The End Of The World’s Poisonous Mom And Monster Baby - Chapter 182 - Volume 2 Chapter 76 Assassin

Chapter 182 Volume 2 Chapter 76 Assassin

If it was really what she was thinking, the mad demons were definitely carrying out some secret live experiments. Since chemical weapons were not allowed, they would just say it was a by-product from their experiment.

Shao Qing touched her chin and her eyes became a bit cold. She felt that there must be something fishy going on. But no matter what kind of experiment it was, the mad demons must be keeping it tightly closed to prevent others from discovering it.

But without conclusive evidence, the mad demons will never admit that they have done such a thing.

What evidence? They would have to find the place where the mad demons mercenary group conducted the experiments, then expose this place to the whole of Jing Du.

After all, the Mad Demon Mercenary Corps had deep roots in Jing Du. Moreover, Wu Buping alone certainly would not dare to get involved in living experiments. There must be others behind him.

This person was likely to be a high-level person in Jing Du, at least at the same level as the Qin family. Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to bear it.

If this is the case, then it will be troublesome.

Shao Qing didn’t stay out any longer. Bringing Er Dai, she went back. After going back, she put down all the things she bought and let Yan Hanqing arrange them. Then she went to the Qin family by herself.

She found Grandpa Qin and they talked for a long time. When she left, the expressions of the two were so heavy that Shao Qing did not relax even when she went back to eat hot pot.

This kind of heaviness remained until lunch time. Yan Qiyue gave her shoulders a massage, Yan Qiyue could tell that Shao Qing was off . So he specifically asked: “What’s wrong with you today? Isn’t moving to a new home a happy thing?”

Shao Qing simply explained things to Yan Qiyue and expressed her concerns.

Yan Qiyue laughed at the time: “Even if the sky collapses, there is still something higher. What are you worrying so much for? If the Mad Demon squad are really engaging in living body experiments, then just deal with the mad demon squad. At least there’s still the Qin family, right? As long as this thing explodes, everyone will shout and beat the Mad Demons and you won’t have to carry it by yourself.”

“Besides, even if he has someone super awesome behind him, so what? Even if they’re more awesome, can you be an enemy to the whole country? Also to put it bluntly, why do you care? If we’re talking about family, it’s us. Even in the worst case scenario, we can all just leave this place. We have food and can easily find a quiet place in which we won’t be disturbed by anyone else, we could live a lifetime of seclusion.” Yan Qiyue said half-jokingly: “When the time comes, Er Dai and I will warm up your bed for you, how good is that?”

Shao Qing originally had some worried feelings but they were all overturned by him. She immediately laughed and said: “You are right, I’m thinking too much. But can you take your hands away from my chest?”

Yan Qiyue didn’t look guilty at all. He moved his palm away from Shao Qing’s chest: “I just saw a hair and now it has been removed.”

Then he was kicked off the bed by Shao Qing and he immediately took Shao Qing’s arms acting all kinds of coquettish and cute.

Enlightened by Yan Qiyue, Shao Qing naturally left those bad things behind and concentrated on consolidating his abilities.

Now that she was at rank 5, she can find another plant to conquer. Currently, the mutant plants in her hands were purely attack base like her vines, man eating flower, and dodder seeds.

Besides cleaning up low-level zombies, the man eating flower had little use now. On the other hand, the dodder seeds were only suitable for dealing with humans.

The support class she had were the Qiu Tang. It was more suitable for large-scale combat. In fact, it cannot be known. Once it is known, the other party would be able to defend against it and it would have no use.

If she subdued another mutant plant, the main thing to consider was support. Supporting her teammates or her own abilities.

But this was not urgent and depended on fate.

On the third day of moving into the new home, Grandpa Qin passed over the news that they found no abnormalities. He sent people to monitor the mad demon’s top level and found nothing related to human experiments for the time being.

However, when gathering intelligence, the Qin family discovered that many ordinary people were missing. These missing people often had no relatives and friends, were of low status, or lived alone.

So even after their disappearance, no one looked for them. After a while, they would just forget about their existence.

After all, it was the end of the world. Life was cheap and it’s normal for people to go missing. It’s normal for a superhuman to dislike someone and just kill them off.

It was only later when the number of missing persons gradually increased or when a person still had relatives disappeared did someone report the case.

However, even after reporting the case, it became an unsolved case. This was because the missing person could not be found at all.

Grandpa Qin thought that this was very abnormal. Where have the missing people gone? Even if there were some people who offended some higher up superhuman and were killed, it is impossible for those hundreds of people to have all offended some superhuman?

Intuition told Grandpa Qin that this matter was related to the mad demons. Shao Qing also felt that it was related to the mad demons. After all, in order to conduct human experiments, you must have experimental products.

So where did the experiment subjects come from? Those who lived alone without relatives or friends were very likely to become prey for the mad demons.

After all, even if they disappeared and died, no one will do anything.

After reading the news Grandpa Qin gave her, Shao Qing had no idea. She contacted Zhu Mochen to prepare to have a chat with him.

Zhu Mochen and Wu Buping had been fighting each other for a long time, maybe he knew something.

As soon as Shao Qing said she wanted to go out, two people followed. One was Yan Qiyue and the other was Er Dai. As soon as they heard Shao Qing wanted to have a chat with a guy, they overlooked which guy she wanted to have a chat with and followed along.

Shao Qing couldn’t do anything about it, so when she went out, she also brought along two big sticky candies.

Zhu Mochen came here by himself. They met in a small restaurant and had a meal together.

When Zhu Mochen came, he saw Shao Qing had someone on her left and right. There was no atmosphere of discussing private matters at all.

Shao Qing helplessly invited Zhu Mochen to sit down and handed him the menu. The purpose of coming out this time wasn’t for dinner, so Zhu Mochen ordered two of his favorite foods and then returned the menu.

After the service staff left, Shao Qing spoke to Zhu Mochen about what she had encountered recently, turning all her knowledge into speculation.

Then Shao Qing said: “I called you out this time, mainly to ask, do you have any understanding in regards to Mad Demon?”

Zhu Mochen thought a little, then said: “Due to many reasons, Mad Demon and I don’t see eye to eye. You should also know that, the more hostile you are, the better you will know each other. I have been doing this for a while. I have studied the mad demons carefully. During this time, I didn’t find anything wrong, until recently, I found a person.”

“Who?” Shao Qing asked curiously.

“Guan Haishan, you probably don’t know the name. He represented one of the three deputy heads of the mad demon, but he died a long time ago. But some time ago, I saw him again.” Zhu Mochen’s expression was stern: “I felt something wrong at the time, but I didn’t have time to obtain the identity of that person. I couldn’t confirm whether he was really Guan Haishan.”

Once he spoke, Shao Qing also felt that something was wrong. A person who had declared death, appearing once again? There is something strange going on.

If Guan Haishan was not dead, then why should the mad demons declare that Guan Haishan is dead? If Guan Haishan is already dead, then this person who appeared now….

Who is it?

After chatting with Zhu Mochen, Shao Qing felt that she had even more headaches. The facts were too complicated. Then, Shao Qing was attacked on the way home.

Because she hadn’t thought about being attacked on the streets of Jing Du, she had no precautions. It was the sharp acute Er Dai who took the lead and pushed her down.

As soon as Shao Qing looked up, she found that there was a bullet hole in the position where she originally stood. That is to say, a sniper had targeted her in the dark.

If Er Dai didn’t push her down, she would have been seriously injured!

As soon as she saw the bullet hole, Shao Qing immediately pulled Yan Qiyue and Er Dai against the wall.

According to the bullet holes, she can guess the location of the sniper rifle in the dark. So it was the safest under the wall facing the sniper.

This is the same principle as the shadow under the lights.

Shao Qing clung tightly to the wall. After a long time, she suddenly rolled forward and exposed herself to the sniper’s muzzle.

She was ready to evade, but the bullets didn’t come. Er Dai was like a dexterous monkey. He quickly found the place where the sniper originally ambushed according to the principle of the bullet hole angle.

But there was only one slender shell left behind.

Someone tried to kill Shao Qing. This knowledge made all three people feel a little heavy, so who is trying to kill Shao Qing?

The most probable target is undoubtedly Wu Buping. First of all, she destroyed Wu Buping’s plan before. Later, in front of a large crowd, there was a conflict with the mad demon people at the city gates.

The most important thing is that the people who had conflict with her never returned to the mad demons and could not be found.

When it comes to hate value, the one who wanted her to die the most is undoubtedly the mad demons. Maybe someone had her locked down when she just went out.

That’s why there was this assassination that couldn’t hit the target.

This assassination can be said to have loud thunder sounds and light rain*, but it made Shao Qing instantly alert. A person like Wu Buping would definitely do anything if he wanted someone to die.

* It had a big imposing grandeur but the actual result was weak

This assassination was definitely not the end, but just the beginning. Shao Qing was in danger.

“Let’s go back and talk.” Shao Qing said with a blank expression.

Several people quickly left the scene, but did not encounter a second assassination along the way.

They talked about this with Gu Panpan and the rest. They wanted them to be more careful when they went out. After all, they did not know whether the man in hiding would aim at Gu Panpan and them after the failed attempt.

“In all likelihood, there is 80-90% chance that it is the mad demon mercenary group.” Shao Qing held her chin and calmly said: “After all, our enemies are few. The ones who urgently want to kill me, probably are only the mad demons.”

Shao Qing calmly said: “I have been thinking about whether I should participate in the investigation of the madman. At present, it seems that the mad demons are not going to give up on me.”

“Whoever strikes first gains the advantage.” Yan Hanqing calmly stated after thinking for a long time: “If it is really the mad demon who striked at you, then it means that they are guilty. If they are guilty, they will easily show flaws.”

Shao Qing nodded and said, “My message is for everyone to be more careful when you go out. It’s better to be careful and try not to go out alone, otherwise I can’t relax. ”

Several people nodded and they promised to stay at home as much as possible. After speaking with her group, Shao Qing also brought the news to Grandpa Qin hoping to use Grandpa Qin’s power to investigate some things.

After that, Shao Qing was never secretly assassinated again. The assassination that day seemed so short lived.

She can almost confirm that the person who started it is indeed the mad demons. After all, not everyone has the ability to assassinate her on the streets of Jing Du.

Shao Qing felt that being so passive was not her style. After thinking for a long time, she decided to lure the snake out of the hole.

Otherwise she might get killed by the snake. If she took her buddies out for a mission, they would constantly be on edge. She would be worried whether someone would jump out and assassinate her or her group.

This was too passive.

It is not advantageous to her and her group at all.

However, getting the snake out of the hole is also a technical job. Although the mad demon mercenary group is very powerful and dared to assassinate her on the streets of Jing Du, they definitely can’t go full out in Jing Du.

So Shao Qing decided that she would just go out as bait. Real soon, Grandpa Qin would offer her a beautiful excuse to go out.