The Lord's Empire - Chapter 1676 - Three-Headed Ogre

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Chapter 1676 Three-Headed Ogre

This time, Zhao Fu was able to react faster, and he dodged the three beams of light.

The Three-Headed Ogre’s expression was savage as his three mouths once again gathered intense light and an even more dangerous aura spread out.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three more green beams of light shot out with terrifying power, causing three explosions as they blasted towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu could only once again dodge to the side, avoiding the attacks.

The Three-Headed Ogre felt quite annoyed and once again opened his mouths, causing countless rays of green light to gather.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Green beams of light containing terrifying power continuously shot at Zhao Fu, forcing him to continuously dodge. As the beams of light struck the ground, they opened large craters and caused rocks to fly everywhere.

Soon, dozens of craters had appeared in the ground, and fragments of trees and boulders were scattered everywhere, creating a wretched scene.


Just as the dust was about to settle, another green beam of light shot out, and this time Zhao Fu was unable to evade in time. He was hit by the beam of light, and he flew backwards and crashed onto the ground.

The Three-Headed Ogre gave a savage smile and opened his mouths and green light once again gathered before blasting towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu got up from the ground and looked quite furious, and facing the three incoming beams of light, he sent large amounts of power into the Sadistic Killing Sword, causing it to give off an intense sword light that covered the surrounding 1,000 meters.


Zhao Fu slashed out a terrifying sword light towards the three beams of light, destroying them and causing them to dissipate.

At the same time, Zhao Fu looked at the Three-Headed Ogre and the cross-shaped pupil and six gray dots in his right eye quickly spun. A massive wave of ghostly qi giving off a ferocious aura flooded towards the Three-Headed Ogre.

“Heheheh…” The massive wave of ghostly qi became countless ghosts that gave savage laughs as they rushed towards the Three-Headed Ogre.

The Three-Headed Ogre coldly harrumphed and swung his club, sending out a terrifying wave of energy towards the ghosts. All of the ghosts that were hit dissipated into ghostly qi and disappeared.


A sword hum suddenly sounded out from behind the Three-Headed Ogre as Zhao Fu slashed out with the Sadistic Killing Sword, which gave off an intense blood-red light.

The Three-Headed Ogre was greatly startled and quickly tried to defend, but it was too late.


A muffled explosion sounded out as the Three-Headed Ogre was sent flying. He crashed dozens of meters away, a bloody gash on his back, from which blood continuously flowed.

The Three-Headed Ogre furiously got up from the ground and roared, “You’ve made me angry, boy. I’m going to kill you now.”


A massive aura spread out as the green aura flames around the Three-Headed Ogre’s body expanded to cover the 100 meters around him. The ground started to crack and a massive might covered the surroundings.


The Three-Headed Ogre gripped his club and rushed at Zhao Fu, giving off massive sounds. Everywhere that the green aura flame passed over the ground collapsed, and trees and rocks were obliterated.


Zhao Fu’s expression was serious as he exploded out with a terrifying black aura flame that also covered the surrounding 100 meters and gave off immense pressure. The ground around him continuously cracked as he also charged at the Three-Headed Ogre.


A massive explosion sounded out as the two aura flames ferociously clashed, resulting in an intense wind spreading out.

The two aura flames repelled each other, but the two people continued to rush at each other.

The Three-Headed Ogre roared and gripped his club as he gave off ferocious power and smashed it at Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu vigorously slashed out, causing the Sadistic Killing Sword to be covered with incredibly sharp sword light.


A metallic collision sound rang out as the two weapons clashed. A terrifying destructive force blasted out, causing the ground in the surroundings to crumble, and countless rays of blinding light shot out.

The two people were sent flying back and crashed onto the ground, coughing up a large mouthful of blood. Between them was a crater that was a few hundred meters wide.

Zhao Fu got up from the ground and wiped away the blood at his mouth. He turned into a ray of light and shot at the Three-Headed Ogre, while the Three-Headed Ogre got up and looked furious as he also charged at Zhao Fu.


Zhao Fu slashed out, sending out an enormous blood-red sword light towards the Three-Headed Ogre. The Three-Headed Ogre dodged to the side and avoided this attack before swinging out with his club with great power.

Zhao Fu blocked with his sword, and the club slammed into the sword with great power, sending Zhao Fu back a few steps.

The Three-Headed Ogre raised his club and gave off a shocking aura as he slammed down the club towards Zhao Fu’s head, wanting to smash it open.

Zhao Fu sent a large amount of power into the Sadistic Killing Sword, causing it to give off boundless sword light, and he vigorously slashed out.


The two weapons once again clashed a large explosion sounded out as both people were forced back a few steps.

The Three-Headed Ogre’s mouths opened and green light gathered. Three intense beams of light shot towards Zhao Fu incredibly quickly, and they were about to hit him.

Zhao Fu released a defensive barrier and the three beams of light slammed into the defensive barrier, shattering it and sending Zhao Fu flying backwards.

At that moment, Zhao Fu’s cross-shaped pupil quickly spun and large amounts of ghostly qi flowed out, forming a massive ghost that was dozens of meters tall and covered with muscles. After appearing, it gripped its fist and punched out with great force.

The Three-Headed Ogre was greatly started and hurriedly blocked with his club, but he was still sent flying by that massive power.

The two people once again got up from the ground, glaring at each other.


The Three-Headed Ogre’s expression was savage as he raised his club with both hands and sent a terrifying wave of power into it. The club gave off intense light and a terrifying aura spread out, causing clouds to swirl.

Three massive mights spread out as the creatures in the surroundings fell into terror. Three 1,000 meter long savage wolves with green fur, blood-red eyes, and mouths filled with sharp fangs appeared, looking at Zhao Fu coldly.

“Roar!!” Facing the Three-Headed Ogre’s terrifying power, Zhao Fu ignited his Divine Bloodline and a massive dragon’s roar sounded out as an all-surpassing power flooded out.

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