “I gave it to the children, not to you. Why are you refusing? Come, take it all. It’s not many, one for each person.”

The woman could only say : “Okay, you can take it. Make sure to thank Auntie.”

The children were very excited and were reluctant to eat the candy.

Shao Qing sat there for a while and it seemed that the sky was getting dark before she said: “I still have something to do. I will go first. If there is a chance, I will come to see you again.”

“Benefactor, don’t you want to stay and eat?” The woman bit down her lips, disappointed: “My cooking is very good.”

Shao Qing shook her head: “I still have something to do.” Then she took Er Dai away. When she left, the woman and the man took the children out to send them off.

After Shao Qing left, the first thing she had to do was to dispose of the corpses. The corpses were too close to the woman’s house. Today, outside the city, the woman once had trouble with the mad demon squad, so Shao Qing was worried that they would blame it on her.

Therefore, the site had to be cleaned up and corpses had to be destroyed, at least not to implicate them.

After leaving, Shao Qing touched her chin and thought. She had heard a word from the mad demon captain before. This was originally the case. A person next to him suggested that the woman should be fried first ~ then killed ~ but he sneered. : “She made me lose face, how can I make her die so easily, weren’t they just lacking two experiments? Take her to make the numbers.”

Would the experiment be related to the previous chemical weapons?