The Immortal's Wine Store - Chapter 541: Benevolent Jiu Shen

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Chapter 541: Benevolent Jiu Shen

Jiu Shen observed the battlefield through his spiritual perception. The arrival of the Celestial Paragon Tower's people turned the tables of the war. The Infernals were being pushed back despite their overwhelming numbers. The Celestial Paragon Tower showed its superiority in skills and power! 

However, a small group of people dressed in pristine white armor also displayed power that wasn't any less compared to them. They were like a group of tigers slaughtering a bunch of sheep, reaping lives with every strike of their swords. 

The allied army was amazed by their prowess that they begin to question the identity of these people. 

"They are wearing the same armor as Wine Master Jiu Shen. I think those guys are his subordinates." 

"They only numbered in thousands, but the number of Infernals they've killed is almost equivalent to the six great armies! To think that there is actually a hidden force as strong as them! They could even be compared to the high-ranking elites of the Celestial Paragon Tower!" 

In the camp of the allied army, the resting soldiers discussed as they watched the brilliance of the Heavenly Sword Tower's people. 

A voice grilled with admiration suddenly interrupted their chattering. "They are from the Heavenly Sword Tower. A hidden sect nurtured by Wine Master Jiu Shen. If not for their help, many of my friends would have died." 

The soldiers turned their gazes towards the man who had spoken. It was a tall man with blue hair and long pointy ears. This guy was a member of the Ice Elf Race, a rare noble bloodline in the Elven Race. 

When the Ice Elf noticed everyone's gazes, he smiled at them and said as he pointed at the insignia on his chest. It was the insignia of the Heavenly Melody Pavilion. "Our Heavenly Melody Pavilion was tasked to give support to the allied army. We were the ones controlling all the Array Formations, but everything was destroyed by the High Chieftain of the Infernals. As the controller of the Array Formations, our soul was damaged, making us vulnerable. It was then that the Heavenly Sword Tower led by one of their Division Heads emerged and protected us as we retreated." 

Everyone felt admiration towards the Heavenly Sword Tower as they listened to the Ice Elf's story. 

Meanwhile, somewhere on the battlefield, a gigantic Phoenix suddenly emerged, burning the Infernals with its blazing crimson flames. Its beastly eyes revealed a look of excitement as it ravaged a huge number of Infernals. 


It flapped its wings and summoned a blazing twister that burned the Infernals into ashes! 

This Phoenix was none other than Furion, one of the remaining pure-blooded Phoenixes in existence. 


Furion cried out in delight as he released a breath of flames that incinerated thousands of Infernals in its path. He then flew back into the allied army's camp and transformed into a human form. "Bloody hell! What an exhausting day for me!" He spat out in an exasperated tone. 

They have been fighting the Infernals for one day and the allied army had to fight alternately to recover their energies. It was a good thing that they had a huge amount of recovery pills that accelerated their healing. 

Furion grabbed a chair and plopped down with an exhausted look. His hair was disheveled, but he didn't even bother to fix it. 

"Sir Furion, this is a regenerative pill made by our Heavenly Melody Pavilion. Please take it." A pleasant voice drifted beside his ears as a lithe figure stood in front of him. She was Ai Chen, the Pavilion Mistress of the Heavenly Melody Pavilion. 

Furion raised his head and glanced at the outstretched hand. She was holding a small pill that glowed with a golden light.

"Thanks." He grabbed the pill and swallowed it down. 

Ai Chen smiled and bowed her head lightly before she left, leaving behind a fragrant lilac scent that lingered in the air.

The Heavenly Melody Pavilion was filled with talented individuals. They accept people who are proficient in their respective fields of study so they had a diverse amount of talents. The man recognized as the best Alchemist in the Primordial God Realm was even one of their Elders! 

"How lucky! He got a pill from Pavilion Mistress Ai Chen!" 

"Shut up! Do you not know who that man is?" 


Furion ignored the whispers of the resting soldiers and controlled his true essence to expedite the refinement of the healing pill. He then swept his gaze towards the camp. "Those guys just retreated earlier, but they already went back to the fight again... Are they battle maniacs?" He muttered with a wry smile when he failed to spot the members of the Heavenly Sword Tower.


Jiu Shen held back the urge of killing the Celestial Paragon Tower's members. If he killed them now, the Infernals would gain momentum and the allied army would be in a disadvantageous position. "I'll spare your lives for now. This is also a good opportunity for my subordinates to sharpen their skills." He muttered as he hid behind the dark clouds.

He didn't mind waiting for a bit longer. "I'll just treat this as compensation for helping the allied army." Jiu Shen had a strange smile on his face as he said those words. 

Behind the scenes, he also secretly helped the allied army by shooting spiritual attacks on the high-level leaders of the Infernals. He even prevented the death of many soldiers by simply summoning a bit of his power. Of course, he still prioritized the safety of the Heavenly Sword Tower.

Although Jiu Shen had already become strong enough to single-handedly defeat Lao Gou and the Celestial Paragon Tower, he wanted to see his subordinates grow stronger along with him. He had experienced the deaths of his family and friends in his past life and he didn't want to experience the same pain.

Jiu Shen vowed that he would live a happy life with them after he destroys Lao Gou.

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