The End Of The World’s Poisonous Mom And Monster Baby - Chapter 216 - Volume 3 Chapter 26 She ran away

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Volume 3 Chapter 26 She ran away

In order to prevent Yan Hanqing from doing anything else, Shao Qing ran especially fast. After packing everything, she ran out. This time though, more people went out.

In addition to Er Dai and Yan Qiyue, there was Xiao Baozi hanging on Shao Qing refusing to come down, Yaya hanging on Xiao Baozi, and Xiao Baozi’s two followers, Xiao Hua and Xiao Yu. The little girl zombie was named Xiao Hua* because she especially liked skirts with flowers and Xiao Yu liked living in other people’s chests.

* little flower

In fact, it was very irrational to go out with two zombies, but as soon as her son went out, the two came out like followers. Shao Qing couldn’t help but take them out together.

Because she hadn’t considered the mutant plant before and she was purely leaving because she wanted to escape, Shao Qing didn’t even think about where to find the mutant plant she needed.

At present, she had all types of plants in her possession except the ones for healing. She was also not going to look for one for healing. Instead, she wanted one for purely attacking.

It doesn’t matter if she couldn’t find one anyways. This trip was mainly a distraction, mainly her running away.

Before leaving, Shao Qing handed over a task to Gu Panpan. She wanted her to look around Jiangcheng to see if there was any place suitable for planting. This way they could plant some crops. Not as small as having their own vegetable land, but one that can support many people.

Anyway, there were so many zombies there working as free labor, why not take advantage of it.

This was Shao Qing’s last retreat. If the situation outside was really unimaginable, she will return to her friends then talk about it.

With some food saved up, they would be better prepared.

After the end of the world, both land and water sources were contaminated by the poison from zombies. Almost all plants have been mutated. Except for the pure soil in some special places, normal plants have not been found.

Even the ones they ate, the plants were grown in the base and were actually mutated fruits and vegetables.

After Shao Qing ordered Gu Panpan to complete the task, she fled. Yan Hanqing did not feel sad and hurt, but was very calm. He could see that Shao Qing still cared about him, otherwise she would not run away.

It doesn’t matter. She just needed some time to process and accept it. He also needed some time to moderate.

As long as he persevered, there would be no corners that he could not dig through.

Shao Qing was holding Xiao Baozi, Xiao Baozi was holding Xiao Hua, and Xiao Yu was lying on the neck of Er Dai. In addition to Yan Qiyue, who was escorting on the right, they were like a family traveling.

After they left the base, they found out that Jiangcheng was too calm. Except for the occasional harassment of two or three zombies, there was no fluctuation at all.

The outside world was now full of attacking zombies.

After the zombie reached the fifth rank, they began to exhibit special abilities, just like the abilities of superhumans. For example, the atomization of Xiao Hua, even though hers was an extra special ability.

These special abilities were not visible at the beginning and gradually evolved as they evolved little by little.

For example, some low-level zombies can control other similar zombies. They were generally spiritual users.

There were also some more common types of power and speed based. After zombies evolved, they were not as flexible as human superhumans controlling the elements. They also have special abilities of the natural system, but they are often a different form from humans.

For example, zombies of the wind elemental. When the wind power is applied to them, it would affect their speed and allow them short durations of flight, and so on.

Another example was Xiao Baozi. Since he was born, he has had his own devouring ability. When he reaches the fifth rank, he will have an evolution again. Who knows what may happen, he might even be able to release the things he’s absorbed.

The zombies of rank 5 can already control their kind, forming a zombie tide. As Shao Qing walked, she found many small bases that were attacked by zombies.

Yan Qiyue explained to Shao Qing while walking: “I integrated the news and found that no matter if the base was breached or not, they have all begun evacuating to the large bases. At present, there are almost no small bases in the country. From the north of Yanjiang, it is controlled by several large bases mainly in Jing Du. To the south of Yanjiang, there are also several large bases appearing after the merger, but there was still unrest in these small bases . I have a hunch that the real end of the world will begin now.”

Why is it that during troubled times a hero would be born? This was because chaos can inspire people’s ambitions. Now that the world is in chaos, who doesn’t want to unify the world?

Although Jing Du has a superb status, I am afraid that it doesn’t matter in the face of power.

Shao Qing knew very well that because of the outbreak of zombie tides, people have shown unprecedented unity. The integration of bases will proceed very fast. Some large bases may even allow some of the small bases to act as hosts.

In any case, within a short period of time, domestic forces will gradually become apparent. When the zombie tide slowly weakens, or ends, without the external force, there will be infighting.

This was very obvious, no need to guess.

Where there are people, there are Jiang Hu*.

* martial arts fighting world

However, Shao Qing didn’t have to worry about this at all. Unless someone’s brain is kicked by a mutant donkey, no one would abandon their good base to covet their city occupied by zombies.

Because they had zombies around and entering bases were now very strict with the investigation, they did not rest in the base, but camped in the wild along the way.

This afternoon, the tent had just been propped up and several children were playing in the tent. Shao Qing guarded the tent. Er Dai and Yan Qiyue were in charge of finding food. Then, Shao Qing heard a sound from the grass.

There were people in the grass, more than one.

Someone stuck his head out of the grass and shouted in surprise: “It’s a living person.”

Then a row of people appeared. This group of people were of different ages. There were men and women. They probably ran out of a certain base to escape. When they saw Shao Qing, they quickly asked, “Big sister, we can see that this place is rather safe. We want to stay here for one night and we won’t occupy your place. Is it ok?”

Shao Qing nodded. This place was not hers. It was not her place to not allow people to stay.

After getting Shao Qing’s permission, the group of people came over. They actually still had cars. Although they were three wheel dump trucks, they still had several and could fit quite a few people.

The group of people were covered in dirt. From one glance, one could tell they had just escaped from a disaster. But a woman came out of the car, white and tender. She was born outstanding, especially her breasts… they were especially… outstanding…

She also clearly understood her advantages. She was wearing a white shirt and a black jacket outside. Although the shirt was buttoned to the top, her chest was bulging with all the buttons of the shirt ready to burst. It seemed more attractive than revealing her cleavage.

The woman drew a cigarette, her eyes blurred and seductive. After getting out of the car, she looked at the ground with disgust, then shouted, “Ah Run.”

A man drilled out and used his earth powers to make a chair made of soil and picked leaves to cover the surface.

After covering it, the woman sat down and shouted, “Brother Yao, get some water so I can wash my face, it’s all dusty and dirty.”

Another burly man looked up and down at her and laughed: “Aren’t you able to make the water yourself and you’re asking me? Right now I’m not free, but tonight I can give you as much as you want.”

“Knock it off.” The woman pouted coquettishly and looked at them setting up the tent and cleaning up the place. She also glanced at Shao Qing occasionally.

Shao Qing was very eye-catching, especially when she was next to this group of gray-faced refugees. She wore simple clothes, but she was very clean, her hair was neatly tied, and her whole person brought an aura of refreshingness.

Shao Qing belonged to the type that looked dazzling and when you look closer, she was even better. Even if there was a charming woman sitting there, many people would still secretly glance at her.

Shao Qing had her hands holding up her cheeks as she boredly waited for Er Dai and Yan Qiyue to return. She waited for a while, while the refugees on the opposite side had already propped up their tents. Then Er Dai and Yan Qiyue returned.

Both of them had small prey, after all, it was only a few people eating. Bringing back a big prey would not be easy to handle.

After returning, Yan Qiyue and Er Dai first looked at the group of refugees with vigilance, then came to Shao Qing: “Who are they?”

Shao Qing stretched lazily and said: “They just passed by, don’t worry. Go take care of those things. I’m going to start cooking.”

When Yan Qiyue and Er Dai came back together, the charming woman’s eyes couldn’t move away. Er Dai’s face was still childish and looked like a handsome young man, while Yan Qiyue looked much more mature. His beauty could make many women feel inferior, but he also carried some aspects of a demonic aura, making him look particularly attractive.

The woman did not hide it. She looked at Yan Qiyue brightly, but Yan Qiyue was too lazy to bother with it. So he sat down and dealt with the prey in his hand.

Before they came back, they had found a place with water and cleaned the prey and the internal organs.

Now it was enough to just cut the prey into pieces according to Shao Qing’s orders.

Shao Qing had not been idle before, she had found a lot of wild vegetables, fungi and the like nearby.

She chopped off the belly of one of the pheasants, filled the empty stomach of the pheasant with mushrooms and the like, put in the seasonings, cut the onions and ginger, and cooked it.

After cooking it, the sauce was delicious. The mushrooms were smooth and tender and carried the taste of chicken. The chicken also tasted good with the fresh fragrance of mushrooms.

For the other wild animals, the rabbit was braised and the other chicken was sliced and turned into stir-fry. Although the chicken was not suitable for frying, there were no better options.

As soon as she started work, many people turned their gazes, looking at the mutant animal that turned into food under Shao Qing’s hands.

Not everyone can hunt wild animals like Shao Qing and use mutant animals as food.

Of the mutated animals, nine out of ten were quite aggressive. Ordinary people may not be able to beat a mutated pheasant.

Moreover, even if they will not change into zombies after being bitten by a mutant animal, the bloody smell will attract zombies and other mutant animals. In short, mutant animals are not easy to mess with.

Unless they were superior in strength, very few people would behave like Shao Qing’s group, just going wherever they want and hunting and eating whatever they want.

The group of people were greedy for a moment, then dropped it. Those who dared to use mutated animals as ingredients were at least superhumans. Furthermore, the most precious thing in the apocalypse was food. They even said that you can covet someone’s women, but not their food.

During the apocalypse, both wives and children can be exchanged for food. This evidently shows how important food is.

Especially for superhumans, their tempers were stranger than theirs. Take an extra glance at their food and who knows what will happen to them.

Nowadays, they were all refugees with no place to stay. Even a stray dog won’t carelessly provoke others.

Shao Qing didn’t know their thoughts. She was just trying to increase the fire because her son must be hungry now! The meal must be made quickly.

Then the meal was done.

As soon as the pot opened, the scent flew out immediately. Not to mention when they were refugees fleeing, they had never smelt something so delicious even prior to that.

During the apocalypse, you can’t even eat enough and you still want to eat meat or a delicious meal?

Everyone tried to stretch their noses, as if that would allow them to suck the meat into their stomach along with the fragrance.

When some people looked at Shao Qing’s pot, their eyes were green with envy, like a hungry wolf.

Shao Qing called Yan Qiyue to come over and taste it. It was good, so she carried it into the tent to eat. This way the group of refugees could not see Xiao Hua or they would lose it.

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