The Immortal's Wine Store - Chapter 542: Support

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Chapter 542: Support

Experts and major powers from all over the Primordial God Realm soon came to reinforce the allied army. Their arrival slowed the momentum of the Infernals and they even showed signs of retreating.

After five more days, the Infernals lost their courage and returned to Hell. They lost billions of their warriors and their High Chieftain was even killed! It was a disastrous loss for them and it might take them another millions of years before they could stage a comeback. 

"We won!" 

"Victory! Hahaha!"


Everyone cheered as they watched the Infernals retreat back inside the entrance. They raised their bloodied weapons and cried out emotionally. 

Jian Wang swept his gaze among the army, but he failed to discover Jiu Shen. He furrowed his eyebrows and used his spiritual perception to observe the entire desert region. 

"Where is he? Was he injured in his fight with Wuka and recuperated somewhere else?" Jian Wang muttered with a perplexed look. 


Jian Wang's eyes narrowed as he swiftly held the handle of his sword and turned his gaze behind him. When he saw the familiar face, his face stiffened. "I thought you're recuperating somewhere. How did you hide your presence from me?" He could not help but ask. 

Jiu Shen chuckled when he saw the confusion written all over Jian Wang's face. "Because I'm stronger than you." Jiu Shen replied as he patted the man's shoulder. 

Jian Wang scoffed when he heard his words, but he still contemplated it deeply. It might be possible. 

"Let's go and meet everyone." Jiu Shen walked toward the cheering army and Jian Wang unconsciously followed behind him. 


"Vice Sect Master, our subordinates haven't discovered Jiu Shen yet. Should we begin by killing his people?" 

The old man, Valir, shook his head. "No! Absolutely not! The Heavenly Sword Tower is well respected in the allied army. There might be only thousands of them, but they contributed the most number of kills other than the six great armies and our Celestial Paragon Tower. If we try to kill them now, the allied army would protect them." 

Valir was inwardly surprised by the power of the Heavenly Sword Tower. All of their members were at the level of elites comparable to the best of their Celestial Paragon Tower's army. The people leading them were also heroes with great power and charisma. It would be difficult to kill them without the allied army noticing. 

Valir glanced at his subordinates and issued a command. "Inform the Sect Master that we will abandon the mission. Tell him that I will bear the consequences and accept punishment from the Celestial Emperor!" 

The faces of his subordinates fell when they heard his words. "Vice Sect Master!"

How could they not understand Valir's words? 

The Heavenly Sword Tower has gained the acknowledgment of the major powers from all over the world. Making a move against them at a time like this was akin to provoking the entire allied army. Not to mention that there was also the variable called Jian Wang. 

They couldn't believe that the supreme existence that they revered would actually make such a foolish decision. 

He sent the army of the Celestial Paragon Tower to kill an old enemy without even thinking about the repercussions it would cause to the great reputation of their sect. 

"Vice Sect Master! The Celestial Emperor's words are absolute! We can't go against his commands! Even if we die, we have to complete his orders!" One of his subordinates revealed a look of fanaticism. 

"That's right! Even if we die in the process, it doesn't matter!"

"The allied army wouldn't dare support the Heavenly Sword Tower. Helping them would make them an enemy of our Celestial Paragon Tower!" 

Valir sighed in disappointment upon hearing their words. He glanced at his subordinates, but none of them chose to listen to him. 

"Vice Sect Master, please lead us in killing the Heavenly Sword Tower!" 

Valir stared at them with a forlorn expression. These were the people that he had supported for many years, but he felt that they were unfamiliar at this moment. 'It seems like the world truly wants this old man to die...' 

He was wholeheartedly devoted to the Celestial Emperor, but he couldn't believe that the man he admired the most would actually send him to die.

Valir calmed himself and raised his head. 

'In that case, I shall follow your wishes for the last time, Celestial Emperor...' He muttered in his heart. 

With a solemn look, Valir roared. "Kill the Heavenly Sword Tower! Kill Jiu Shen!" 



The jubilant looks of the allied army fell when they heard the roars of the Celestial Paragon Tower's army. 

"Hey! What's happening? Why is the Celestial Paragon Tower hostile to the Heavenly Sword Tower?" 

"I don't know, but it seems that they are very determined to destroy them." 

The allied army was hesitant to intervene in their conflict. The Celestial Paragon Tower was controlled by Celestial Emperor Lao Gou. They were reluctant to offend such a figure. 

Among the six great armies, Ri Kushou of the Armored Wyvern Army and Ai Chen of the Heavenly Melody Pavilion chose to stand with the Heavenly Sword Tower. They were recipients of the Heavenly Sword Tower's help during the war. 

"What is the meaning of this, Vice Sect Master Valir?!" Ri Kushou stepped down from his wyvern and glared at Valir. This man was the Great General of the Armored Wyvern Army, a renowned force in the Primordial God Realm. 

Ri Kushou was from the Beastman Race. His bloodline was ordinary, but he grew to become a peak expert because of his effort and willpower. 

He had a buff physique reminiscent of a ferocious lion! His sharp eyes looked at Valir and the Celestial Paragon Tower's army. Behind him were the elites of the Armored Wyvern Army. 

Ai Chen was silent, but she stealthily commanded the Heavenly Melody Pavilion to support the Heavenly Sword Tower. 

Valir frowned when he saw Ri Kushou and Ai Chen standing up for their enemy. "Do you plan to go against the Celestial Paragon Tower?" 

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