The Legendary Mechanic - Chapter 92 - Pilgrims

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Chapter 92: Pilgrims

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“I need to use your cargo plane,” Han Xiao said to Antonio. They were in a base camp of the Fabian company.

Antonio was slightly shocked.

“We only use the military cargo plane for large scale transactions. Even if you are a Black-Gold VIP, you are still required to pay the stipulated charges,” Antonio stuttered.

“Ok, got it.”

“Well, how many guys you want to transport. When will they leave?”

“Just myself. I’m leaving immediately.”

Antonio’s chubby face was shaking like waves of water. He paused for quite a while and eventually said, “What a waste.”

The military cargo plane was able to reach the destination in around a day’s time. There was a simple garage available on the plane, and Han Xiao was able to create new machinery and gain experience during the trip on the plane.

“A trip by the plane cost $50,000. Are you serious?”

“When can I board the plane?” Han Xiao took out a large stash of cash from his briefcase that contained a hundred thousand dollars.

“One hour.”

The Fabian Organization rented a stretch of runway at the Morning Wind City’s airport. There were a couple of large olive-green cargo planes parked. Han Xiao brought along all his gear and materials and boarded one of the planes. Soon, he could sense the vibrations. The plane started to accelerate and took off into the clouds.

Once the plane regained its stability in the skies after the take-off, Han Xiao was able to start his creations.

The glaring sun was shining brightly on the endless desert. The yellow sand was heated to a temperature unbearable for the human body.

A group of twenty was trudging through the desert.

They were clad in torn and tattered gray robes. Their robes had not been cleaned for god knew how long. Their robes were drenched in sweat, releasing a disgusting stench, and they stuck to their wet bodies. They lips were cracking, and their eyes draped down. Their fatigue was evident from the look on their faces. They were moving shakily, and it was as if they were going to collapse at any moment. The horses that they brought along also looked sick and skinny.

The Somar desert had once had an oasis. The country was rich, and its citizens lived happily. But after a war, the entire country had perished. The oasis had been destroyed by the battles and blended into the surrounding desert. The people walking in desert were the citizens of the country that had vanished.

A legend of the old nation said that ruins of over a million years old were hidden deep in the Somar desert. Beneath the ruins, there was a hidden treasure that held the power to control the entire desert!

In the wars that happened decades ago, the desert had undergone a series of abnormal changes. The sand behaved like water and transformed into a whirlpool. The whirlpool moved around the desert as if it was being controlled by someone. The whirlpool then vanished after seven days. The records of the eerie incident disappeared with the destruction of the country. Many citizens of the old nation believed that the treasure could revive their country, and they searched long and hard for it.

The Wanderers active along the border of the Somar desert were also known also as the pilgrims.

That group of twenty was the last batch of pilgrims.

“The ruins of Felonia, the power of the magic, they are sure to exist,” the eldest of the pilgrims mumbled to himself.

A fleet of vehicles returned to the desert to defend the boundaries.

“Dorothy! Nothing again this trip?” Luo Qing, the chief of the Rose Militants, questioned.

“This time, we searched in sectors E4, E5, and D4. There are still no signs of Felonia,” Dorothy replied with frustration. She was a strong black lady. Her face was disfigured by a long scar that looked like a centipede. Her strong muscular arms had tattoos that were hard to see due to her dark complexion.

Rose Militant was a mercenary organization made up entirely of female members. They were active in the Somar desert and had been searching for Felonia for years.

There were two trainers in the organization. The other trainer, nicknamed Ghostly Fox, was a petite white lady and a brilliant assassin.

“In this search, our members came into contact with the Coutonians. Wen Li and Cecil died in battle.”

All the returning members of the militia suffered from injuries. Their bulletproof vests had many holes, and the ceramic tiles housed in the vests were also shattered.

Luo Qing gave a cold glance and said, “Be more careful in the next search. The Coutonians are funded by the Rothschild family, who have always wanted to wipe us out.”

All the military groups active in the Somar desert had their sponsors. They all had the mission of finding Felonia. Therefore, battles between the different groups were very common. Most mercenary soldiers had at least ten lives on their hands. They were all ruthless individuals.

Han Xiao felt a shake in the plane. The huge force pressed his body hard on the seat. Gradually, that force pushing him disappeared.

“The plane has landed,” the pilot shouted through the speakers.

Han Xiao brought his briefcase down, and he could feel a wave of heat once he alighted from the plane.

The landing site was a warehouse surround by barbed wire. There were many militias patrolling the area. It was the branch of the Fabian organization in the Somar desert. The Fabian organization was a global arms-dealing organization that had branches everywhere for more convenient business dealings.

“Welcome to Somar desert.” Antonio descended from the plane. His white shirt was stretched tightly by his fat body. The chunk of meat could be seen clearly as if he was topless.

“Why did you follow?”

“Haha, the chief in charge of the Somar branch was killed in a recent battle. Therefore, I am here to take care of some administrative matters. Also, it has been a long while since I travelled.”

Han Xiao nodded. He was not shy at all and asked, “I need a map indicating the different military groups that are active. Also, can you lend me a desert jeep?”

“I’ll get someone to make the arrangements.”

Somar desert spanned a large area. Even if he drove the jeep continuously without sleeping and followed the correct route, he would need at least ten day to travel across the desert. Since it was hard to navigate through a desert, a radar was definitely required to accurately tell the direction. Furthermore, there were many military groups active in the region.

Han Xiao felt confused as he could not understand what the different groups of forces were fighting for in the barren terrain.

“To find Felonia.”

“What’s that?” Han Xiao was very curious. He did not have any recollection about that word. It was probably a hidden mission that had not been activated in his past life.

Antonio yawned. “I am equally clueless.”

Han Xiao realized that Antonio was trying to hide something from him. He raised his brows, collected his gear, and walked toward to jeep without saying another word. He was ready to check out the active areas of Rose Militant.

“Bon voyage.” Antonio waved lazily at Han Xiao to bid farewell.

Han Xiao drove the jeep into the desert through an opening in the barbed wires.

Through the information on the radar, Han Xiao managed to reach a location, quite a distance away from the area occupied by Rose Militant, where he could observe the activities of the member of the organization using a telescope.

The campsite of Rose Militant was heavily guarded. It had concrete walls and barbed wire on the walls. The metal gate was the sole entrance and exit to the base.

Within the base, there was a tall sentry post. The sentry guard on the post observed the surroundings while the sentry post was also equipped with a huge search light that would be switched on at night.

Han Xiao came to a conclusion—unless he could burrow into the sand and dig a tunnel into the base, it was almost impossible for him to infiltrate the base.

Furthermore, Rose Militant consisted only of women. They had big breasts and perky asses. Han Xiao had a perky ass, but he could not squeeze out any breasts. Even if he could disguise himself as a woman, it was highly likely that he would be discovered.

The infiltration was bound to fail.

Han Xiao glanced at the weapons on the sentry post. There were several grenade launchers and dozens of heavy machine guns in addition to the tough concrete walls encircling the base.

An assault of the base was also bound to fail.

It seems like the only way to achieve success for the mission is to lure the snake out. I need to employ traps in my upcoming battles. I need to create some new items, Han Xiao thought to himself as he left.

He started his journey back to the Somar headquarters of the Fabian company. He wanted to ask Antonio if he could use the garage.

There were still seven remaining potential points. He raised [Basic Electromagnetism] to level four and [Basic Spatial Sensing] to level three, using a total of four points.


Do you wish to proceed with talent fusion?

(Lv. 4 Basic Electromagnetism + Lv. 3 Basic Energy Theory + Lv. 3 Basic Spatial Sensing)

This fusion will cost you 15,000 EXP!

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