The Evolution Of A Goblin To The Peak - Chapter 383 - [Dark Shooting Ray]

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Chapter 383 - [Dark Shooting Ray]

The battle in the Riverpool City quickly spread out in the entire world. Various countries learned about the battle that happened in that place. The nickname "Crimson Demon" also spread out.

People said that he was a man with one hand but he was extremely powerful. He easily defeated the countless soldiers using magic and combat arts. He was proficient in both arts as it helped him defeat his enemies.

Rumors about the Crimson Demon spread out. Some people said that he came from hell while the others said that he was an incarnation of the demon. Of course, none of them knew about Souta.

Various countries investigated it. The gruesome massacred that he left behind was still there. Thousands of corpses were piled up in that place and the color of the ground turned red.

In the future, people would talk about it. The Riverpool City will become a place where various tourists will visit and tales about the Crimson Demon will be passed down from generation to generation.

When everyone while panicking about the unstoppable force of the invaders, the Crimson Demon taught them that the invaders were still vulnerable. They could fight them.

With the defeat of one force of the Great Astley Empire, the invasion stopped. Yes, they stopped spreading out their forces as they realized this world wasn't like any other world that they've invaded. It houses creatures that could fight their army and possibly defeat them.

In truth, they didn't only lose ten thousand soldiers in the Riverpool City. They also lost another ten thousand soldiers in the Great Tunbra Forest. What appeared before them in the forest was the legendary dragon.

The people of this world didn't know about it. They only knew about the Riverpool City. None of the countries have an access to the Great Tunbra Forest.

The army of the Great Astley Empire had to think about a plan. Dragons were powerful creatures and it wasn't unique to this world. They've encountered dragons in other worlds too.

It wasn't that it was unbeatable but they suffered heavy casualties and lost countless men when facing a single dragon.

Right now, their forces were stationed seventy kilometers outside the territory of the Condifan Empire. They've stopped advancing and were preparing something big.


The news about the Riverpool City naturally reached the Gyunar Republic.

Alice was sitting in a chair with a table in front of her. In the opposite direction, there were two long chairs at each side and the Gyun's party was occupying it.

"Crimson Demon...?" Alice was amused when she heard the news. She knew that it was Souta when she heard the description of that man. It fitted him all and besides only him had a bear companion which was Yuko.

'Fighting ten thousand soldiers... He always does crazy things...' She thought as the corner of her mouth slightly curve upward.

It's not easy fighting ten thousand people even if those people were mostly D-rank. Even she would get exhausted and tired after fighting that many opponents at the same time.

Well, she was right. Souta consumed almost half of his mana and stamina from the constant spamming of skills that he did in the battle.

"This is Souta, right?" Gyun asked while looking at his comrades.

"I think it's him. It fitted his description." Mae answered him.

"Defeating an entire army of ten thousand soldiers on his own... What a fearsome person he is." Johnie said as he recalled the battle between Souta and the Master-class Knights of this country.

"I didn't think that he is this strong," Rini said.

"Yes, I don't even think that a Master-class Knight could do that. Defeating ten thousand soldiers using one soldier is simply a dream of all the countries in this world." Ginji said.

"Yes, in history, no person has done that. Even in the war involving Master-class Knights, they only defeat a few hundred soldiers not mentioning ten thousand." Limber said.

All of them were amazed. It only means that Souta did something that nobody has done before. It was simply amazing to know such a man.

They weren't exaggerating him when they called him Crimson Demon. They could already imagine how gruesome the place where there were ten thousand dead people lying everywhere with a lone man standing on top of it.


The person that everyone was talking about has no clue about it. He didn't know that every country in this world was talking about it.

Souta, Isabella, Lydia, and Yuko were heading towards their next stop. Another camp of the army of the Great Astley Empire which was closer to the Condifan Empire.

"Why didn't I let some people leave?" Souta asked himself while walking.

"Tsk! You're just a wild freak. Why did you even throw me at the enemies?" Lydia asked as she clicked her tongue. She still remembered how Souta threw her towards the ten thousand soldiers.

Yes, she was strong and could handle it but still throwing her... That's just mad.

"Damn! I lose the purpose of throwing Lydia" Souta cursed.

'Well, you were too excited at killing at that time.' Saya said to him.

'Yeah, I couldn't think straight at that time. I forgot about Lydia and the army that will appear if I show her to them.' Souta replied to her while shrugging his shoulder. At the very least, he completed the quest earning him four skill points.

It looks like that it was an easy fight but it wasn't. It was time consuming and energy consuming fight. If he only had a super AOE skill that could wipe out an entire army then he would do that.

Right? Since he needed this kind of skill, Souta quickly checked the system and went to the skill tree to see which skills were available for him.

The available spells for him in his skill tree were [Doppelganger], [Dark Shooting Ray], and [Shadow Dispersion]. While the available combat arts in his skill tree was only [Dark Light Shield]. Well, he already bought the [Transforming Shadow Barrage] and [Night Overlord's Aura] so only one combat art was left. He would be able to unlock more if he upgraded one of it to level 10.

Souta pinched the bridge of his nose as he closed his eyes. A powerful and destructive attack that has a wide range. He could get it if he bought the [Dark Shooting Ray] but he will get something similar to this once he evolved into the third evolution. In fact, [Bestrou] was much more destructive than this spell.

But he only bought combat arts before so he needed one spell as his foundation to the next rank. He didn't want to upgrade any of his tier 1 spells anymore. If he was going to upgrade a spell, then he should stick to the highest tier that was available to him.

[Dark Shooting Ray] was an offensive spell. It has a large AOE and was perfect for wiping out an army.

[Doppelganger] was a spell that could create a shadow that had fighting abilities. It could defend and attack.

[Shadow Dispersion] this spell was an attack spell but it wasn't an AOE attack like the [Dark Shooting Ray]. The damage it could deal wasn't as high but the main purpose of this spell was to weaker any dark attribute spells.

He had a total of 12 skill points and he used 2 of it to learn the spell [Dark Shooting Ray].

[You've learned Dark Shooting Ray!]

Knowledge about this skill went to his head. He knew everything about it so he could use it immediately. The spell was even imprinted in his inner consciousness making it an inner spell.

Souta looked down at his palm while moving his fingers.

"What's wrong, Souta?" Lydia asked when she noticed that Souta stopped walking.

Isabella looked at Souta with a confused expression.

He ignored them and he aimed his palm in front of him. His mana gathered around his palm and a magic circle appeared beneath his feet.

When his mana was at its peak, it suddenly disappeared. He stopped himself from casting the spell. He just wanted to try how it works based on the knowledge that he received.

Everything works well so it's fine. It didn't have any problem at all.

"Just what are you doing?" Lydia asked once again as she felt his mana suddenly fluctuated.

"Nothing. I'm just testing something." Souta replied as he shook his head. He then recalled something as he glanced at Isabella. "Isabella, you should learn some self-defense techniques. You know that I can't protect you all the time."

"Me...? I'm going to fight...?" Isabella said while stuttering. She couldn't imagine herself fighting some people.

"Yes, I'm sure that you would do well so don't worry," Souta said with a reassuring smile.

In the game, Isabella was one of the NPC that appeared in the version 2 and grow stronger up to the latest version. Aside from being a potion master, she was called the Faceless Woman by her enemies. She wasn't just an expert in brewing potions, she was also a strong powerhouse. That's why no one dared to fight the organization that she built, the Heavenly Potion Pavilion.

In the latest version of the game, Isabella reached godhood and successfully become a god-level powerhouse. She also had two god-level powerhouses under her tutelage in the pavilion making her organization a force to reckon.

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