The Idol Group Pet Became A Final Boss! - Chapter 258 - : Listen, Is that a Humane Thing to Say?

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Chapter 258: Listen, Is that a Humane Thing to Say?

“It must be that the cat bed is too small. If it wants to sleep on the bed, let it be.” Xiang Yu walked toward his captain’s bed and said, “I’ll sleep in your bed tonight, go next door and find someone to squeeze in with.”

“Why must I do that!?!”

“Because I don’t like to sleep with someone else,” he said coldly.

Wander was speechless.

‘Is that a humane thing to say?’


“All is Well Year Round” posted something on Weibo late at night, revealing a suicidal thought.

[All is Well Year Round: You guys have no idea how rare it is for people who have been in darkness for a long time to sometimes see a ray of light. Now, my world is engulfed by darkness again… Maybe, it’s time to end all this pain.]

The netizens, who were surfing the Internet late at night, hurriedly rushed to comfort her when they saw that.

——[Sis, don’t let your imagination run wild! You’re the cutest!]

——[Are you hungry? I’ll order you a snack, okay?]

——[You’re not diagnosed with depression, are you? Oh gosh, quickly go visit a doctor!!!]

“All is Well Year Round” sent several replies, sounding dejected and moody.

[I hate myself so much.]

[Maybe she’s the best for him.]

[But I’m still so worried about him, I’m worried that he’ll have a hard time. He’s my baby whom I pampered for such a long time, I really can’t bear to let him be aggrieved.]

She posted a photo which was surprisingly a photo of the city Shi Sui and Xiang Yi were headed to. She had also posted screengrabs of Xiang Yi’s failed attempts at booking an accommodation in that city because all the hotels were fully booked due to an upcoming food festival.

The fans were enraged.

——[Ahhh, she can’t even get a simple thing like booking airline tickets, can that bitch book rooms at a hotel!?!]

——[The thought of Shisui boarding a long-haul flight of more than ten hours and landing in a foreign country, only to have no available accommodation really pains me. Does he really have to sleep in the airport?]

——[I also heard some insider information from Xing Chen Entertainment that the Vase Fairy took the initiative to be Shisui’s assistant! He didn’t turn her down out of courtesy back then but she shouldn’t take advantage of his gentleness to hurt him, right?]

A night later…

The netizens who woke up early habitually logged onto Weibo, only to see that “All is Well Year Round” was on the hot search list. Hence, many clicked on her name.

When they saw the things she posted and the strange comments left below, everyone was dumbfounded.

Xiao Hua was a white-collar worker who wasn’t quite interested in the entertainment industry, but she developed a good impression of Xiang Yi after watching “Two Under One Roof” for two days.

Hence, she couldn’t help but leave a comment too. [Uh, even if they can’t book a hotel, they can still make do with sleeping in the plane… Are you guys over-thinking?]

To her surprise, “All is Well Year Round” liked her comment.

[[He deserves the best in this world. You’re clueless. (smiles)]

That brief comment sparked a wave of criticism and hate that was inflicted on Xiao Hua by some fans.

——[Haha, is she Vase Fairy’s lackey who’s trying to clear her name for her?]

——[Stop it, her reputation will never be cleared. You can kneel down now.]

——[Why should Shisui suffer because of her? She has to compromise since she was the one who asked to be his assistant in the first place.]

At first, Xiao Hua also tried to reason with them, but she realized that it was impossible to reason with those people.


After being scolded for an entire day, Xiao Hua had been in low spirits as she felt that her mood had been ruined.

She was speechless about the behavior of the cyber-bullying fans of “All is Well Year Round”.

In the next second, she received a text from her best friend who was abroad.

——[I’m shocked. I saw a private plane landing on the top floor of Atlant Hotel on my way to school! It’s that ostentatious seven-star hotel I told you about! Poverty has really restricted my imagination!]

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