The Legendary Mechanic - Chapter 100 - Battle

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Chapter 100: Battle

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Han Xiao turned around and started to fall back. He repeatedly fired Hayme bullets at Luo in an attempt to lure her closer.

Luo raised her hands and started pushing to release an energy shield in front of her body. The bullets were blocked by the shield, and as they collided with the shield, there were beams of white light.

Superhumans of the ‘Fortified Type’ possessed the innate ability to counter the powers of a sniper. However, the poisonous gases emitted by the Hayme bullets were depleting Luo’s HP. Furthermore, the impact from the collisions onto the energy shield also impacted Luo’s body and decreased her health. However, the impact was relatively low after a reduction of 95%.

Luo could sense the fury building up in her body. The killer in her was overflowing like water from a fountain.

After Han Xiao fired the thirteenth shot, Luo moved closer toward him. The shots fired along the way managed to reduce Luo’s HP by 100 points.

If the superhumans did not possess the special defensive powers, they would have been very brittle to the attacks. The force that Luo possessed granted her the ability to both attack and defend. However, when challenging hardy magnetically-controlled retractable armor, Luo’s body would be wrecked from the battle.

Once they started fighting, Luo realized the weakness of her physical body.

Han Xiao suddenly drew out his retractable machete. He held the blade in his right hand and wielded the mechanical arm in his left hand. He was unafraid of fighting Luo head-on. Luo focused on using all her strength to smash Han Xiao’s head; however, she realized that Han Xiao was clad in a think metallic armor.

At that instant, Han Xiao’s retractable armor extended to up to his head, protecting his face and skull. Han Xiao moved his head back slightly, and with the help of the armor, he managed to withstand the shock from Luo’s strike. Han Xiao used his machete and mechanical arm to continuously penetrate the energy shield of Luo. The battle was fierce, and white sparks were emitted with each contact made.

Pan Kuang, who was Level 40, had problems defeating Han Xiao in close-range combat; therefore, Luo’s close combat powers were not much of a concern for Han Xiao.

Instead, the abilities she possessed as a ‘Fortified Type’ superhuman were greater threats to Han Xiao. Luo was able strike suddenly at the target from almost all angles, and therefore, her attacks often disrupted the flow of Han Xiao’s attack.

“Force push!”

Han Xiao could feel an invisible impact to his knees.

Luo made use of the opportunity to pull backward and created more space. She could feel tightness in her chest, as if her lungs were being scorched. The high-intensity combat had taken its toll on her body. Her stamina was running low. Superhuman abilities often required the use of huge amounts of energy. In order to replenish her energy, Luo exhausted her stamina. She was deeply fatigued and looked at Han Xiao in disbelief and shock.

How on earth is this sniper so powerful? He can fight better than pugilists!

Tu tu tu!

The last few remnants of Rose Militant finally were finally approaching Han Xiao. They immediately concentrated all their firepower on him. To retaliate, Han Xiao fired his Berserk Eagles wildly, and the militants bled uncontrollably as they collapsed to the ground.

Su Li was the only one that managed to dodge Han Xiao’s attacks. She was nimble and swift. She had the swag of a pugilist. She was wearing a pair of special gloves. There were a couple of circuits on the gloves, and the gloves emitted blue light. Han Xiao sensed impending danger.

Mechanical pugilist!

Su Li was approaching at high speed. Her hand pushed toward Han Xiao. It seemed like her push was weak and flimsy, but Han Xiao focused his attention and managed to recognize the gloves Su Li was wearing. The level of threat of Su Li increased, and Han Xiao quickly rotated his body to dodge Su Li’s attack. It was unwise to fight Su Li head-on. Han Xiao decided to use the firepower of his pistols to suppress Su Li. However, Luo came toward and managed to repel the bullets with her energy shield.

The three were engaged in an intense battle. The pair of gloves that Su Li was wearing managed to suppress Han Xiao’s power. Han Xiao was at a loss how to counter them. The two ladies realized that and made use of the opportunity to gain the upper hand in the battle. The situation gradually turned disadvantageous for Han Xiao.

If I don’t make some sacrifices, it will be almost impossible for me to kill both of them.

With a look of determination of his face, Han Xiao approached Su Li suddenly and pressed his body had on her gloves. The sudden collision shocked Su Li. The gloves were touching Han Xiao’s armor. An uncontrollable current was flowing through the scorching hot armor!

The endurance of the armor depleted exponentially. It reduced by almost 100 points. In fact, it was the first time the endurance of the armor had faced such a huge reduction!

Han Xiao felt a burn to his chest. The high temperature exceeded the threshold of the armor, and the heat scorched his body. Han Xiao had no time to look at the new messages that were flashing on the interface. He employed the wind-slicing slash and stabbed the machete hard into Su Li chest. An eye for an eye!

Su Li’s eyes expanded in astonishment. Han Xiao pressed the Berserk Eagles to her forehead and started firing hysterically. A Mechanic without any form of armor was very vulnerable.

Boom boom boom!

“Kill the enemy!” Luo yelled in anger and attacked Han Xiao back while he was busy taking of Su Li.

There was a sharp pain in Han Xiao’s spine. He could feel his back shattering. Han Xiao endured the pain and glided forward. He turned around and fired the last of the remaining bullets. Han Xiao focused his attention on Luo’s legs.

Luo used too much of her stamina in her ambush on Han Xiao. She forced her last bit of energy, but she no longer had the energy maintain the energy shield that protected her from the bullets. A bullet penetrated her knee.

There was a change in the Luo’s expressions. She understood the fact that she was facing a sniper, and the reduction in her mobility would lead to fatal consequences. In her state of panic, she wanted to use all her energy and deliver one final blow to Han Xiao.

She was attempting to paralyze Han Xiao’s movement by blowing up his legs!

Once Han Xiao succeeded in his attacks, he quickly pulled away from the two of them. As the energy shield collapsed, it created an explosion that resulted in a huge crater at his original position!

Luo’s heart sank. Her legs went limp, and now she really was reduced to sitting duck for Han Xiao’s attacks. Han Xiao fired his shots from afar, and all she could to was forcefully repel the bullets. Her energy was on the verge of depleting completely, and desperation filled her heart.

Sh*t! I’m done!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Han Xiao, who had retreated quite some distance, fired his rifle on a stable platform and expended all of Luo’s energy. Finally, a bullet pierced through her head. She collapsed with fury and unwillingness in her eyes.


You killed Luo (LVL 30).

You gained 12,000 EXP.


Han Xiao heaved a sigh of relief. He could finally relax his senses. He did not have time whine about the pain from his burns. He immediately moved toward Su Li’s body and retrieved the pair of black gloves form her hands.


You have gained two [Thermo-electrical Incisor Gloves].


The functioning of the gloves was based the theory of [Basic Thermodynamics], which Han Xiao had not yet mastered. There was a ‘micro electricity to heat transformer’ embedded within the gloves. The power source of the gloves was a high voltage battery since the gloves needed a huge amount of electricity to be powered. The gloves had immense power and was able to deal multiplied damage to metals.

Han Xiao held onto the gloves for his own use in the future. Speaking of that, Su Li was his first enemy from the mechanic class. It was also the first time he had revealed his gear to his mechanic counterparts.

Mechanical Pugilists made use of one type or a few types of close-combat machinery. They were able to add special effects and abilities to their machines. From the fighting style of Su Li, Han Xiao could infer that she was a mechanical pugilist of a lower level that relied solely on the performance of her equipment.

Some mechanical pugilists also possessed weapons that had special abilities themselves. Once they met the prerequisites, they were able to activate the use of such weapons. Out of the four machine blueprints that Old Man Lu had created, one of the blueprints created a machine that had innate abilities.

With the mission finally complete, it was time to return and collect his rewards.

The image of Felonia suddenly flashed in Han Xiao’s mind, and he decided to take a closer look at Felonia before returning. Han Xiao switched off the EMP interference machine. He did a rough check of the broken components of his vehicle and estimated that the repairs would take him fifteen minutes. He started the repair job immediately.

There was a bunch of wanderers near Felonia just now. I wonder how they’re doing,Han Xiao thought to himself.

Half an hour ago…

The entrance to Felonia was a crack in the cliff. The pilgrims scaled the cliff and managed to reach the crack. It was pitch dark in the crack, but it seemed like the crack had a passageway that lead somewhere.

A young pilgrim switched on his torch and shined the light into the alley. The scene before their eyes shocked all of them. Their mouths collapsed in disbelief, and all of them were dumbfounded.

“This… this is…”

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