The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy - Chapter 849 - Okay?  

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Chapter 849: Okay?

This room was a suite, so Shen Li went through the living room and turned left to the bedroom.

The door to the room was not locked.

She pushed the door open slightly and found that the bedroom was dark.

As the faint light flowed through the gap, a figure could be vaguely seen on the bed.

Lu Huaiyu was lying on his side. From this angle, all she could see was his slightly messy black hair.

Shen Li slowed her footsteps and walked forward to the side of the bed.

Standing close to him, she could see his brows tightly knitted under the cover of his dark hair.

This was an expression that Shen Li rarely saw on his face.

It seemed like he was enduring some kind of struggle as he experienced some kind of indescribable pain.

He seemed to have fallen into some kind of a nightmare and was not sleeping well.

Shen Li suddenly felt something pinch her heart and it began to ache.

She did not know what he was dreaming about…

Shen Li then knelt down beside the bed.

The loud roar of the engine kept echoing in his mind as it intermingled with the intense sound of the collision of vehicles. It was chaotic and crazy.

There were thick splashes of blood.

The screams and the sound of tires rushing across the ground hit his eardrums, one after another.

He could even smell the blood in the air.

He could hear someone shouting something out, but he was unable to make out what it was.

The confusing images intermingled. There were some that he remembered and some that he had forgotten.

He wanted to get them out of his mind, but the more he did so, the clearer they became.

Intense pain swept through his body, and he felt as if his internal organs were being gripped tightly by something. It was difficult for him to even breathe.

The wind was rushing!

The sharp sound of friction was getting closer and closer!

Once again…

His entire body tensed up, knowing that the scene would repeat itself.

However, just then, he could vaguely smell a familiar sweet and soft fragrance which finally brought back a trace of reason to him.

He saw eyes that were full of blood.

Then, he saw the back of a slender and tall figure.

The figure was wearing a baseball cap, a black casual jacket with sleeves that had been rolled up. The person’s entire body exuded a clean and proud air.

However, Lu Huaiyu’s vision was blurry, which made it difficult for him to see more clearly.

He opened his mouth, but he could not utter a single word.

However, that person seemed to have heard him and suddenly turned their head around.

An intense pain assaulted him, and the darkness in front of his eyes gradually intensified.

Vaguely, he heard a distant and cold low voice.

“Save him.”

Lu Huaiyu opened his eyes.

The room was dark, and only a faint light flowed through the gap in the door.

A figure was facing away from the light as if they were about to leave.

It was still a figure wearing a baseball cap, a black jacket, and sleeves that had been rolled up to his forearm.

Lu Huaiyu’s voice was deep and hoarse.

“… Are you going to leave again this time?”

Shen Li stopped in her tracks. She turned around and saw that Lu Huaiyu had already woken up.

She heaved a sigh of relief.

She had been guarding him by his bedside for a while, and she had been hesitating as to whether she should wake him up or not.

Seeing that his head was covered in sweat, she thought of getting a towel to help him wipe it off.

She had not expected him to wake up so soon.

However, what had he said just now?

This time? Was she going to leave again?

What did he mean?

Lu Huaiyu pushed himself to a sitting position with one hand and the thin quilt slid down.

His movements were slow and unhurried, with his usual elegance. However, for some reason, Shen Li suddenly felt that the air was a little tense.

He must have showered before going to bed and changed into his pajamas, but he wore them quite casually. He had only buttoned up the buttons on the lower part of his top and left the collar open.

Due to this, one could see his straight collarbones and a small part of his firm, flat chest.

He got out of the bed and walked straight towards her.

Perhaps it was because he had only just woken up, he moved as if he was still a little drowsy. As he slowly walked towards her, he seemed particularly casual and languid.

He moved loosely and casually, but his eyes were fixed upon hers with his intense eyes that seemed to be like dark bottomless pools.

Their surroundings were silent, and the entire space gradually seemed to compress even further as he moved.

Shen Li did not know how to describe Lu Huaiyu in this manner. Instinctively, all she could feel was a hint of danger.

“I’m not leaving.”

She said softly, “I was just going out to help you–”

She could not finish her sentence because Lu Huaiyu was already standing in front of her.

It seemed as if he had not heard her, or perhaps he did not want to hear her.

He reached his hand out, reached out past her body, and closed the door.


This sound was almost alarming in the quiet room.

Lu Huaiyu was very tall. Standing in front of her like this, he easily trapped her in.

He lowered his head slightly and looked her in the eye.

He said, “I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

Shen Li was stunned.

‘Waiting for her?

‘Did he mean the time that had she left the hotel alone to watch the rehearsal?’

“But I sent you a message…”

Lu Huaiyu tilted his head slightly.


Shen Li nodded.

When Lu Huaiyu saw how well-behaved she was, his thin lips lifted slightly. His eyes were dark as if a fatal temptation and danger were lurking within.

“Are you lying to me?”

“I didn’t–”

Shen Li’s voice paused, and she finally realized that something was wrong.

There was something very wrong with Lu Huaiyu.

At this moment, he really resembled the time he had been in the master bedroom at Yunding Fenghua when he told her not to provoke him.

“Lu Huaiyu?”

She called out his name.

Lu Huaiyu lowered his chin slightly, and a very light and unhurried sound came out from his nasal cavity.


His voice had always been low and deep. Now that it was mixed with a little nasal sound, it sounded indescribably sexy and seductive.

Shen Li’s ears instantly burned red.

Most of the time, Lu Huaiyu was aloof and noble. He was like the rare flower on a high mountain, or the snow on the mountain peaks that were hard to reach.

Now, however, he seemed to have finally shed that layer of appearance and revealed his deepest desires and greed.

She pursed her lips as she thought about how to deal with it.

“Lu Huaiyu, you–”

Before she could finish her sentence, Lu Huaiyu suddenly stepped forward and pushed her against the door.

He stared at her, then he raised his hand to take her jacket off.

Shen Li was startled and immediately wanted to step back.

However, there was no way back.

As if sensing her struggle, Lu Huaiyu frowned slightly.

Then, he grabbed her shoulders and turned her around.

Before Shen Li could react, her jacket had fallen to the ground.

Her hands were pulled behind her back and were tightly gripped by one of his hands.

In the next moment, he leaned over and nibbled on her fair and tender earlobes as he coaxed her in a husky voice.

“… Okay?”

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