The Evolution Of A Goblin To The Peak - Chapter 488 - Trap

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Chapter 488 - Trap

Torkez realized the plan of the enemies. The two organizations were doing something big in the southern part of the city and they didn't want anyone to bother them. They knew that the Clautus Group was the one who attacked the meeting places yesterday so they wanted to eliminate this small group.

They slowly released intel about Jovin, the man who betrayed Remina. They were sure that Remina would appear so they set up a plan to eliminate her.

"But they didn't know that I'm here..."

He muttered to himself as he watched the battle.

Dozens of Ruin Realms were circling Remina and they were working together to fight this woman who was at Disaster Realm. While they were holding Remina, the other members of the Red Witch will kill her comrades and when they eliminated all of Remina's comrades they will use their numbers to kill Remina.

It was a good plan.

Jovin smiled while thinking about the plan. Once he killed this woman, he would be able to sleep peacefully at night.

"Group 3 and 4 just focus on holding Remina. Don't rush recklessly as she had the power to kill one of you easily. Just distance yourself and prevent her from advancing or escaping."

He said as he looked at the fourteen people that were around Remina.

"Jovin! You bastard! Come here and fight me!"

Remina roared angrily. She pounced forward but the two people in front of her stepped back while the six people on her life and right side charged at her.

She quickly stopped and charged her mana in her fist. Then, lightning whip stretched out on her sides.


The six people quickly jumped away when they saw the lightning whip. Their goal was simple and it was too pressure Remina.

If she charged forward without caring about her health then she would be able to eliminate the people in front of her. It's just that she would suffer some injuries by doing so.

In Torkez's eyes, the defeat of the Clautus Group was inevitable. The reason was the Red Witch had some members hidden in the surrounding area. If those members appeared then he was sure that the Clautus Group would really fall.

"You bastard! I'll kill you!!"

Remina roared as she charged forward as a lightning web spread out on her body. Then, the lightning shrunk on her palm creating a ball of powerful energy.

[Lightning Gear]!!

She pushed her palm forward and a powerful beam of lightning burst out.


"Remina! Will you please die for me?!" Jovin said with a mad smile as several figures appeared in front of him.


A powerful explosion burst forth creating a field of dust in the whole area.

"Huff... Huff..."

Remina was breathing heavily as she felt quite tired. That attack consumed a large amount of mana in her body and she think that she could only use it three more times.

'I'm sure that guy is dead. Even if he didn't die he will surely suffer heavy injuries from my attack. No one under the Disaster Realm could block that type of attack.' She said inwardly. She actually wanted to see Jovin's expression before he died but she couldn't help it. This was harder than she thought.


Torkez was quite amazed when he saw Remina's firepower. This woman was stronger than most of the battalion commanders of the Great Astley Empire. Even Lydia would suffer defeat if she fought Remina in a one-on-one battle without the help of a parasite.

Souta was right. This world was terrifying than he imagined. He sighed inwardly while thinking about it.

'But the battle isn't finished yet... As long as you don't confirm your opponent's death you shouldn't let your guard down.'

Torkez narrowed his eyes as he patted his clothes. He guessed that it will be his time to make a move.


Remina noticed some movements in the dust. She quickly turned around and threw a punch behind her.


Blood splattered on the ground as a powerful gust of wind blew the dust in the area revealing an old man wearing a red robe in front of Remina.


Remina groaned in pain. She looked down only to see a dagger stuck on her side.


Her eyes constricted as she saw the old man in front of her. This old man was an executive of Red Witch. A person at the peak Disaster Realm.

If this person was then Jovin was still...

She turned her head and saw Jovin's smiling face. In front of Jovin, there were still two new faces and these two had the aura of a Disaster Realm.

"T-Three executives?!!"

"Our Mistress said that we should exterminate your small group so that you wouldn't be able to bother our plan." One of the executives said while taking off the hood on her head revealing a beautiful face with long white hair.

"Don't worry. After we kill you we will send your comrades to follow you." The other executive said. He was a man with chestnut color hair and eyes.

Their aura wasn't as oppressive as the old man but it was still a problem to her. Another Disaster Realm could just make the situation worse for her.

"Don't say anything. We are here to kill this woman not to tell her our plan." The old man said to the two in a cold tone.

Ever since the three executives appeared the battle stopped. The members of the Red Witch didn't dare to make a move without the permission of an executive. They just looked at the members of the Clautus Group with hungry eyes as if they wanted to devour them.

Remina looked at the three Disaster Realm around her. She circulated her mana around her body to prepare herself when these three attack.

"I want to enjoy this but that old man wanted to finish this as soon as possible so..."

The man with chestnut color hair and eyes charged at Remina with astonishing speed.


He raised the saber in his hand before he slashed it forward.

Suddenly a tall man appeared in front of him wearing a full plate black armored. The man simply caught his sword with his bare hand.


The male executive was stunned when he saw this but before he could regain his posture the man in front of him launched a powerful blow on his chest.


The male executive flew and crashed into several houses.


The old man and the female executives subconsciously took a step back as their eyes constricted. This guy simply blows their comrade away with just one punch.

"You are here..." Remina muttered as she looked at the figure that just arrived.

Torkez ignored her as he turned his head to the old man and the female executive.

"I couldn't afford to lose the Clautus Group at this moment so let me personally deal with you guys..."

The huge eye on the center of his armor opened widely. Then, his body transformed under the eyes of the people present in this place. It was the full-body transformation of the parasitic essence eater.

Black flesh converged from the huge eye and it coated his entire body. He became a two and a half meter tall man with ten moving tails on his back. Each tail has sharp tips that could pierce any metal and his black armor had purple color veins on the surface.

After a few moments, the ten tails on his back stretched on the sky before they fall down nailing the bodies of the members of Red Witch.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

"If none of you don't want to move then let me start it..."

Torkez said before he charged towards the two Disaster Realm. In just a second, he arrived in front of the female executive.


"So fast!!"

She exclaimed as she tried to jump away but Torkez's fist was already in front of her face.


The old man went to her side while slashing the dagger in his hand. Then, he noticed something strange. He quickly stopped his attack as he tilted his head on the side.


Several spikes burst out of the arm of Torkez grazing the old man's cheeks.

The female executives tried to gather her mana to protect her from Torkez's punch but the moment it landed on her face she realized that she couldn't defend against it.


Her body flew like a missile crashing on the ground creating a huge crater.

Torkez's punch destroyed all the defenses that she had in her body. A punch from an A-rank boosted with a parasitic essence eater wasn't something a B-rank like her could defend against with.

The difference in their power level was huge.

"This... E-Extermination Realm..."

The old man muttered with wide eyes while looking at Torkez. He could see the depth of this man's strength so he was sure that this unknown man was an Extermination Realm powerhouse just like the leader of the Red Witch and Nine Lives.


Torkez didn't bother looking at the old man anymore. Instead, he gazed at the building five hundred meters away from his position.

'An A-rank...'

He narrowed his eyes and his expression turned serious.

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