The Legendary Mechanic - Chapter 95 - Reverse Psychology

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Chapter 95: Reverse Psychology

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A helicopter landed on the helipad within the compound of the base camp of Rose Militant. Three cold-looking men alighted from the helicopter. They seemed to possess an air of mystery that prevented others from wanting to go near them. Furthermore, they looked almost the same, like they were made from the same mold.

Code 3, Code 5, and Code 9 were all the assassins trained in the same training camp.

“How’s the situation?” Code 3, who was the captain of the team, asked directly.

Luo Qing gave him a brief of the events that had occurred.

Code 3 squinted and said, “The enemy is a sniper, and his ambush on your men was to scout on your abilities. He wanted to lure all of you out. The enemy possesses detailed information about you guys, and based on the latest information provided, the enemy is probably residing in the camp of the Fabian Organization. However, the Fabian Organization is not a party you want to mess with. We are unable to conduct assassinations in their territory.”

“What are you guys planning to do then?” Luo Qing asked.

“You guys are the target of the killer. Therefore, we are going to use you as bait to lure him out. After that, the three of us will ambush him and secure the kill.”

“Ghostly Fox, you will be responsible for taking our teams out over the upcoming few days,” Luo Qing ordered.

Ghostly Fox nodded.

In the Fabian Organization’s campsite, Han Xiao was scratching the unshaven stubble on his chin in his room. He was still puzzled.

It seems like Rose Militant can no longer fight as well as they did in the past…

The combat skills of Dorothy made him feel strange. If that was what Rose Militant was capable of, there was no reason the bounty had yet to be collected.

Once again, the suspicion in Han Xiao was activated, and he felt like he was missing some critical information. He then went to find Antonio to clear his queries.

Han Xiao knocked on the door of Antonio’s office and looked into the room from the tiny available gap. Antonio was looking through files on his study table.

“What are you here for?” Antonio laughed.

Han Xiao sat in front of Antonio and faced him directly. Han Xiao then asked, “I want to know more about the different militias active in the Somar Desert.”

“I passed you the report previously. You can find all strengths and territories of these militias on it.”

“I want something not on the report.” Han Xiao raised his brows and said, “You know what I mean.”

Antonio lit a cigar and laughed. “I guess you realized it. All these militias are merely tools used by the rich families who act as their funders. They sponsor these militants to help them search for Felonia. If these backers are not wiped out, there will only be endless streams of militants pouring into the desert.”

“The troops of Couton are sponsored by the Rothschild family, who put up your bounty. Haha, don’t be too surprised, the bounties for the Rose Militants are all public.”

Han Xiao was not surprised. If that was the case, in order for him to complete his mission, he had to wipe out all of Rose Militant, especially their chief, Luo Qing.

Antonio took a puff and said calmly, “Rose Militant is funded by the Ordifina Organization. The organization controls various political lobbying groups. It also manages secret facilities to train mercenaries and assassins. It is headquartered in the Western Continent, which is relatively less powerful in the Southern Continent. However, it is definitely not a small organization to be trifled with.”

Han Xiao had a sudden realization. No wonder all the Dark Net assassins sent to kill the militants did not return. Rose Militant had a powerful supporter that provided them with reinforcements.

“What’s so special about Felonia? How can it draw the attention of so many different forces?” Han Xiao felt that the mystery of Felonia had something to do with the rewards of his assassination mission.

Since a large number of reinforcements was expected to arrive, Han Xiao had to plan out his next steps carefully.

At first, Han Xiao had two ideas in mind. The first was to wait for the target to arrive at his doorstep, and the second was to lure the enemies out of their camp. Both methods required Rose Militant to leave their base. The reinforcements sent by the enemies were bound work out the tactics he was going to employ. Therefore, it was highly likely that they had ordered the Rose Militants to move out of their base to lure Han Xiao out and eventually ambush him.

What shall I do? Perhaps take an unexpected path?

Han Xiao massaged his temples as he contemplated his options. What if he set up a trap somewhere then acted as if he did not know about the enemy ambush? Once contacted, Han Xiao would lure the enemies into his trap and turn the situation around to his advantage.

I will need more weapons.

Ghostly Fox took her team out for their third patrol. They were wandering aimlessly in the desert. She felt a tinge of frustration and asked through the communication line, “Why is the assassin not appearing? Is he afraid or what?”

From the other side of the line, Code 3 replied, “Assassins are meticulous individuals. The successful ambush means that he will wait to observe your movements before making the next move.”

It was night again. Recently, Han Xiao had often been busy at night.

He hauled the new equipment that he had created into the jeep before he drove out of the camp to the site where he would set up his tap.

The jeep moved out of the gates of the camp. The light emitted by the jeep dimmed as the vehicle moved deeper into the desert.

At the same time, there was a telescope that could be seen far away from the scene.

On the sand dune a kilometer away, Code 9, who was clad in yellow cloth, was observing the movement of the jeep with his telescope. He broke into a cold grin.

“The target has left the camp. He is heading north. I suppose he wants to set up his trap. He has probably discovered our existence and wants to employ reverse psychology to lure us into his trap instead.”

Since they knew that Han Xiao was hiding in Fabian Organization’s camp, they were naturally spying on him.

“The enemy is pretty amateur.” Code 3 looked confident. He expected the upcoming mission to be an easy one since everything was under their control.

At dawn, Han Xiao back to the base and went to look for Antonio.

“You want me to help you drive?” Antonio looked shocked.

“Yes, I need you to drive since my hands will be tied up with firing the shots.”

“Wait… This is your mission; how does it concern me? Why must I help you?” Antonio was puzzled.

“It is rare for you venture out, so how can you just stay here and do nothing? Come out with me and experience the beauty of nature.”

Antonio pointed to the barren desert and asked, “What nature is there to see here?”

“This is all just on the surface. Maybe we will see a magnificent mirage? Maybe there will be hidden mountains and rivers? The desert is very big; I am sure these sights can be discovered if you explore the area with a devout heart.”

“I don’t think we are close enough to travel together,” Antonio replied in an awkward manner.

“Then give me a chance to be friends with you.” Han Xiao laughed out loud.

“… Did anyone ever tell you that you are very thick-skinned?”

Han Xiao touched his face mask. He was obviously thick-skinned. His mask alone was two layers thick.

Although Antonio looked obese, Han Xiao could sense the immense combat power that he possessed. Han Xiao had selected Antonio to be his driver as he knew that Antonio would be unlikely to commit any screw-ups or die so easily.

If it was an ordinary driver, the driver would die almost instantly upon contact with the enemy, and he would be left to fend for himself.

Antonio thought for a moment and said, “If you want me to participate in the mission, I want a share of your earnings.”

“How about five percent?”

“No way! That’s too little.” Antonio shook his head.

“Don’t argue with me. You are just going with me to drive the vehicle. Five percent is already a generous offer.”

“If we meet any enemies, the driver will surely be the first target. At least twenty percent.”

Han Xiao widened his eyes in disbelief. “Why don’t you just go and rob someone?”

“That’s precisely what I’m doing now.” There was a hint of cheekiness in Antonio’s tiny eyes.

After arguing for quite some time, Han Xiao finally decided to appease Antonio with $20,000. Paying Antonio with hard cash was more reliable that just making a verbal contract. The collaboration between the two became an employment contract. $20,000 for a one-time driver was no doubt an extravagant spend.

Antonio squeezed his fat body into the driver’s seat while Han Xiao sat at the back of the jeep. He then handed the radar coordinates to Antonio and briefed him on the plan.

Antonio chuckled after he heard the plan.


It was late in the morning. The sun was scorching, and mirages started forming under the intense heat of the desert.

The team that Ghostly Fox was leading only operated two jeeps. They were wandering around the desert and searching the surroundings.

“A jeep is approaching!” a trooper exclaimed.

An armored jeep appeared at the sand dune not far from their position. The jeep was travelling in parallel to their jeeps. It was the jeep with Han Xiao and Antonio.

“Enemy is approaching!” Ghostly Fox was delighted.

An eerie voice sounded from the communication device. The voice was cold and had the vibes of a killer. “The prey is finally in the trap!”

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