The End Of The World’s Poisonous Mom And Monster Baby - Chapter 217 - Volume 3 Chapter 27 The power of jealousy

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Volume 3 Chapter 27 The power of jealousy

The group of refugees could hardly eat enough, let alone have meat to eat. They chewed the dry food in their hands one by one, then raised their noses to capture the aroma in the air as they looked at Shao Qing’s meat dishes on their side.

The charming woman looked at the compressed biscuits in her hand, then looked at the dish in Shao Qing’s hand. She couldn’t take it. So acting spoiled, she said: “Ah Run, Brother Yao, I want to eat meat~”

The two men looked at each other, but did not dare to leave the team to hunt. Otherwise, who knows what sort of mutant animals or zombies will pop up and eat them both as dessert.

After the end of the world, there was no place in the wild that was completely safe. Unless their strength was outstanding like Shao Qing’s group, the survival rate in the wild is very low.

The two men looked embarrassed when they looked at the charming woman. The woman changed her face and grunted: “Following you two brothers, but I can’t even eat meat! What’s the point!”

The two men quickly calmed the woman. The brother named Yao gave Ah Run a glance and the two immediately thought of something. Soon Ah Run went over to Shao Qing.

Shao Qing was plating the remaining dishes from the pot when she saw a sturdy man approaching trying to curry a favour, “Sister, can we do a trade? I’ll give you some crystal nuclei to buy your food?”

Shao Qing has made a lot and they definitely won’t be able to finish the meal. Besides, if one can make things easier for others then they should make it easier for others. Who hasn’t ever had to ask for help before, so she nodded. She took a new plate and filled some to give the stout man.

The stout man nodded and handed over some crystal nuclei in his hand. He felt a little hurt to have to depart with the crystals. Those crystal nuclei took him and Brother Yao several months to save up. They were planning on using it when they settled in the new base to buy some new objects, but the result was now using it to buy a dish.

Shao Qing was quite kind. She filled up the plate to the max. Ah Run repeatedly thanked her and walked away with the dishes. Shao Qing then proceeded to cook the porridge on a small fire and opened another pot. That pot was filled with cooked rice.

Then carrying the new plate of dishes, she went into the tent.

After Ah Run returned with the dish, the woman directly grabbed a piece of meat with her hands. The meat tasted very good. She sucked her fingers and pulled the corner of Ah Run’s clothes: “Why is it chicken, I want to eat braised rabbit head.”

They only have one rabbit head, it’s definitely not for sale.” Ah Run said with a headache.

The woman was immediately dissatisfied and spoke with wide open eyes: “Brother Yao, Ah Run, after I followed you brothers, I have endured so much hardship. I just want to eat a braised rabbit head, but you guys…..”

Brother Yao quickly replied: “Okay, I’ll find a way.”

The number of women during the end of the world has decreased dramatically. Like them, brothers marrying one wife was already quite lucky. Most couldn’t even find a girlfriend.

Thus a wife must be spoiled.

The chicken had already been touched, so he couldn’t take it back for an exchange. He touched the only crystal nuclei in his pocket and walked over. Shao Qing also just came out of the tent at that time because the chicken soup was ready.

As a result, she saw the stout man coming over again. Brother Yao embarrassedly clutched a nuclei and said: “It’s like this, but can I exchange for a braised rabbit head with you”

A brawny man over six feet was blushing due to his embarrassment. Seeing his hard-pressed state, Shao Qing suddenly remembered Yan Hanqing. When he was shy or embarrassed, he often became red from the earlobe and then it would spread to his cheeks. It was terribly cute.

Hurrying to throw this idea out of her mind, Shao Qing nodded: “Sure.” Anyways, no one in her family ate rabbit head, otherwise her Yaya would be on the ground rolling.

Brother Yao gratefully thanked her and went back with the rabbit head.

Shao Qing took out the whole chicken in the pot, broke the chicken belly, and the mushrooms mixed with the soup were all removed.

This part was the most delicious. She added some chicken soup and filled a separate bowl to prepare to feed the few in the tent in a few moments. Later she would split the rest of the chicken into strips of meat, then throw it back into the pot, turning down the flame.

After simmering it a little, it would be ready to eat.

The woman’s eyes were red again. Since she saw Er Dai and Yan Qiyue coming back, her eyes never returned to their normal colors.

Why? This was because they were both women and she was no worse than Shao Qing. Yet, Shao Qing was accompanied by two handsome men. They were outstanding and were able to hunt prey, while her two were just useless buff men.

Looking at what Shao Qing was eating, then she looked at her.

She has always been the one envied by others. She deserves to be the one envied by others, but now, she can only envy others.


This jealousy has made the woman lose her mind. She looked at Shao Qing not far away, her teeth almost grinding to nothing. She deliberately shouted: “I want to drink chicken soup again!”

Ah Run and Brother Yao were really unable to do this. The crystal nuclei they had saved had almost all been spent. They only had a little left for emergencies.

In case something happens later, they won’t be penniless.

“Ah Jiao, we have no more crystal nuclei in our hands anymore.” Ah Run said helplessly.

At that time, the woman’s eyes were red and she kept beating Ah Run: “Why did I follow you two? I can’t even drink a bowl of chicken soup, I don’t care! If you won’t get it for me, I’ll get it myself!”

“Ah Jiao, Ah Jiao…..” Brother Yao shouted several times, but she didn’t stop. He hurried forward to pull her, but the woman ran fast and had already arrived in front of Shao Qing’s tent.

She opened the curtain of the tent violently. She hadn’t spoken yet when she saw a baby zombie turn its head from Er Dai’s neck and stared at her with a pair of pure black eyes.

She was stunned and immediately screamed. She rolled and crawled backwards. Shao Qing only felt the veins on her forehead jumping.

Going out, she really didn’t like causing trouble. Encountering such things, if she could solve it civilly, she would not hesitate to let others take advantage of it.

For example, what happened before. If it would be convenient for others, then it would be convenient for yourself.

But when others come knocking at her door, she would not escape. Disliking trouble does not mean fearing trouble. On the contrary, she was afraid of many things in her life, but she was not afraid of trouble.

After the woman ran out crawling and running, she pulled on the sleeve of Brother Yao who had followed behind and shouted in horror: “There is a zombie inside! No! That woman must be one too! They are all zombies!”

The woman’s voice was very loud. The people who were eating also became alert. One by one they took up simple weapons.

Some held agricultural tools in their hands, some held steel pipes, some held kitchen knives, and some held wooden sticks. They were already frightened birds. When they heard the word zombie, they were already frightened and wanted to escape.

Shao Qing opened the tent curtains, her eyes were still gentle. She looked at the woman and smiled slightly: “Zombie? Where?”

The woman flinched in Brother Yao’s arms and pointed to Shao Qing: “I saw it! A baby zombie, it was just… was just lying on the man’s back!”

Shao Qing had a smile on her face, but there was no heat in her eyes: “Is this lady so hungry that she’s hallucinating? There are zombies lying on someone’s back? Have you read too many ghost stories? You better go and eat your meal.”

Ah Run and Brother Yao had interacted with Shao Qing and thought she was a good person. They also felt that the woman today was too unreasonable, so they tried to persuade her: “Yes, Ah Jiao, go eat, the meal is going to get cold.”

The woman shoved Ah Run away and shouted: “There really is a zombie inside! Why would I lie to you! I saw it with my own eyes!” She said that while she made eye contact with Shao Qing’s heatless eyes and at that time she twitched. Her voice became weaker.

Shao Qing said to the two men: “The two sirs here, please look after your partner. My lover and my child are about to eat.”

Ah Run and Brother Yao quickly apologized and blushed, “Ah Jiao usually doesn’t do this. I’m really embarrassed. I’m sorry to disturb you.”

The woman was terribly wronged. She rushed over and tried to pull the tent curtain away, but Ah Run and Brother Yao held her back.

Normally, she might have pretended not to see anything. Others keeping zombies was none of her business.

But she has been stunned by jealousy today. Her mind was full of wanting to reveal Shao Qing’s ‘true face’. It would be best to invite everyone to kill her.

At that time, she broke free from Ah Run and Brother Yao. The two men were not willing to use too much energy. They were afraid of hurting her. When she rushed over, Shao Qing did not stop her. Someone wanted to die, why should she prevent that?

The woman pulled the tent curtain open and said to the refugees: “Look, look, I didn’t lie to you! There is a zombie in her tent!” Er Dai walked out, he deliberately let his eyes turn into a scarlet color. Xiao Yu was lying on his neck and also stretched out his head. Xiao Hua was biting her fingers, smiled and exposed her fangs. In addition, with Xiao Baozi who had one normal eye and one pitch black eye, it immediately scared the refugees, so they were almost kneeling down.

Shao Qing leaned on Er Dai’s chest. She stretched out her gray-black nails, and prodded Er Dai’s chin. She looked at the woman lazily: “Whether my family are humans or zombies, is it your business? If you meddle too much, your tongue will rot.”

Yan Qiyue carried the chicken soup and also stretched his head lazily: “Baby, quickly finish up and come eat.”

The power of jealousy was really terrible. It actually allowed the woman to overcome her fear. She incited everyone by saying: “Look, they are zombies! Their family is full of zombies! Let’s go together and kill them!”

No one moved. The refugees were still reasonable. Seeing Shao Qing and their group, except for some places, they didn’t look like zombies at all. At first glance, they must be very high-ranked. How could they dare provoke them?

Some people were even secretly scolding that women for being meddlesome.

Shao Qing had hidden their identities. At first glance, one could tell they were not prepared to do anything to them. Isn’t it good to get along? In this group of people, there were no powerful superhumans, so how could they fight against Shao Qing?

But now that it was revealed, will Shao Qing continue to maintain peace?

The woman was still there kicking her feet: “What are you afraid of? We have more people! With more people, there will be more power! Don’t they only have a few zombies? Don’t be afraid, let’s go together and kill them!”

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