The Lord's Empire - Chapter 1664 - Brilliant Star

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Chapter 1664 Brilliant Star

“That perverted bandit actually won?” The people on the viewing platform looked shocked as they looked at the aftermath of the battle. They had never thought that the perverted bandit would have such strength.

He had been fighting as the lowest-ranked person, and everyone did not take him seriously and thought that he was seeking death. They thought that he only knew how to play with women and could not possibly have power that could rival the top ten geniuses; after all, these ten geniuses were the most powerful people in the younger generation of the Outlander Domain.

However, this perverted bandit had exceeded everyone’s expectations. He had not used any tricks and had used real power, making everyone feel a trace of respect for him.

Nevertheless, when everyone realized that they now felt some respect for this perverted bandit who did every woman he came across, everyone felt somewhat uncomfortable.

Now, everyone felt quite curious as to who this person was. He definitely did not have a simple identity, or else he would not be able to defeat one of the top ten geniuses.

Countless people started to look into Zhao Fu and see what kind of person he was.

The people from the Elephant person’s Empire started to feel quite anxious and worried for the Elephant person’s safety. Given how terrifying the battle was, it was possible for him to lose his life – this was no small skirmish.

As one of the top ten geniuses, the Elephant person had extraordinary talent and was one of the most important people to the Empire. Even though he had lost, facing the powerful Zhao Fu, it was not shameful at all.

Within the secret realm, the people in the surroundings stared in shock. This was a battle between true geniuses, and they would not be able to wield this kind of terrifying power even if it took their whole lives.

Everyone felt incredibly excited and their blood started to boil. To be able to witness a battle between two peerless geniuses was their fortune. Afterwards, they would be able to tell others with pride that they had been here to witness this battle.

They had seen the fall of one peerless genius and the rise of another, becoming a brilliant star.

The nine other geniuses in the top ten all looked somewhat serious as they cast their gaze towards the place of the battle. They knew that the remainder of the trial would not be as simple; a terrifying person had appeared.

The Elephant person had chosen to leave the secret realm and Zhao Fu had obtained his points. He had received some heavy injuries and quickly left the scene of the battle to avoid others, and he found a remote place to recover.

Two or so days later, Zhao Fu’s wounds had fully healed. Because he had defeated the Elephant person, he could sense that he was now closer to awakening the Outlander Emperor Star. He could also sense a powerful will within the secret realm observing him.

Zhao Fu was quite startled and could not tell if this will contained any good intentions or ill intentions. That will was unimaginably powerful, and Zhao Fu felt an instinctive fear.

As time passed, Zhao Fu felt that that will did not contain any ill intent and was just observing him; only then did he relax.

Now, his task was to find his next opponent, which was the ninth-ranked Eight-Winged Feather Person, Yu Luohua.

Zhao Fu found her quickly; there seemed to be some kind of power guiding Zhao Fu, and Yu Luohua also seemed to be expecting Zhao Fu.

Yu Luohua was a peerlessly beautiful woman with a proud aura. She was tall and slim and had long, snow-white hair. She wore a white robe, had eight silver wings, and gave off a holy power, making her look like an angel.

“You’re finally here,” Yu Luohua stood on the spot and looked at Zhao Fu with her beautiful eyes as she said coldly and arrogantly.

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised, as it seemed that Yu Luohua was waiting for him. He did not know what was going on, but he had to defeat this woman. Only by defeating these geniuses would he raise his affinity with the Outlander Emperor Star and awaken it.

The people on the viewing platforms felt quite startled as they saw Zhao Fu and the ninth-ranked Yu Luohua meet. They felt quite excited, as a terrifying battle would definitely erupt between these two geniuses.

Now, everyone’s views towards Zhao Fu had greatly changed. Before, people had been clamoring to do the will of heaven and kill him, but now no one dared to say such a thing.

The two Empires who had been demanding for Zhao Fu to pay a heavy price now quietened down, and they kept a close eye on him.

Facing Yu Luohua’s words, Zhao Fu took out the Sadistic Killing Sword and replied, “Since you know why I’ve come to find you, let’s not waste any words and begin!”


A massive explosion sounded out as an enormous black aura flame blazed around Zhao Fu, sending out large gales.


Another explosion soon followed as Yu Luohua drew a slim, white sword as a silver aura flame burst forth around her, sending out powerful gusts of wind.

Before the two of them even started to fight, the gales from their auras collided, causing countless trees and grasses to sway and for small rocks to be blown into the sky, creating a shocking scene.


A clear sword hum tore through the sky as the two people turned into rays of light and shot towards each other. Yu Luohua’s sword gave off powerful Holy Light energy as it slashed out, while Zhao Fu’s sword gave off blood-red sword light as he slashed out, and the two swords collided with immense power.

Yu Luohua stared at Zhao Fu and her expression became slightly more serious. Just from that one strike, she could tell that Zhao Fu was not any weaker than her. However, she definitely would not accept falling at Zhao Fu’s hands, and she coldly harrumphed as her aura flame expanded and her strength doubled.

Zhao Fu sensed the power that Yu Luohua exploded out with, and he did not hesitate as he also released more of his power.


The silver aura flame and black aura flame clashed together, resulting in a massive explosion as both of them flew back ten or so meters.

Yu Luohua’s expression was cold as she vigorously slashed out, sending out a crescent of searing light towards Zhao Fu. It was incredibly fast and seemed like it would hit Zhao Fu in an instant.

Zhao Fu also vigorously slashed out, causing the Sadistic Killing Sword to give off a sharp sword light that destroyed the incoming crescent and turned it into countless motes of white light.


At that moment, Yu Luohua moved incredibly quickly, rushing in front of Zhao Fu in the air. She gripped her sword with both hands and sent large amounts of power into it, causing it to give off an intense white sword light as a powerful Holy Light energy spread out.


Yu Luohua blasted downwards, bringing with her a terrifying aura as she hacked towards Zhao Fu.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu was given a fright and quickly used his sword to block.


Zhao Fu successfully blocked the attack, but the massive force from Yu Luohua’s strike caused the ground beneath Zhao Fu’s feet to collapse, opening up a ten meter wide crater.

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