The Immortal's Wine Store - Chapter 350 - Aren Arrives

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Chapter 350 - Aren Arrives

"We are almost there! Just a little bit more, brothers!" The general suddenly said when he noticed that his men were close to giving up. They have been fighting nonstop earlier to save the young lord of the Rebel Army which consumed too much of their true essence. Some of them even had serious wounds, making their escape slower.

"General, don't worry about us. We will buy time for your escape." One of his men stopped in his tracks. His words made a few others halt.

Looking at them, the general was touched but he was also furious. He pointed his remaining arm at the man and shouted. "I don't want to see more of you die in front of me, but if we have to die, then we must die together! Do you think I fear death, you assholes?!"


"Enough nonsense. They are here!" The general's eyes turned grim as he muttered those words. His subordinates followed his line of sight and saw dozens of demons looking at them with menacing gazes.

"What a touching scene! You humans are truly a bunch of weirdos. Hahaha!" The ox demon leading the demon soldiers laughed maniacally as he glanced at the pitiful humans in disdain. The other demons laughed along with their leader as they stared mockingly at the general and his men.

The jeering laughter of the demons made the weakened humans tremble in dread. Even the fearless general felt that there was no longer any hope for them.

The general gritted his teeth and pulled out his sword using his remaining hand as he shouted in a hoarse voice. "Brothers, I hope we will meet again in the next life!"

The general raised his sword and pointed it towards the ox demon. "Die!"

With a quick leap, the general pounced towards the ox demon and swung his sword with all his might. Thick amounts of true essence enveloped his sword. Even a peak stage 9th-rank Saint would receive a fatal wound if directly hit by this.

The ox demon's eyes narrowed into slits and he immediately lifted his ax to defend against the quick slash.


'Shit! He blocked it! This guy is bad news!' The general backed away after his attack failed.

The ox demon stared at his ax and saw a small nick where the general's sword had hit. He then glared at the general and ordered his men. "Kill them all!"


"Die, humans!"

"Brothers, gather behind me!" The general commanded with a grim look.

"Yes, sir!" His subordinates immediately stood behind him. With their current state, all they can do is passively defend. Not to mention that they were severely outnumbered.

Just then, the two sides suddenly heard a loud bird cry above them.


Everyone looked up and saw a massive Purple Feathered Flame Eagle. A man with purple hair can be seen standing on top of the eagle. His eyes were sharp like an unsheathed sword as he gazed at them.

"Nascent God Realm expert?! A Nascent God Realm human?!" The ox demon cried out in surprise when he sensed the other party's power. He felt that everything might not go according to his plans when he saw this individual.

The demons and the humans were surprised when they heard the ox demon's words.

"We're saved! Someone came to help us!" The general's subordinates felt emotional. Some of them even broke into tears.

The general furrowed his eyebrows as he stared at the person. This wasn't the man he saw that day, so who was he? And what were his intentions in interfering with their battle? The general was confused but he still felt thankful for this guy since his arrival saved him and his men.

"Who are you, sir! Identify yourself! This place is under the jurisdiction of Demon Lord Burlock! We are subordinates of Demon Lord Zorzoch tasked to capture these criminals! Stay out of this!" The ox demon mentioned two Demon Lords to test out the man.

"Oh, you mean Burlock? I just met him a while ago. As for this Zorzoch guy that you mentioned, who is he?" Aren commanded the Purple Feathered Flame Eagle to descend as glanced contemptuously at the ox demon. Did he really think that a mere Demon Lord would scare him now that he had ascended to the Nascent God Realm? Besides, his master was even able to subdue a Demon Lord like Burlock, so what is there to be afraid of?

Hearing the mocking tone of Aren as he mentioned their leader, the ox demon felt his anger rising. "Demon Lord Zorzoch is one of the five Demon Lords of Morlon City. He is under the command of Demon Ancestor Jun. Are you sure that you want to go against us?!"

"Demon Ancestor Jun? Hahaha! He could not even do anything against my master. Listen carefully, demon. Scram the fuck out of my sights! These guys are under my protection!" Aren jumped down from the Purple Feathered Flame Eagle with an air of confidence. He ignored the demons who were looking at him threateningly and shifted his gaze to the general and his men.

"Don't worry. Someone told me to protect you guys. With me here, no one can harm you." His reassuring words made them breathe a sigh of relief.

"Thank you, sir." The general said gratefully as he stared at Aren.

"You don't have to thank me. I'm merely following his command." Aren replied indifferently.

"His command?" The general thought of a person and he felt that it might be him. To think that the person he met at that time could actually command a Nascent God Realm expert to save them! Just who was he?

"Save the chitchat later. Let me take care of these guys first." Aren smiled coldly as he glanced at the demons. This was his first mission. He wants to complete it perfectly!

The general nodded his head and told his men to stand back.. They would only hold back this man if they remain, so he could only order them to move away.

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