The Evolution Of A Goblin To The Peak - Chapter 478 - Ophiuchus

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Chapter 478 - Ophiuchus

[You've gained the title "Labyrinth Cleaner"!]

[Labyrinth Cleaner]: When you enter a living labyrinth, your overall stats will increase by 50 points.

This title was gained if a player managed to clear one living labyrinth. Souta knew that he could upgrade this title as long as he cleared more living labyrinth.

[Labyrinth Conqueror] and [Labyrinth Dominator] were the titles above this. Also, the effect of this title was higher than his current one.

But then, for him to gain [Labyrinth Conqueror] he needed clear five living labyrinths and twenty living labyrinths for [Labyrinth Dominator]. He guessed that he needed to clear fifty living labyrinths to achieve a higher title than the [Labyrinth Dominator]. In the game, he couldn't achieve it as most of the top guilds conquered the other living labyrinths.

If he somehow achieved a higher title then maybe it's possible for him to venture into the Great Labyrinth.

Then, about his legacy...

Souta glanced at the system and saw that he was level 49. Just what kind of god left this legacy that even the body of a third evolution monster couldn't handle the energy of the legacy.

A level 49 Blood Goblin was strong enough to dominate those common third evolution monsters. He was currently at the intermediate stage and was close to the high stage. Just a little bit more and he would be able to level up to level 60 and promote his race to a higher life form.

He had spare three level-up cards that he gained from completing the chain quest to destroy the Great Astley Empire. He didn't think that he would get a lot of benefits in his exploration in these sub-worlds.

In just a few months since his last evolution, he already reached level 49. If it was a normal grinding he guessed that it would take him another five months before he reached level 49.

'If I calculate my current speed I guess that I will reach level 60 next year. This is just the second year since I've transmigrated into this world. Passing level 60, it would take me another year of nonstop grinding before I gained five levels. Hmm...? Three more years and I will reach level 80, the level cap of the game.'

Souta nodded and he turned his attention to the other title that he gained.

[Cosmic Sign: Ophiuchus]: One of the Thirteen Cosmic Power in the whole universe. It provided the user with various abilities.

He narrowed his eyes while looking at the description of the title. This was his first time seeing this kind of title in his ten years of playing Battle World Online. He didn't know about other secretive players like him but he was definitely sure that this was the first time that he saw it.

He looked down and saw that he could expand the details to see the abilities that this title granted to him.

[Cosmic Body], [Galaxy Eyes], [Nebula Heart], [Star Veins], and [Cosmic Authority: Ophiuchus].

Oi! Oi! Oi! This is the thirteenth zodiac?! Does this mean that the organization called "The Zodiac" has this kind of power?

Suddenly a surge of power erupted in the whole place. Cracks spread out like a spider web in the entire area.

'Souta! you should take those things and leave this place as soon as possible! It's going to collapse as the legacy is the core of this labyrinth! Since you took the legacy, this whole place is going to crumble burying every creature inside it!' Saya said to him.

Souta snapped out of his thoughts and looked around him. Saya was right. He needed to get out of this place quickly or else he would die.

He looked at the things that Saya mentioned and saw a bunch of precious items, weapons, and spiritual fruits. He didn't have a time to check these things so he used his [Gravitational Ball] to create a gravity field around it.


Explosions sounded everywhere as Souta charged to the 99th floor. He could escape using the exit after clearing the labyrinth but that means leaving Alice and the rest in this place.


Alice, Franklin, Torkez, Isabella, Doranjan, Yuko, and Yenxa looked around as the whole labyrinth started to shake. The monsters on every floor turned into dust as gigantic cracks formed on every corner of the labyrinth.

"This...? The whole labyrinth is going to collapse!! It means that Souta cleared this labyrinth!!"

Alice shouted as she created a pair of wings on her back using her parasite before she flew towards the upper floor.

While Souta was rushing to the upper floors, he used his connection with his tamed beasts to warn them about the destruction of the labyrinth.

Then, he took out the transmission talisman and contacted Alice.

"Souta!! Where are you?!"

Alice's voice sounded. Her tone was filled with concern.

"I'm going there so you should go out of this place soon!"

"Yeah, I'm leaving!"

"Take Isabella with you! She's one of the weakest! Don't worry about Yenxa I will take her with me!"

"Okay, then see you on the Guardian Fortress!!"

Souta closed the connection as he placed back the transmission talisman in his pocket. He increased his pace as his figure burst through the mid-air.


In the Buckshawn State, the city above the living labyrinth.

"Damn!! It's going to fall!!"

"Run!! Quickly!!"

"Don't look back just keep on running!!"

The people panicked as they experienced a strong earthquake that destroyed several huge buildings. They don't know what's happening but the trembling of the ground didn't stop at all. In fact, it kept getting stronger.


Suddenly, a powerful surge of energy shot through the sky. It gave off heavy pressure to the entire place, no, the entire planet. The surge of energy was coming from the dungeon and all the living beings on this planet felt it.

Their instincts were telling them that a powerful creature has arrived in their world and no one could rival it. This was their first time feeling this type of pressure and coercion. Even the people that invaded their planet didn't have this heavy pressure.

I-It felt like they were in front of a God.

"Fuck!! Is this the end of the world?!"

"We just survive the invasion of the Great Astley Empire and now another one has come!!"

Screams of people could be heard in every corner of the whole Eidin Planet.


Somewhere in the universe, a huge planet that couldn't be found anywhere stood still. This planet was like a lump of energy and the energy it possessed was a hundred thousand times stronger than the stars.

This planet didn't show any movement in thousands of years. It didn't even rotate not revolve around the sun. It stood still as if it was the center of the universe.

The suns, moons, star systems, galaxies, and other celestial bodies were the ones revolving around it.

It was the Great World Imperium, the home of the gods. Some people also called it the World of Gods or Divine Realm.


A fluctuation of energy passed through in every direction. Only gods, deities, demon gods, and monster lords felt it. It was a strange sensation that they couldn't describe. The only thing that they knew was that it didn't come from the Imperium. It came from one of the countless sub-worlds out there.

The only people that recognized it were the twelve zodiacs.


Leo narrowed his eyes as he looked at the sky. He was familiar with this feeling as the wavelength of the energy was similar to his abilities.

'The thirteenth cosmic sign, Ophiuchus. It only appeared at this time but it's still not too late.'

He thought as he glanced at the two people in front of him.

"Change of plan. We don't need to worry about that little goblin. I just sensed the awakening of the thirteenth sign so I need to move as fast as possible."

He said to the two people before his figure shot through the sky folding the sky to shorten the distance of his travel.


He didn't want the other gods to discover it before him. The Cosmic Power was one of the most powerful ancient abilities in this universe and those who gained it could guarantee a smooth path towards godhood.

'First, the God's Will is busy in locating the remaining three authorities so they will not join the hunt. The Deadly Sins have gathered the Seven Deadly Sins and they are currently trying to find the Original Sin. Hmm? So it's between me and the other forces.'

Leo said inwardly as his body passed through the vacuum of space. He didn't know the exact location but he had an idea about where to start.

All the other members of the Zodiacs looked towards the sky. They were in different locations across the continent and didn't know if they should make a move or not.

A few minutes later, they've received a message that Leo went out of the Imperium to find the remaining Cosmic Power to complete the Thirteen Zodiac Sign.

'It's going to be chaotic for a while.'

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