The Legendary Mechanic - Chapter 48 - Advancement!

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Chapter 48: Advancement!

Translator: MJ_ Editor: Millman97

In Galaxy, talent trees were named slightly different for each class: Machinery Knowledge Tree for Mechanics, Qi Mastery Tree for Pugilists, DNA Tree for Espers, Spell Knowledge Tree for Mages, and Psychic Ability Tree for Psychics.

Pugilists focused on strength and combat, and they practiced the art of qi. Some of their skills included [Energy Burst], which is self-explanatory, and [Wavedash], which allowed instantaneous dodging of attacks.

Although Pugilists across the universe practiced and employed different kinds of teachings and techniques, all of them were centered around the use of qi.

Espers were far more unique, as each of them possessed different kinds of supernatural powers. An Esper’s strength was determined by their DNA growth. Through leveling up their talents, their control over their powers would increase: power, speed, control, etc. For example, Magneto, when he was young, could only exert control over small objects like coins. However, as his powers developed, he became able to move entire stadiums and ultimately even control the very earth’s magnetic field. With sufficient time, an Esper’s potential could be said to be unlimited.

Of course, two Espers with the same superpower might not necessarily use them in the same ways. For example, not all electricity users would be able to emulate each other’s feats and applications of electricity manipulation. To some extent, in Galaxy, each player had to choose to ‘specialize’.

The screen before Han Xiao lit up.


Mechanic Advanced Knowledge: Advanced Material Composition


“This is weaponry knowledge!”

Although it appeared that there was only one piece of advanced knowledge suited for Mechanics available, Han Xiao was happy enough to have it.

Now, no one in Stardragon will be able to stop me!

Han Xiao pressed enter without hesitation. Immediately, columns of texts and complex diagrams flashed across on the screen.


Advanced knowledge detected.

[Advanced Material Composition]

Use 2 talent points to learn. Y/N



Han Xiao began to grow dizzy as all the knowledge on the screen started to transmit into his brain.


Learning in progress, do not cancel.

1%… 12%… 37%…


Although the entire process only took a few seconds, it felt much longer to Han Xiao.

Suddenly, Han Xiao flung his head back. The ‘upload’ had been completed successfully.


Success! You have learnt [Advanced Material Composition], unlocking advanced Weaponry talents!

[Lv. 20 Novice Mechanic Advancement Mission Complete]

You may now choose one of the following three advancements: Cannonmaster, Technician, or Warmachine.


These were the three paths available to Mechanics, and choosing one was an irreversible decision.

Cannonmasters specialized in long-ranged bombardment and heavy artillery. At higher levels, they possessed frightening firepower. It was commonly known in Galaxy that the key to winning or losing against Cannonmasters lay in range.

If the enemy Cannonmaster is within 100m, don’t hesitate—charge him down!

However, if he is over 1,000m away, it would be wise to proceed with caution.

And if he is 3,000m away… well, that won’t be the end of the world just yet, but any further and good luck, buddy.

Warmachines, on the other hand, employed technologically advanced combat weapons to fight at close range. From bio-armor to mobile suits, there were many ways for Warmachines to quench their thirst for melee combat.

Yet, when compared to the Technician, both of these paths steered away from the true essence of a Mechanic—invention.

Over 80% of blueprints were exclusive to Technicians, so choosing either path would mean forfeiting the ability to create many higher-level gear and machines.

The trade-off was that they were superior to Technicians in combat and, to most, more fun to play. After all, most people considered ‘manufacturing’ classes to be boring. Technicians were always the least popular class, until Version 3.0.

In Galaxy, Han Xiao had mained a Technician, preferring them to the other two paths, so he had already set his mind on the Technician path from the very start.


Congratulations! You have succeeded in class advancement.

Han Xiao could feel an invisible, mysterious power wrapping around his body.

You are now a Technician (Lv. 1).

+30 STR, +1 DEX, +1 END, +3 INT

3 Attribute Points Gained

1 Talent Point Gained

You have completed the first advancement. Endurance stat-boost has increased:

1 Endurance = 15 Max HP

1 Endurance = 18 Stamina


Although from start to end nothing appeared to have happened in the eyes of Gu Hui and the others, incredible changes had taken place within Han Xiao’s body. At present, the mysterious power enveloping him was not only granting him new power—it was awakening the dormant energy lying within his very cells, causing it to resonate.

Suddenly, the interface lit up.


You have gained Energy Affinity: Metal!

You have acquired a new ability: Presence of Mind!

You have learnt Energy Training Technique!

You have learnt Intermediate Mechanic Affinity!

You have learnt Blueprint: Special Platinum Alloy!


When the process ended, Han Xiao felt as though his body had been entirely remodeled.

He could now see with stunning clarity the tiny specks of dust on the keyboard, and even the previously unnoticeable buzz of the current running throughout the glass sphere room was now clearly audible to him.

“I did it!”

Han Xiao brought up the character information tab.


Name: Han Xiao

Race: Human (Carbon-based)

Model: NPC (Launch countdown: 138 days, 3 hours & 51 minutes)

Level: 21

Experience: 181,000

Main Class: Lv. 10 Novice Mechanic/ Lv. 1 Apprentice Technician (0/50,000)

Health: 670/670

Stamina: 854/854

Attributes: 31 STR, 18 DEX, 38 END, 32 INT, 1 MYS, 5 CHA, 1 LUK

Unassigned Stat Point(s): 3

Energy: 160/160 (Lv. 3)


(NEW) Energy Type: Magnetic – Gives a Bonus to Machinery Affinity

Lv. 1 (10 Energy) – [STR +1, DEX, +1, END +1, INT +1] Max Stamina +20, Damage (Machinery) +1%, Crafting Speed +1%

Lv. 2 (50 Energy) – [STR +3, DEX, +2, END +3, INT +1] Max Stamina +50, Damage (Machinery) +2%, Crafting Speed +2%

Lv. 3 (100 Energy) – [STR +3, DEX, +3, END +5, INT +2] Max Stamina +100, Damage (Machinery) +3%, Crafting Speed +3%

Energy Level: 98-104

Grade: Class E Superhuman

[You have finally taken the first step of transcendence. Don’t get too full of yourself, there is still a long way to go.]


Specializations: [High Focus], [Lesser Mental Resistance], [Hard Worker]

(NEW) [Presence of Mind] – +5 INT


Class Abilities:

– Basic Machinery Affinity Lv.5

– Basic Maintenance Lv. 10

– Basic Enhancement Lv. 10

– Basic Refining Lv. 1

– Overload Lv. 1

Blueprint: Sky Swallow Gliders Lv. 1

Blueprint: Prosthetic Limb Lv. 1

Blueprint: Lightweight Mechanical Arm Lv. 1

Blueprint: Rover Lv. 1

Blueprint: High Explosive Lv.3

Blueprint: Retractable Knife Lv. 2

(New!) Intermediate Mechanic Affinity Lv. 1 – +2% Production Quantity – +2% Production Speed

(New!) Strafe Lv. 1:

Cost: 3 Energy, 15 Stamina.

Cooldown: 12s

For two seconds, enables instantaneous movement within a 3-meter radius. Grants 15% bonus firing speed for the duration of the skill. Can only be used when equipped with a gun. (This skill can be activated even if you are on your last bullet.)

(New!) Blueprint: Platinum Alloy

Grade: Green

This material is made with advanced technology. It has high ductility and is suitable for making armor and various machines.

Crafting Requirement: Basic Refining Lv. 5


Other Abilities:

Basic Combat Lv. 10 – +10% Damage (Barehanded), +2 STR, + 1 END

Basic Shooting Lv. 8 – +8% Accuracy (Ranged)

Grappling Lv. 5 – +7% Counter (Melee), +10% Damage (Barehanded)

Precise Aim Lv. 1 – +3% Accuracy (Ranged), +2% Critical Rate (Ranged)

Special Ops Combat Lv. 1 – +6% Critical Rate (Melee), +4% Damage (Barehanded)

Stealing Lv. 1

(New!) Energy Training Technique – +10 Energy – 0/80 times (Each use costs 800 experience and 500 stamina)


Talent Points: 16

Class Talent Tree



Basic Assembly Lv. 1 (0/1)

Basic Mechanical Engineering Lv. 2 (0/1)

Basic Bionics Lv. 2 (0/1)

Basic Weaponry Knowledge Lv. 1 (0/1)

Basic Material Knowledge Lv. 1 (0/1)

(New!) Advanced Material Composition Lv. 1 (0/2)

[14 Talents Not Learnt]



[20 Talents Not Learnt]



[20 Talents Not Learnt]



Germinal Organization – Hated (-1000)

Stardragon SDI (Division 13) – Neutral (300/1000) – Clearance Level 1

Legend: 0

User rating: 4.5

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