The Evolution Of A Goblin To The Peak - Chapter 477 - 91st Floor To 100th Floor V

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Chapter 477 - 91st Floor To 100th Floor V

Souta's opponent tilted his head to the side and bit his hand. Souta groaned but no sounds escape from his mouth. He was silenced by the effect of this floor.

He couldn't feel physical pain with his senses being disabled but the mana of his opponent passed through his body and it made him possible to feel pain. The best feram and mana clashed inside his hand.

'This bastard!!'

Sharp dark flesh sprouted from Souta's side and it pierced the body of the figure in front of him. Then, he proceeded to bite the head of his opponent with his razor sharp teeth.

The two tried to devour each other. It was brutal as the two of them kept biting the flesh of their opponents. Even the [Blessing of the God of Hunt] was used. Everything that Souta was hiding was revealed in this battle.


Souta didn't care about anything as he kept biting his opponent while their skills were offsetting each other.

'Let's see how much longer you can last!'

Using his parasite he created dozens of mouths with sharp teeth to bite his opponent. His opponent did the same thing.

This scene lasted for one hour before Souta managed to completely devour his opponent.

He won...

Finally, he defeated the only opponent on the 100th floor, the last floor in this labyrinth. The 100th floor was easier than he expected. He thought that he would fight an SS-rank opponent which he couldn't defeat with a power of a third evolution monster. With his current power, his limit was only S-rank. In fact, S-rank and SS-rank were already for the fourth evolution monster. But his various skills and equipment boosted his power to the next level.

'So if Teacher Bargan is here then teacher would have to fight a copy of him... that's how it is... The level is adjusted to the participant of the last floor.'

Then, what about a god? If god tried to clear it maybe a god will appear too.

Souta shook his head and put those thoughts in the back of his mind. He should focus on his recovery first.

His right hand was gone and a huge chunk of flesh on his side was gone. His liver and some of his ribs were eaten by his opponent. Blood and bit marks were all over his body.

The only reason why he was still alive clinging to his life was because of his huge vitality. Other people would have died or fainted on the spot if they suffered these heavy wounds.

The healing properties of the queen parasite have slowed down. It couldn't keep up as his opponent bit off his arms several times and the queen parasite kept recovering the damage on his body but it reached its limit after recovering lost limbs for an hour.

'So this is the limit of the queen of the parasitic essence eater?'

Souta thought as he activated the [Blood Field], the Blood Goblin's trait skill. It gathered the blood in the area and it recovered some of his wounds. It also patched up the heavy wounds on his body to prevent him from dying.

At least, he wouldn't die at the moment...

His tensed body finally relaxed before he fell to the ground with a loud "Thud!" sound. He lost his consciousness and the last thing that he remembered was that his senses have come back to his body.

Also, his connection with Saya has returned. Her voice was filled with concern as she kept shouting his name.





Almost two days had passed before Souta opened his eyes once again.


Souta slowly opened his eyes only to find that he was in a white space. Everything was white and it felt like it was an endless space.

"Is this the 100th floor?"

He muttered as he pushed himself into a seated position. Then, he heard Saya's voice in his mind.

'You're finally awake, Souta. When my connection was blocked, I thought that something bad is going to happen. Luckily, you managed to survive.'

He heard a sigh of relief in his mind and a smile appeared on his face. From her tone, it seems that she was really worried about him.

Souta checked his body and found that he had recovered. There's nothing wrong with him and he could use his senses once again. He was glad that he tried to clear this labyrinth as he learned a lot of things here.

'If you're finished checking your body, then you can proceed to that gigantic orb of energy. That's where the legacy lies.' Saya said to him.

Souta raised his head and saw a giant white orb fifteen meters away from him. The white orb was a lump of enormous energy and it even distorted the space around it. It was astonishing but it didn't harm his body.

"That's the legacy of an unknown god..."

He stood up and observed the orb of energy. Now that his energy sense was enhanced, he could feel how dangerous that orb of energy was if used for battle. Fortunately, that energy didn't harbor any malice to the one who cleared the labyrinth. In fact, it was enticing him to approach it as soon as possible.

With that in his mind, Souta moved his feet and slowly walked towards the giant white orb.

"It's huge..."

Now that he was close to it, he only just found that the white orb was three times larger than him. The space around it was being folded forcefully. Strangely, it didn't do any harm to him.

This was his first time seeing something like this.

He cleared various living labyrinths in the game and saw dozens of legacy in the forum but this was his first time seeing a legacy in this form. Even the legacy of the God of Hunt before was pretty normal compared to this one.

'That's not a normal legacy of a god. I wonder just how powerful the god who left it here.' Saya sounded like she was amazed.

Souta stretched out his hand and placed his palm on the surface of the white orb. At the same time, a huge row of words appeared in the sky.

[Congratulations participant for clearing the labyrinth!]


Souta couldn't remove his hand on the white orb as a huge amount of energy went through his body. Intense pain assault his body as his cells were destroyed and reformed at the same time. His regeneration ability was trying its best to protect his life.

System notification popped into his mind as he gritted his teeth while enduring the intense pain.

[You've passed all the requirements!]

[Acquiring the Legacy of the God!]

[The consciousness of the unknown god is looking at you!]

[Transferring the energy to the host!]

'Souta! What's happening?!'

Saya shouted at Souta when she saw that something was wrong. Then, her connection with Souta was cut once again.

'What is that?! An A-Ancient God from the L-Lost Era! Twenty Thousand Years Ago!!!'

She screamed as she was forcefully sealed back in the vajra sword. Her mind was in a mess as she felt that she was hallucinating.


[The host's body couldn't handle the all the energy of the legacy!]

"Ugh! I'm already a third evolution monster yet my body couldn't handle it?! Even Isabella managed to contain the Legacy of the God of Hunt on her own yet I..."

Blood came out of his eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and pores.

[10%... 11%...]

[The host will explode once you gained fifteen percent of the energy!]

Souta opened his eyes widely when he saw this. Yeah, the legacy didn't harbor any malice to him but he was just too weak. It wouldn't harm him but if he tried to acquire it his body would explode from all the energy inside the legacy.


[The host is suggested to convert all the energy to experience points!]


[Do you want to convert all the energy inside the legacy to experience points? Yes/No?]

[Forcefully converting the energy to experience points will lose some of the energy!]


Souta roared as his body will explode at any moment. If that happens he will die. He didn't care about the lost energy at all as his life was at stake.

[Converting the energy to experience points!!]

[1%... 5%... 15%... 24%... 46%... 69%...]

He gritted his teeth as the pain slowly disappeared.


[Converting completed!]

[You've level up!]

[You've level up!]

[You've level up!]

[You've level up!]


Souta breath a sigh of relief while looking at the system prompt inside his mind.


[You've gained the Cosmic Sign Ophiuchus!]

[Due to the loss of energy the amount of legacy that you received has decreased!]

[The System managed to take it back and the legacy was stored in the System Store!]

[You can use skill points and free attribute points to buy it one by one!]

[You've gained the title "Labyrinth Cleaner"!]

[You've gained the title "Cosmic Sign: Ophiuchus"!]

[The Thirteenth Zodiac Sign "Ophiuchus" has been born!]

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