The Male Main's Uncle Is Openly Obsessed With Me - Chapter 816 - I Won't Take the Blame  

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Chapter 816: I Won’t Take the Blame

“Achoo!” Yu Ziyan sneezed loudly. He crossed his arms over his chest and shivered from the cold.

“Why am I suddenly cold? Do I have a terminal illness? Should I ask Young Madam to take a look at me?”

Gu Shaoyang rolled his eyes at him. “From experience, this usually means that you might be in trouble.”

“In trouble?” Yu Ziyan’s expression changed. “What trouble? I haven’t done anything recently!”

“Have you forgotten the proposal we sent to Young Master early this morning?”

“You mean…” Yu Ziyan’s expression stiffened slightly, and he said with some luck,” Ahahaha, this matter shouldn’t be so serious that a disaster is imminent, right? ”

Gu Shaoyang did not comment. Who knew what Young Master was thinking?

At this moment, Yu Ziyan and the others had yet to realize that they were on the brink of death. They could go to hell in minutes.

Su Yayan had just come upstairs when she saw her husband sitting in front of the French windows with a dark expression. She could not help but feel a little strange. “What’s wrong? Did something happen at the company?”

“It’s nothing.”

“Why do you look so pale?” Su Yayan said as she sat in Huo Chenhuan’s arms and poked his face.

Su Yayan was probably the only person in the world who would dare to treat him like this and not worry about Huo Chenhuan taking revenge.

Huo Chenhuan let her poke him a few times before grabbing her hand and explaining the matter briefly.

“An organization-wide gathering?” Su Yayan blinked, surprised and curious. “Why do you suddenly want to have a gathering?”

Huo Chenhuan looked at her with a complicated expression. “This… might be our fault.”

“How is this related to us?”

Huo Chenhuan did not say anything. Instead, he simply pulled up the discussion of everyone in the company and let her understand this matter more bluntly.

Unexpectedly, Su Yayan’s first reaction when she saw this group was…

“You actually secretly opened a smurf account in the company’s group chat!”

Huo Chenhuan, “…” Is that the main point? Besides, what’s wrong with opening a smurf account? Who doesn’t have a few smurfs these days? You even have me in your livestream!

Su Yayan naturally knew this too. After complaining, she started to seriously look at the company’s employees’ chat records.

Only then did they realize that the reason why they wanted to have a social gathering was that on the day of the full moon banquet, several people from the company were no longer single. As a result, the company’s public display of affection was overflowing, and the single dogs were dejected.

Su Yayan’s lips twitched. She really could not understand how a baby’s one-month-old celebration could become a reason for blind dates!

“I won’t take the blame for this! They were the ones who found their partners. What does it have to do with us? Maybe they already know each other, but they just did not confirm their relationship before.”

Huo Chenhuan looked at Su Yayan, who was avoiding him like the plague, and his face was no longer as dark as before. He chuckled and said, “According to my understanding, these people who are no longer single all ate the food they ate that night in harmony with the other party. They even highly recommended a few dishes to the other party before meeting each other and developing a relationship.”

“???” What the hell? Did they hook up so easily? Are you sure these guys who are no longer single aren’t gluttons?

“It’s getting harder and harder to read young minds these days.”

Huo Chenhuan laughed. “Then why don’t we stop them from organizing it?”

“Don’t!” Su Yayan glanced at Huo Chenhuan plaintively. “Let them organize it. Being single is already miserable enough. If this drags on, no one might want them in the future.”

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