The Immortal's Wine Store - Chapter 349 - Burlock Scared Silly

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Chapter 349 - Burlock Scared Silly

"General, I heard that the lotus building is within the territory of Demon Lord Burlock. It would be bad if his men would notice us." One of the general's men said with a hint of nervousness in his tone. His words made everyone gulp down seriously.

They knew who Demon Lord Burlock was. He was one of the five Demon Lords of Morlon City and he was also known as a violent individual. It would be unknown what would happen to them if they would be captured by his men.

The general was also fearful of Demon Lord Burlock, but he did not show it on his face. Besides, the mysterious youth that he encountered gave him a more unfathomable feeling than the Demon Lord. Perhaps he could help them in their predicament since they were all fellow humans. However, he was still unsure of the mysterious man's background.

The general knew all of the upper echelon members of the Rebel Army, and that mysterious man was definitely not among them. He was placing his bet on this person despite just meeting him once!

"Trust me! If there is someone who can save us now, it is only that person! I won't hide from you guys. I met a mysterious person after our last meeting. I'm unaware of his background, but he is a human. As for his strength... He is at least a Nascent God Realm expert!" The general's words made everyone's eyes flash with hope. With renewed energy, they sped towards the lotus building without care of emptying their true essence!

Not far away from their location, a group of demons dressed in shining battle armor was carefully following their tracks. They were led by an ox demon. His huge head had a pair of horns that arched towards the sky. His pair of menacing eyes were staring wickedly at the set of disarrayed footprints beneath his huge hooves.

"Those humans are nearby. They erased their tracks here, but they left in a hurry. I want two of you to check the left and right alleys of this location. The rest of you, follow me!" The ox demon commanded his men with a wicked smile on his horrifying face. He was already thinking of how delicious those humans would be...

"Yes, sir!"

Inside the lotus building, Jiu Shen who was about to consume the Fruit of Cultivation suddenly glanced in a certain direction and used his spiritual perception. He smiled lightly when he saw a familiar face. "So you have finally decided to come here, but it looks like your situation isn't good."

"Xiaoxiao, come here." Jiu Shen glanced at Xiaoxiao who was busy talking with Meimei and Blue.

She skipped towards Jiu Shen when she heard him call for her. "Master, you called me?" She asked with a smile.

"Hmm. Call Aren and tell him to come here. I will give him his first mission." Jiu Shen said with an expressionless look.

"Right away, master." Xiaoxiao bowed her head lightly before she went to call Aren. Not long later, Xiaoxiao came back with Aren in tow.

"Master, Miss Xiaoxiao said that you are looking for me." Aren bowed respectfully at Jiu Shen as he looked at his master with an expectant gaze. He heard from Xiaoxiao that Jiu Shen was looking for him to give his first mission. He was slightly excited about this first mission since this could be his chance to prove his loyalty to Jiu Shen.

"I want you to protect the group of humans not far from here and bring them safely to me, but you must not show them your true form. You can bring one of your tribesmen, but you must pose as a human." Jiu Shen did not want the general and his men to be scared witless, thus the reason for this command. Those men might be shocked if a savage beast suddenly shows up in front of them in their wretched state.

Aren nodded his head seriously after receiving the command. "Yes, master. I won't let them be harmed."

"Go." Jiu Shen waved his hand indicating Aren to leave.


Aren's figure disappeared from the store.

"Good thing I didn't eat the Fruit of Cultivation right away. It would be bad if I summon my tribulation lightning within the city. I think I have to breakthrough inside the Spirit World to prevent unnecessary troubles." When a peak stage Nascent God Realm expert attempts to break through, they would summon much fiercer tribulation lightning. Every increase in major realm means that they would encounter stronger tribulation lightning, but after overcoming this trial, they would become peak experts!

"System, open the entrance to the Spirit World." Jiu Shen muttered.

After those words left his mouth, a huge and mysterious wooden door suddenly appeared inside the store, surprising the three ladies and the nearby Burlock. The latter in particular was scared silly when he saw the sudden emergence of this archaic wooden door. It was the first Burlock sensed this kind of suffocating sacred aura coming from a door.

"That... That... What is that?" He pointed at the huge door with a horrified look.

The three girls glanced at him mockingly and remained silent. They didn't know about the existence of the system, so they thought that it was the effect of Jiu Shen's power.

Under the fearful gaze of Burlock, Jiu Shen pushed the door open and stepped inside the dark void with an expressionless face. The wooden door then slowly closed and disappeared along with Jiu Shen.

"Advanced spatial ability! Void God Realm! This..." Burlock almost pissed his pants as he muttered. He was aware that only those at the Void God Realm could command space element into such a level. He suddenly recalled how he came into the lotus building and openly challenge Jiu Shen. His back was full of sweat and he felt that he was a retard for challenging someone who might be a Void God Realm.

"Wine Master Jiu Shen is actually a Void God Realm expert...." Burlock slumped into a chair with a listless look.

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