The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy - Chapter 847 - Is Lu Huaiyu by Your Side?

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Chapter 847: Is Lu Huaiyu by Your Side?


She said.

This answer was what George expected.

He turned around and gestured to a few staff members before leading Shen Li forward.

He smiled and greeted Ronai.

“Mr. Ronai, long time no see.”


The relationship between both of their families was pretty good. Also, George himself was a junior that Ronai admired, so they were quite familiar with each other.

“Please allow me to introduce you. This is Ning.”

Only then did Ronai’s gaze officially fall upon Shen Li’s face.

Earlier, she had been quite far away and since she was wearing a hat and leaning sideways, he had not been able to see her clearly.

Now that they were standing closer to each other, he could finally see her appearance.

She looked like she was around eighteen to nineteen years old. Her skin was porcelain white and she had beautiful facial features.

Her peach blossom-shaped eyes were especially beautiful. When she looked over, there was a hint of a cold and haughty look between her brows, making her look quite unique.

This was a very beautiful girl with an excellent temperament, but she was also a little strange.

The corners of Shen Li’s lips curled up into a beautiful arc.

“Hello, Mr. Ronai. I’m Ning.”

She was respectful, yet neither servile nor overbearing.

Any designer in the fashion industry would definitely go to great lengths to try to climb up the social ladder by currying favor with him if they had the chance.

However, Ning did not seem to have such intentions.

Ronai shook hands with her briefly.

“Hello, Ning. I’ve watched your previous showcases. They were very good, especially the Night of Thorns.”

When George heard this, he was first surprised, then proud and pleased.

Had he not always said that Ning’s talent was obvious!

Even someone as picky as Ronai had taken the initiative to praise her!

This was even more pleasing than hearing Ronai praise him.

Of course, Ronai had never praised him before.

However, that was not important. What was important was that Ronai clearly admired Ning very much!

There were countless designers in the fashion industry. It was really rare to receive such praise from him, especially since this was only the first time they were meeting!

George looked at Shen Li in excitement, only to find that she had a gentle smile on her face. Her expression remained calm, as if she had not realized that she had been praised by a powerful big shot.

“Thank you, I like your paintings very much too.”

Hearing Shen Li’s words, George almost split open.

That was it?

That was it???

This was the head of the Berkshire family!

Even if he did not mention his family and background, or his identity as the president of the Bai City Fashion Association, he was still one of the top oil painter artists in the world.

How did Shen Li manage to remain so calm and polite in front of such a person?

Fortunately, Ronai did not seem to mind it. Instead, his interest seemed to have been piqued even further.

“I heard that you’ve studied under Mei Yanqing?”


“Then, whose paintings do you like better, mine or his?”

Everyone was speechless.

This time, not only Shen Li, but even George and Lu Senze’s expressions froze for a moment.

What… kind of question was this?!

Who would ask such a question to their face?

If Shen Li said that she liked Mei Yanqing more, it would be too disrespectful to Ronai. However, she could not say that she liked Ronai more since Mei Yanqing was her master.

How should she choose?

Ronai did not seem to feel that there was anything wrong with his question. He continued to look at Shen Li with a gentle smile, as if he was patiently waiting for her answer.

After a moment, Shen Li said, “The genres that you and Master paint are different. I’m afraid it’s not something that can be compared–”

“A genre is a genre. Whether you like it or not is a different matter.” Ronai seemed to be particularly concerned about this matter.

Everyone was stunned into silence.

Ronai added, “Don’t worry. This is just a little survey. It won’t affect anything else.”

A little survey?

A survey of what?

A survey of whose paintings she liked better?

Shen Li felt a slight headache coming on.

Why did this sound like the equivalent of a child being asked if he liked his father or his mother?

After hesitating for a long while, she finally said, “Yours.”

As she said this, Shen Li silently said in her heart, ‘Master, I’m sorry. I would like my stay in Bai City for the next few days to be peaceful.

‘Since I am in his territory, I have no choice but to bow down…’

When he heard this, the smile on Ronai’s face suddenly became much more genuine.

“Then when you have some time later, you should come and have a look around my gallery.”

George was completely stunned.

Had he just heard wrongly?

Had Ronai actually invited Shen Li to visit his gallery?!

Yes, his private gallery.

Many of his paintings were displayed there, and ordinary people would never be given an invitation so easily.

However, after only meeting Shen Li this one time, was he was already extending such a privilege to her?

Shen Li paused for a moment as she lowered her eyelids slightly, her thick and curly eyelashes concealing the turmoil in her eyes.

Why was she faced with that sentence again…?

She quickly gathered up her thoughts. By the time she looked up again, her expression had already returned to normal, and the corners of her lips carried a generous and decent smile.

“Thank you for inviting me, Mr. Ronai. If there’s an opportunity, I’ll definitely go over for a visit.”

Ronai had been observing her for a while, but when he heard this affirmative answer, he smiled.

“That would be good. I thought you would refuse.”

Shen Li’s heart thumped, but she did not show it on her face.

“Mr. Ronai, you sure know how to joke. Who would reject your invitation?”

Ronai shrugged.

“Why wouldn’t there be? There used to be…”

As he said this, he suddenly paused, as if something had come to his mind and he snorted softly.

However, he did not seem to be angry. It was more that he seemed to be reluctant and… regretful?

George could not help but ask,”Who could possibly be so unappreciative as to reject your invitation?”

Ronai thought to himself, ‘Actually, that person had rejected more than just an opportunity to visit his gallery…’

However, he did not say this out loud.

He looked at Shen Li again.

“By the way, my gallery is in Leland. If it’s convenient for you, you may go over after the fashion week is over–”

Before he could finish, Shen Li’s phone suddenly vibrated.

She smiled apologetically at Ronai.

“I’m sorry, I have to take this call first.”

Ronai nodded.

Shen Li thanked him and took a few steps to the side.

“Little Uncle?”

It was Gu Tinglan who was calling.

“Ah Li, is Lu Huaiyu by your side?”

Shen Li was stunned.

“No, I was watching the rehearsal at the Sigris Museum. Second Brother is resting at the hotel due to jet lag.”

Gu Tinglan’s throat was dry.

Lu Huaiyu’s biological clock had been out of whack for the past two years. What jet lag?!

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