The Male Main's Uncle Is Openly Obsessed With Me - Chapter 815 - Organization-Wide Gathering  

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Chapter 815: Organization-Wide Gathering

For a moment, rows of “patting the dog’s head” emojis quickly appeared in the group.

After comforting this heartbroken young man, everyone in the company had no choice but to face an extremely tragic matter.

No. 1 Single Dog of the Secretary Department: From today onwards, the single people in the company will lose another target. The fat will eventually flow into the fields of outsiders.

Flower of the Technology Department: This is the sixth one this week, right? After the grass in the Technical Department, the flower in the Publicity Department, Xiao Wu from the Legal Department, Xiao Zhang from the Finance Department, and Xiao Li from the Logistics Department, even the flower in the Human Resources Department can’t escape the Love Magic Network.

Big Sister of the Front Desk: Why are so many people single? I’m still single! The person pursuing Little Wu seems to be a particularly handsome second-generation heir. It’s said that he’s extremely handsome and doesn’t lose to those young hunks in the entertainment industry at all. Boohoo, when will such a handsome and rich man fall for me? I just want to have a sweet and romantic relationship!

Big Sister of the Publicity Department: Be good, stop dreaming. Shame on you!

Flower of the Technology Department: The previous poster, it’s not love at first sight. It’s the face! Although people might see your shine after contact, without a beautiful face that still shines in the crowd, who can see you? Let alone touch you.

The lady sent this message for a long time, but there was no reply from Big Sister of the Front Desk.

Flower of the Technology Department: Huh? Where is he?

Big Sister of the Front Desk: … ran off to cry.

Flower of the Technology Department: …

Big Brother of the Secretary Department: Speaking of which, I think everyone who’s not single recently met at the Crown Prince’s full moon banquet.

Big Sister of the Publicity Department: That’s normal. There are usually only a few people around. If there’s a call, it would have come long ago. If you go to a banquet and meet more people you haven’t seen before, you might like them.

Big Brother of the Secretary Department: I mean, there are so many single people in the company. Are you really not considering a social gathering with other subsidiaries?

Everyone was speechless.

After a short silence, many people suddenly had an exclamation mark in their hearts.

‘That’s right! I wonder when they’ll be able to get out of singlehood with all these old veggies around. They might as well have a big social gathering. Maybe their Prince (Princess) Charming will turn up.’

A large number of single people in the company began to stir, but they did not dare to directly run to their boss and make requests. They could only secretly look for their minister to report back.

Then, they sent the report to Yu Ziyan and the others.

Just like that, Yu Ziyan and the others inexplicably received a large number of proposals from the various departments to discuss the company’s future development and reforms. Among them, the top proposal was to request a few companies to organize a social gathering.

There were many reasons below, such as, “Because there have been a lot of people leaving the company recently, causing the employees to be restless, affecting their mental health and work efficiency.” “A social gathering can deepen the ties between the subsidiaries. If it can develop into a relationship, it can even promote the continuous and harmonious development of the two companies.”

They sounded so dignified. Weren’t they just trying to curry favor with their company? Heh, how could they not know what these pigs were thinking?

However, despite their disdain, the three of them still shared this matter with Huo Chenhuan and let him make this decision.

Huo Chenhuan never expected that he would one day receive a request for an organization-wide gathering from his subordinates.

His expression darkened on the spot, and his eyes narrowed dangerously. He secretly wondered if someone had been too free recently and if he should find something else for them to do.

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