The Immortal's Wine Store - Chapter 540: Search

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Chapter 540: Search

While Jiu Shen was assimilating his newfound power, the war between the allied army and the Infernals became much fiercer. 

With the loss of their High Chieftain, the Infernals became even more vicious in their strikes and they even disregarded their injured bodies. 

The allied army could barely hold back the crazed Infernals. Luckily for them, the Celestial Paragon Tower's army led by Sect Master Telu and Vice Sect Master Valir arrived. 

Their timely arrival somehow alleviated the fatigue of the soldiers. 

"Sect Master, Vice Sect Master, we can't find the whereabouts of Wine Master Jiu Shen. We moved around the battlefield to search for him, but we failed to even see his shadow. Many of our soldiers died during the process of searching for him." A high-ranking Elder of the Celestial Paragon Tower reported in a grave tone. 

Telu frowned as he looked at the battlefield. They have been here for a few hours, but no one had seen Jiu Shen after he killed the High Chieftain of the Infernals. "Maybe he perished alongside the leader of these beasts..." He muttered with uncertainty.

After hearing his words, Valir shook his head in disagreement. "If this Wine Master Jiu Shen is the same Jiu Shen we knew before, I don't think someone like him would die just like that. Don't forget that even the combined might of the entire Celestial Paragon Tower wasn't enough to stop that man. If Celestial Emperor Lao Gou didn't intervene, he would still be alive by now." 

Surprisingly, Telu didn't rebuke the old man's words. He had personally witnessed Jiu Shen's power at that time. He had even mistakenly believed that Jiu Shen was the fourth Celestial Emperor back then because of his unrivaled power. The man who had effortlessly slain the high-ranking Elders and elite disciples of the Celestial Paragon Tower. 

"Continue your search, but make sure to move in large groups to prevent more casualties. If you encounter Chieftain-level Infernals, retreat immediately." Telu instructed the Elder who was still kneeling respectfully. 

The Elder acknowledged the command with a salute. "Yes, Sect Master!" 

After the Elder left, Telu stared at Valir and said. "Old man, we should search Jiu Shen separately. Once you encounter him, report to me first before you make a move. Even if he is severely injured right now, a person who can kill a Celestial must not be taken lightly." 

Valir nodded his head. "Take care, Sect Master." The old man left after saying those words. 

Telu stared at the old man's desolate figure and sighed. 

Meanwhile, Theia and Ren Shuang led the Heavenly Sword Tower in dealing with the Infernals who tried to hurt the members of the Heavenly Melody Pavilion. Because of their efforts, the Heavenly Melody Pavilion has the least casualties among the six great armies. 

"Division Head Ren Shuang, the Blood Sword Division led by Division Head Yang Zenke has retreated. They encountered a large group of high-level Infernals when they were escorting the injured members of the sword tower. Division Head Yin Long has already moved in their location to cover them." Can Ye, Jiu Shen's second disciple and also a Division Head of the sword tower reported in a solemn voice. They had also taken a small number of casualties since the beginning of the battle. This is the first time he experienced losing many of his friends and it made him very uncomfortable and emotional. 

Ren Shuang saw Can Ye's emotional turmoil and patted the man's shoulder to reassure him. "Have faith. We will win this war. The Sect Master is with us. He has already slain the High Chieftain of the Infernals. It is only a matter of time before the remaining Infernals would be annihilated by the allied army." 

Can Ye bowed his head when he met Ren Shuang's gaze. "I understand." 

"Return to the rear and support Young Miss Ice and the others. There are many high-level Infernals there than in the other locations." 

After Can Ye left, Ren Shuang commanded his subordinates to rush forward. Theia, Lu Sulan, Long Meili, and the other elites of the sword tower were at the center of the battlefield supporting the allied army with their might. He had to ensure that none of them would be in danger. "Please hold on!" He muttered.


Jiu Shen was still not accustomed to his superior power. He could not control the sacred divine aura from leaking out of his body.

"If I go out like this, no one would be able to stand normally in my presence. Just my aura alone is already enough to subdue anyone weaker than me..." Jiu Shen smiled wryly. 

Jiu Shen carefully controlled his supreme aura and concealed it with his spiritual power. 

It took him a few more hours before he managed to stabilize his raging limitless power. "Alright. This should be enough." He smiled as he nodded contently.

True essence. Late stage Celestial God Realm.

Spiritual Power. Late stage Celestial God Realm.

Anma. Late stage Celestial God Realm.

Even now, Jiu Shen was still impressed by his drastic increase in strength. "It's time to go out. There are still billions of Infernals left. This is a good opportunity to witness the growth of my subordinates." He whispered as he summoned the exit of the Spirit World. 


When he came out of the huge wooden door, Jiu Shen saw that a new force had come to support the allied army. However, when he saw the familiar insignia engraved on their armors, Jiu Shen's calm eyes narrowed into slits.

"Celestial Paragon Tower. That old bastard must have noticed my return and sent his force to assassinate me!" His voice was filled with hate and loathing. The millions of years of suffering that he had experienced at the hands of Lao Gou. Everything was still fresh in his mind...

He had waited for a long time for his revenge and now, he could finally begin his slaughter! 

Jiu Shen removed his broken white armor and changed into a new set of white robes with golden embroidery. The Baleful Dragon Sacred Sword behind his back turned into specks of light and formed a dragon tattoo on his chest. Using his sword against a bunch of ants was simply an overkill... 

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