The Legendary Mechanic - Chapter 73 - Acing the Test

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Chapter 73: Acing the Test

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Han Xiao stared at the red-haired woman without flinching.

The knife was only three centimeters from his main artery when it stopped and turned away, displaying the woman’s strong skill wielding her weapon. The woman gave a fierce look. “Why aren’t you dodging?”

“Why should I dodge?”

“So, you think I do not dare stab you?”

“You can try.”

Han Xiao’s face did not change one bit. Somewhere beneath his clothes, the magnetic-controlled extendable suit had already inched near his collar. He could protect his neck at a moment’s notice, and therefore, he was fearless.

Furthermore, since she was able to move freely in the military campsite, she had to be a Hesla agent. She would not really harm him like this. This would most likely be a test of his ability or to instill fear in him. However, how dare they picked him as the target! Han Xiao was slightly irritated. His eyes turned ice-cold.

The red-haired woman suddenly felt a shiver down her back and did not realize where it came from. She collected her mind, and harrumphed. “Winna, agent from Hesla Intelligence Department.”

She had just finished talking when she felt something pushing onto her stomach. She looked down; a large caliber pistol was pointing right at her stomach.

Only then did Han Xiao laugh and say, “Han Xiao.”

That was fast! I didn’t even see how he drew his gun!

Her pupil constricted. She put away her knife. Han Xiao withdrew his gun, too.

“I will remember that.”

Winna turned around and left.

Han Xiao narrowed his eyes. “Hesla personnel sure are hostile toward us. They’d better not drag me down.”


After Winna walked some distance away, she gave a sigh of relief. She realized cold sweat was dripping down her hairline and became serious.

That Stardragon agent gave her… an extremely dangerous vibe.

Winna returned to the lounge to look for the rest of the Hesla agents. Ye Fan smiled and asked, “Discover anything?”

Winna took a sip of water to sooth her parched throat and replied in a serious tone, “That Han Xiao is likely very dangerous.”

“Han Xiao?”

Ye Fan thought of something based on the physical description of him.

That guy had been very low profile ever since they alighted the train. He only gave a weird look when someone called his name.

“A strange person,” Ye Fan concluded.

Han Xiao finished smoking and stepped on the cigarette butt. He walked back into the lounge.

Qi Bai Jia looked over and asked abruptly, “Nothing happened, right?”

“Something happened. I saw a female pig falling into a ditch.”

Qi Bai Jia felt slightly awkward. “Can you be more serious?”

“In that case, there was nothing,” replied Han Xiao nonchalantly. Since it was only a test meant to scare him, he did not want everyone to hear about it. Firstly, it was to protect the mission. And secondly, he didn’t think he wanted to be strayed by emotions.

In his mind, they were three types of enemies. The first type pissed him off or violated his interests. The second type wanted him dead or endangered his life. The last type was his nemesis. There was also the type that not only had mutual hatred but also conflicting interests. One example would be the Germinal Organization. This was the enemy that was top priority for Han Xiao. The first kind was too mild for him to care about.

Qi Bai Jia gave Han Xiao a complicated look. He was sitting by the window and had seen the whole incident unfold. He had gone on a lot of field missions before, and he knew that the other country’s agents would surely test their ability and show off their own prowess. This was a covert rule. All the agents were proud and arrogant. They would not get respect and power without showing off their ability. If anyone were to complain to their superior, they would actually be laughed at.

Qi Bai Jia greatly approved of what Han Xiao had done. He did not let Stardragon’s reputation down, and he was glad that Han Xiao had kept his mouth shut. This guy’s ability is good, and he understands the bigger picture.

“They didn’t fight?”

Carl nodded his head in satisfaction after he heard his deputy’s report.

“Good. Seems like those Stardragon people know their place on our territory.”


Soon, it was time for them to depart. Everyone gathered at the border exit. Ye Fan, together with Winna, brought a dozen agents, armed and ready to go.

The first stop of the mission was a position far away from the Crow Valley Town. There was an abandoned secret hideout of Hesla’s. They would be using it as their temporary base.

Division 13 transported the land rovers using the train. They were just regular all-terrain cars. Only Han Xiao’s Big Black was unique. He drove his team off amid loud revving of the engine.

This time, he drove steadily and comfortably. Li Ya Lin was almost moved to tears. The other three teammates, cramped in the other seats, were puzzled. They didn’t understand Li Ya Lin’s big reaction to all this.

It was half a day’s ride. Hesla’s motorcade was leading, and Division 13 followed.

Suddenly, Hesla’s motorcade sped up, gradually increasing the distance between the two parties. Di Su Su and Ma Qing Yang accelerated when they realized it.

Only Han Xiao, driving Big Black, followed slowly at the back.

“Xiao Ge, we need to catch up with them!” Lin Yao said anxiously.

Han Xiao’s had one hand on the steering wheel while the other one was out of the window and enjoying the wind. “Why do we need to catch up? No matter how fast they drive now, they will have to wait for us later.”

“Well… you are right when you put it that way.”

Suddenly, Di Su Su’s laughter came from the radio. “Little Lin Lin, how come you guys are so slow. Hurry and catch up with us. Unless Han Xiao’s skills are not up to par?”

“I do not want to waste my petrol,” Han Xiao replied briefly.

Di Su Su was instantly stunned. This was the first time she heard such a unique excuse. Agents like us need to worry about paying for petrol?

Ma Qing Yang chimed in on the radio. “Zhang Wei, this is Hesla’s agents showing off. We must not lose to them.”

Zhang Wei pondered for a few seconds, and he patted on Han Xiao’s shoulder. “Let’s catch up with them.”

Li Ya Lin’s face immediately turned pale. She grabbed Zhang Wei’s sleeve hurriedly and urged, “Please don’t. This speed is great!”

“What exactly do you fear?” Zhang Wei was really puzzled.

“Captain, is it not good to be alive?” Li Ya Lin said in a trembling and sobbing tone.

Zhang Wei was extremely baffled.

Han Xiao raised his eyebrow. “You really want to pursue them?”

“Yes.” Zhang Wei nodded his head.

Han Xiao sighed and changed the gear with ease. “Okay then. You guys had better hold on tight.”

Li Ya Lin was deeply fearful. She held onto the car door as tightly as she could and clenched her jaw.

“You… you guys will definitely regret this.”

In the afternoon, everyone arrived at the destination.

As soon as they alighted their vehicles, they all looked at the big black truck with shock, horror, and disbelief. Cold chills ran down their spine whenever they thought of the scene from before.

Even though they were experienced agents who had seen many things, such as “S” and “Z” shape movements, this was the first time they had seen an “&” shape movement! And it was faster than anyone else!

This could not even be counted as drifting… more like flying!

The truck driver must have been heavily under the influence!

Zhang Wei, Lin Yao, and Li Ya Lin fumbled out of the vehicle, held onto a tree at the side, and started vomiting everything they had inside them. At that moment, they felt like they’d be better off dead.


“Oh my god… I feel like I’m dying. Blargh—”

“Told you that you would regret this. Blargh—”

Han Xiao strolled down from the car and clamped a cigarette comfortably in his mouth. He smirked and said, “Well, you guys told me to chase.”

“You… Do you specialize in driving bumper cars‽”

Han Xiao curled his lips. Bumper cars? Don’t look down on me. I used to drive Mechas!

Lambert got out of the car with sturdy steps, as if nothing had happened to him. Han Xiao’s eyes gleamed. “See? There is someone normal enough to enjoy my driving.”

Just as Lambert opened his mouth to speak, vomit came out like waterfall. Only after everything was vomited out did Lambert commented with a poker face, “If you ever touch the steering wheel again, I will just jump out of the car.”

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