The Lord's Empire - Chapter 1675 - Green Ligh

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Chapter 1675 Green Ligh

The Three-Headed Ogre had been waiting for Zhao Fu for a while, and as his gaze fell on Zhao Fu, he said, “Are you that person who has defeated three geniuses in a row? Seems like you’re somewhat special, but as an Imperial Prince, I definitely won’t lose to you. Also, what is your name? I don’t want to fight with a nameless person.”

Zhao Fu’s expression was calm as he stretched out a hand and the Sadistic Killing Sword appeared in his hand as he replied, “You don’t need to know; all you need to know is that you’ll be the fourth person to fall at my hands.”

The Three-Headed Ogre coldly harrumphed, “Boy, you’re quite arrogant. I want to see just how powerful you are and if you’re qualified to say such words.”


A powerful aura exploded out from the Three-Headed Ogre’s hands, sending out a wild gale as the Three-Headed Ogre’s body gave off a green light and a terrifying aura.

A spiked club appeared in the Three-Headed Ogre’s hands as he shot towards Zhao Fu with massive sounds. He quickly reached Zhao Fu and swung at him with great force.

At that moment, Zhao Fu sent large amounts of power into the Sadistic Killing Sword, causing it to give off terrifying blood-red light, and he slashed out.


The two weapons clashed with great power, resulting in a loud explosion and for wild gales to blast out.

“Arghh!” The Three-Headed Ogre loudly roared and gripped his club as he continuously swung out, sending out powerful energy and causing loud sounds to ring out.

Zhao Fu also continuously swung his sword, sending out blood-red sword lights with incredibly sharp power towards the Three-Headed Ogre.

Bang! Bang! Bang…

The club energy and sword lights continuously clashed and were shattered, causing shockwaves to ripple out. The ground started to crack and Zhao Fu was forced to slowly retreat, moving back four meters in total.


At that moment, the Three-Headed Ogre sent even greater power into his club and once again vigorously swung out. A massive club image slammed towards Zhao Fu, seeming to be able to smash boulders into dust.


A muffled explosion sounded out as Zhao Fu blocked but slid back ten or so meters before stopping, and he felt a wave of pain in his arms.

As the seventh-ranked genius, the Three-Headed Ogre was much stronger than the eighth-ranked Gudu. He was able to suppress Zhao Fu with brute strength alone.

“Arghh!” The Three-Headed Ogre once again roared and gave off ferocious power as he rushed at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu’s expression was cold as a black aura flame burst forth around him and he gave off a terrifying power. He powerfully slashed out, sending out an enormous blood-red crescent that gave off a savage aura as it flew towards the Three-Headed Ogre.


The Three-Headed Ogre vigorously swung out and a massive wave of energy destroyed the incoming blood-red crescent, causing it to shatter into motes of light and dissipate.


Zhao Fu leapt forwards and appeared above the Three-Headed Ogre as he slashed down, sending out a blood-red sword light towards him.

The Three-Headed Ogre gripped his club and swung upwards, sending out a massive energy towards Zhao Fu.


The two attacks once again collided and resulted in an explosion, sending out large gusts of wind that caused the trees in the surroundings to sway.

The Three-Headed Ogre roared as he continuously swung his club, sending out powerful blasts of energy and causing the air to explode. Zhao Fu continuously slashed out with his sword, sending out countless sword lights towards the Three-Headed Ogre.

Bang! Bang! Bang…

Massive sounds rang out as the powerful attacks from the two of them continuously collided, sending out intense shockwaves. The ground continuously cracked and rocks flew everywhere.

The people on the viewing platforms watched the battle between the two people seriously. Just as they had expected, Zhao Fu had gone to find the seventh-ranked Three-Headed Ogre and challenged him. What would follow would be another intense battle.

This battle was now the center of everyone’s attention, and it was given far more attention than even the Sun Elf.

The Sun Elf was currently killing secret realm creatures for points and nothing posed any challenge to him. On the other hand, this battle was an intense battle between two geniuses, so everyone would naturally choose to watch this.

As for the outcome of this battle, no one could predict it. They all stared at the battlefield to see what kind of terrifying power these two geniuses would unleash.

“Arghh!” The Three-Headed Ogre roared as he raised his club with both hands, causing it to give off an intense green aura flame. It gave off immense destructive power and a powerful gale as he ferociously slammed it towards Zhao Fu.


A clear sword hum rang out as Zhao Fu sent great power into the Sadistic Killing Sword, causing it to give off blinding blood-red light. He vigorously slashed out, sending out a terrifying sword light towards the Three-Headed Ogre.


A loud sound rang out as the two people’s powerful attacks collided, resulting in an enormous explosion. A powerful destructive force expanded out, and both people were sent flying back ten or so meters, traces of blood leaking out of their lips.

The Three-Headed Ogre looked quite furious and exploded out with even greater power. His green aura flame doubled in size and gave off even more powerful wind, and he once again charged at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu’s gaze was cold as he also exploded out with terrifying power, causing his black aura flame to become even more intense, and he showed no weakness as he also rushed at the Three-Headed Ogre.


The two weapons once again clashed, and a green and blood-red shockwave spread out, causing the ground to collapse.

The two weapons locked against each other as they gave off immense power, neither one budging at all.

At that moment, the Three-Headed Ogre’s two other heads opened their mouths, causing countless rays of green light to gather as a terrifying aura spread out.

Boom! Boom!

Two green beams of light shot out with immense power, giving off massive sounds as they flew towards Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu was greatly startled and immediately unleashed a defensive barrier.


Because they were too close, the two beams of light pierced through the defensive barrier before it could be fully formed and slammed into Zhao Fu’s body, causing him to fly backwards.

Right as Zhao Fu crashed to the ground, two bloody holes in his body, the Three-Headed Ogre’s three heads all opened their mouths, gathering countless rays of green light.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Three more green rays of light shot out with terrifying power, tearing through the air.

Zhao Fu’s expression fell and he quickly dodged to the side.


The three rays of light blasted into the ground, resulting in a massive explosion as a ten or so meter wide crater appeared in the ground, causing dust to billow.

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